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Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour
2020-12-20 02:47
Antelope Panoramic VistaFriendly, knowledgeable, and supportive employees with two years of dealing with customer services with exceptional professionalism. We offer the best tour for the be… Read More
Zion And Bryce Canyon Tour
2020-12-20 01:53
Bryce Canyon Rainbow VistaOur Tour is family owned and it’s addressed to small groups of 14 passengers. We traveled to more than 50 countries so we know what tourists need to feel comf… Read More
Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Ride
2020-12-13 22:27
See the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding areas during this nighttime helicopter flight. Soar over the famous stretch of Las Vegas Blvd including: Bellagio, Mirage and… Read More
Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon
2020-10-28 15:24
Fly over the Pahrump valley in a colorful hot air balloon on this exciting tour. Get a bird’s-eye view of the stunning desert and mountain scenery, located about an hour away from the… Read More
Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour W/ Skywalk
2020-10-28 13:20
Leave the glitz of Las Vegas behind and spend a day discovering the beauty of the Grand Canyon West Rim. This full-day tour kicks off with a freshly cooked made-to-order breakfast at… Read More
Airbahn New Routes Service Expansion
2020-08-26 19:55
Airbahn plans to launch operations as a new carrier with one A320, serial 3974. The new carrier, based out of Irvine, CA, plans to operate within and between the Western US and Canada. The f… Read More
2020-08-24 03:00
American Airlines and Southwest Airlines were the first carriers to institute a blanket ban on passengers with ADA disabilities who cannot not wear a face mask. Southwest stated that it… Read More
Signal:                                        Most Secure Messaging App
2020-08-16 21:24
Say “hello” to a different messaging experience. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all of the features you expect. Signal is generally considered to be one of the m… Read More
Coronavirus / 5G / EMF: The Triple Threat
2020-03-22 21:58
There are many scenarios that are just not adding up in the way that Coronavirus / Covid-19 is being presented to the public. The symptoms, statistics and deaths are very contradicting whic… Read More
Breeze Airways Taking Flight May 2020
2020-02-10 14:13
In June 2018, David Neeleman planned a new United States airline named Moxy as he registered a new entity with $100 million in capital from former Air Canada CEO Robert Milton, former ILFC… Read More
Southwest Airlines Hawaii Expansion
2019-10-07 13:12
“Southwest Airlines plans to boost its Hawaii service in late January, with new daily nonstop flights from California to Kauai and the Big Island, and its first flights from Sacrament… Read More
Virgin Atlantic Expansion Plans
2019-09-18 16:25
Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic are making plans to spread their wings to 84 new destinations in their largest route expansion to date. These will be to destinations in Europe, the Amer… Read More
New TSA Privacy And Health Concerns
2019-09-08 23:45
Labor Day Weekend Las Vegas Airport conducted a quiet roll out of the newest TSA Technology with United Airlines and LAS Airport being the launch customer for North America. It is being tou… Read More
Disney Airlines
2019-07-22 00:31
“The Walt Disney Company is rumored to be launching its own airline starting in 2021. The Burbank, California based company is said to be looking to purchase several small regional ai… Read More
La Compagnie: New York To Paris
2019-07-21 21:29
“La Compagnie, the all-business-class airline celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, might be an alternative. In fact, if you book by June 13, the company is offering round… Read More
Fly By Wire: 2001 Space Odyssey
2019-07-21 03:22
Modern day’s aviation Fly by Wire is today’s newest battle of Man versus Machine. “The captain of Qantas Flight 72 has opened up for the first time about the da… Read More
JetBlue Transatlantic Expansion 2021
2019-07-07 16:15
