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How to Optimize Your Packing Technique When Travelling

It’s official! We’re declaring a war to the unruly suitcase and too much baggage. We have all experienced “panic packing” two minutes before we leave for the airport throwing in the additional pair of shoes or sitting on our suitcases in desperation to just shut the damn thing.

We have to admit that packing is a delicate blend of science and art. Rolling your shirts so that they show no wrinkle and unfold is truly an art form, but it’s not a rocket science. Okay, maybe it is, but we’ve got the formula. Everything can be optimized and so does your Packing Technique, this is why we’re bringing you some additional tips to optimize your packing technique and save some space in your traveling companion – suitcase/backpack.

Leave your shoe collection at home

As we all know, shoes are strangely shaped, inflexible and some can be heavy which makes them the last ideal thing for packing. The most important rule in order to optimize your packing technique is not to buy flexible shoes, but to pack no more than two pairs of shoes and the one you’ll be wearing. One pair for formal occasions and one casual pair for everyday use. If you already decided to travel in your casual pair of shoes, then you have only one pair to pack. Congrats!

Don’t forget that even if you’re heading to a beach destination, you don’t have to pack your flip-flops. Most beaches have small shops nearby where you can buy flip-flops at cheap prices.

Sleeping Bag

If you’re planning on going on a camping or hiking trip, it’s of utmost importance that your packing technique is perfect, especially because you’ll be wearing your sleeping “place” on your back. It’s crucial to know that your gear and accessories are lightweight and compressible, especially your sleeping bag, which can take up so much space in your backpack. This is why it’s important that you choose a sleeping bag that is light, and that you can find in order to have your nights cozy, and days interesting, adventurous and most importantly, light. To find the perfect one, we suggest checking out the article with best ultralight sleeping bag reviews.

Don’t pack your bulky clothes, wear them!

Hiking boots, jeans, puffy parkas should never be packed in a suitcase when they can be carried in your hand or even better, worn. If you’re worried that you won’t look fashionable while traveling just think of it this way – if you dress like an Alaskan hiker you’ll have more space in your suitcase for all those additional chic and fashionable ensembles you can wear once you get there.

Choose a soft-sided suitcase

If you plan on wearing some really fragile items and souvenirs, then skip this advice. Fragile items request a hard case, but for the average holiday and travel, a soft suitcase will offer you more space due to its expansion opportunities (yes, you’ll be able to squeeze in a few more small things), more pockets and maintain a high level of durability.

The bra trick

You can maintain your bra’s shape and save some space in your bag at the same time. The trick is to stack your bras on top of each other, fold them in half and additionally tuck your underwear inside. By tucking in your panties inside you will protect your bra cups from folding.

Shoes are potentially unused space

Stuff your socks inside your shoes in order to save some space. You can pack almost anything in your shoes as long as it can’t break, burst or spill inside your shoes.

Minimize your makeup

If you’re planning on a short weekend trip you don’t have to wear the entire makeup collection with you. Instead of packing normal, usually bulky and big makeup bottles and tubes, you can pour a little bit of each product you’re using, into a clean, contact lens case. You’ll see how much extra space you’ll get.

Use space bags

The name says it all – Space bags. These magical little space-saving things can give you a small, compact units of your unwrinkled, perfectly packed clothes.

Try the bundle packing method

The bundle wrapping method is a popular packing strategy where you fill a small pouch items such as underwear, socks, etc. and wrap them with larger clothing items to form a bundle. After all, you don’t want to lose your best hiking socks ever at the bottom of your backpack!

Use packing folders

Packing folders are an alternative to packing cubes and space-saving bags as they do pretty much what their name implies – they folder your things you plan to pack in your suitcase. They usually come with helpful boards with which you’ll be able to compact several items to save space and fold all your clothes efficiently. You’ll have a neater and emptier bag.

Roll it, don’t fold it!

Probably the most important packing tip you’ll ever learn is to roll your clothes, not fold it. Everyone, from military members to flight attendants knows this trick. This is the most proven way and the best way to fit all you need in a suitcase. Although it may seem that your clothes will wrinkle, it’s proven that rolled packing causes fewer wrinkles on clothes than folding it. You just need some exercise to do this perfectly.

Know EXACTLY what to pack

There are so many travelers that opt to over pack and, therefore, forget something essential. If you’re one of them, our advice is to, every time you plan to go on a trip, make a list! Yes, a simple list can save you from stressing out. Think through every outfit you plan on wearing, and pack only those outfits you can wear to multiple places multiple times and which can be combined perfectly with one or two pairs of shoes.

What are your secret tips for cramming more things into your suitcase and can be used as a packing technique? Share your ideas and comments below. Happy holidays and have a safe trip!

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How to Optimize Your Packing Technique When Travelling


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