JetBlue Orders 12 Airbus A321XLR Aircraft to Support Its Focus City Strategy with Transatlantic Flying. The airline has converted 13 Aircraft in Existing Order Book to the Xtra Long Rang… Read More
Moxy Airlines Launch 2021
2019-06-17 17:44
David Neeleman is by far one of the most visionary and brilliant airline innovators in aviation history. He was the founder of JetBlue Airways and later on Azul in Brazil. He co-founde… Read More
2019-06-10 11:41
This 3-in-1 Grand Voyager Airplane Heli & Boat Tour includes an airplane, helicopter and pontoon boat adventure. You’ll have the best of all worlds. Tour Length: 7 hours Time… Read More
The Rise Of COMAC C919
2019-06-09 18:05
US Media has been filled with stories regarding the endless problems at Boeing. This has included the 737MAX with a defective known design flaw and the poorly designed MCAS anti-crash softw… Read More
New Flight Service To India
2019-06-08 15:15
“KLM will increase capacity to India, including putting the 787-10 in service and add a new route between Bangalore and Amsterdam. Virgin Atlantic will commence new service from Londo… Read More
Americans Boycott 737 MAX
2019-06-04 20:55
Nearly half will not a buy a ticket or accept this aircraft for travel until at least 6 months of it being returned to flying with a proven track record of no new fatalities. Therefore, if… Read More
Operation Indigo Skyfold
2019-06-04 17:12
OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History Ever heard of Aluminum Toxicity? If not, it’s high time that you do. How do you feel about strontium… Read More
Jet Blue To London 2021
2019-06-04 04:33
JetBlue Airways Corp is in discussions with Airbus SE about the European planemaker’s plans for a longer-range version of its A321neo family as it prepares to jump into the transatlan… Read More
Boeing 797 One Pilot Cockpit
2019-06-04 03:17
Boeing has recently announced that it may be making history at the 2019 Paris Air Show in June. The aircraft manufacturer has taken a beating this year from a never-ending trail of controve… Read More
Cirque Du Soleil Tickets
2019-06-03 02:59
Michael Jackson One (Mandalay Bay)    Dark TU / WE     Starting at $175 Link: Online Reservation Booking Form Trailer Preview Mystere  (Treasure Island) … Read More
Las Vegas Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride
2019-06-02 21:07
A romantic private balloon flight for two with views of the Vegas Valley and various other significant local landmarks. Duration of 3.5 hours with live English tour guide. Highlights Enjo… Read More
Private Bryce Canyon National Park Tour
2019-06-02 19:24
Marvel at the panoramic views, amazing colors and towering “hoodoos” of Bryce Canyon National Park on a fully guided, small group tour departing from Las Vegas. Duration 12.5 h… Read More
Airlines Plea For Defective 737 MAX
2019-06-01 16:07
This aircraft was designed to crash due to its intentionally defective aerodynamic design with oversized and incorrectly placed engines which do not fit this aircraft. Airline management kno… Read More
Boeing: “It Feels Personal”
2019-05-31 14:53
As he goes on tv shedding his crocodile tears on how he says it feels personal for him. Well, I’m sure it is really personal for those families of the deceased passengers and crew that… Read More
LEVEL: New Non-stop Paris To Las Vegas
2019-05-29 17:00
LEVEL, owned by the International Airline Group, says in a statement it will offer two weekly flights from Las Vegas (McCarran) to Paris (Orly) Airport beginning Oct. 30. The service would f… Read More
Flying Metal Death Trap: 737 MAX
2019-05-28 03:52
Veteran 737 Pilot Chris Brady is in the 737 simulator where the plane continues to nosedive plummeting to the earth as the automated “Rogue” MCAS keeps reactivating every 5 secon… Read More
5G Health Disaster On The Horizon
2019-05-27 16:00
Our government is in the process of completing the 5G Rollout. This technology will clearly be dangerous and hazardous to the average healthy human. However, this may be a far worse result f… Read More
Investor E2 Visa Services
2019-05-21 19:04
via Investor E2 Visa Services Welcome to your international business consulting website, focused on commercial investments related to obtaining E2 Investor visas and EB5 green card. I have… Read More
Free Las Vegas Show Tickets
2019-05-21 18:34
via Free Las Vegas Show Tickets Eligibility for Promotional Show Ticket Offers: USA Citizens and Canada w/Passport Couples min 25 years age (LGBTQ and Transgender Couples Welcome) Contact:… Read More
Discounted Las Vegas Show Tickets
2019-05-21 18:34
VARIETY PASS: 2 Dinners, 2 Shows, $125 Gaming / Dining voucher, 3/2 Getaway Showtime Daily 7P or 830P Planet Hollywood (Price) $60 WOW SHOW RIO: 2 Tickets, $100 Gaming / Dining, 3/2 Getaway… Read More
Outsourced : “Profits Over Safety”
2019-05-13 16:40
American and Spirit Airlines already share one thing in common. Spirit has the number one most Fume Events in North America. American Airlines has less but it ranks number two due to the UL… Read More
2019-04-23 15:26
via Immigration Visa Services Welcome to your international business consulting website, focused on commercial investments related to obtaining E2 Investor visas and EB5 green card. I have… Read More
The Metamorphosis Of Spirit Airlines
2017-11-30 23:22
Interesting…to be the most hated airline in America. It seems like everyone is trying to create their own airline version of Spirit.  A Spirit Cabin inside a legacy carrier ai… Read More
S.1626                                                            Cabin Air Safety Act:
2017-11-25 18:31
A. Training: (1) Sources and types of smoke and fumes on board aircraft. (2) Odor and visual descriptors to allow an individual to recognize the presence of oil and hydraulic fluid fumes… Read More
S.1626 Cabin Air Safety Act 2017:
2017-11-25 18:31
A. Training: (1) Sources and types of smoke and fumes on board aircraft. (2) Odor and visual descriptors to allow an individual to recognize the presence of oil and hydraulic fluid fumes… Read More
Flight Times: “Prepared For Departure”
2017-11-05 17:00
***(New Travel Memoir Book Release)*** My flying career has taken me all around the world for over 3 decades. FLIGHT TIMES is an aviation travel memoir series based on my own real-life unu… Read More
Cabin Air Safety Act
2017-07-02 21:09
Senator Richard Blumenthal proposed new legislation to be added to the ever expanding FAA Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act in an effort to protect airline trav… Read More
Bleed Air Fume Events
2017-07-02 21:09
Senator Richard Blumenthal proposed new legislation to be added to the ever expanding FAA Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act in an effort to protect airline trav… Read More
ICARUS Cockpit Culture Of Fly Till You Die
2017-06-25 14:40
Greek Mythology told of a story with a father named Daedalus. He warned his son Icarus not to fly too high, or the sun would melt his waxen wings. However, the boy, intoxicated with flight… Read More
Operation Indigo Skyfold: Phase 2
2017-05-16 10:43
This was first exposed during late 2014 when a military pilot whistleblower stepped forward and completely blew the lid off the unlawful and exceedingly destructive Global Chemtrail Program… Read More
Canary In The Cabin
2017-04-02 17:30
Canary in the Cabin: Did you know that there are telltale signs that your plane may be soon to have a Fume Event? There are indicators but you have to be paying attention to your passenger… Read More
MCS  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
2017-04-02 04:28
Multiple chemical sensitivity can include a wide range of symptoms, which some people link to their environment. It’s also known as “environmental illness,” “sick bu… Read More
Polyphenols Natural Foods Therapy
2017-02-06 05:13
Change Your Diet = Change Your Life: Airline travel wreaks havoc on our bodies. We are constantly exposed to a wide variety of germs, bacteria, and viruses onboard aircraft. The irregular e… Read More
New Trump Policies On Aviation
2016-11-10 15:38
There are a wide array of issues at stake in regards to Aviation Policy and what changes we can expect from a new Trump Administration starting in late January 2017. Trump has made many com… Read More
Turkish Airlines Cabin Crew Suicides
2016-10-26 00:59
Turkey has one of the warmest and most welcoming cultures in the middle east.  The heart is Istanbul which is a vibrant center of western ideals, modern principles while still holding… Read More

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