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20 Most Famous Festivals in Europe For 2018

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Being a land of diverse cultures and traditions, Europe is home to several arts, music and traditional festivals that one should definitely visit in their lifetime. Here is a list of some of the unignorable European festivals that you absolutely must experience.

1. The Carnival of Venice / Carnival di Venezia / Mardi Gras, Italy

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The Carnival of Venice is one of the biggest festivals in Europe that originated sometime in the year 1162 AD. This Festival is held in Venice every year between January and February and ends 40 days before Easter with celebration of Lent. This festival was made official during the renaissance period, however was banned by the King of Austria and masks were forbidden. After Napoleon invaded Italy in 1797, the carnival completely stopped for almost two centuries and was recently revived to boost tourism.

In Italy, the festivities usually begin from the weekend before the actual carnival date which is Shrove Tuesday. The official opening of the carnival happens at St. Mark’s Square and it is quite a sight, after which a serious of events like the costume contests, musical performances, theatrical performances and balls continue for a week. At the Carnival, socialites disguise themselves in elaborate masks and costumes, usually from the 18th century and rejoice to their heart’s content. Back then the masks allowed citizens to adopt their alter egos without any fear of the social consequence or judgments based on their roles in the society.

The Carnival of Venice is also known as Mardi Gras and is now celebrated world-over. During the carnival, exquisite Venetian palaces are a host to several Elite Parties that come with a high price tag. Delicious traditional sweets - Frittelle & Galani, can be purchased from any bakery in town, but only during the carnival. 

Dates: 27th Jan to 13th Feb 2018

Not to be missed: Flight of the Angel, Candlelight Water Parade, La Notte della Taranta (Night of the Tarantula)

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2. La Tomatina, Spain

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What once started out in 1945 as a brawl to get some attention (as per poplar story) at the Los G Igantes Carnival in Bunol has now become one of the most famous festivals in Europe.  After a series on bans and un-bans, the wacky tradition was finally embraced by Spanish authorities in 1957, but only after setting a few rules.  At this madcap tomato-throwing event that takes place on the last Wednesday of August each year, participants launch tomato attacks on fellow participants which eventually turns into a full-fledged Food (in this case tomato) war. The chaotic tomato fight takes place between 11 am 1 pm on that day. By the time the event ends, the participants are drenched in squished tomatoes skins, seeds, juice and street salsa, clothes utterly destroyed.

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This event has garnered a lot of attention in the recent years and sees truckloads of tourists visiting the event. Today, the organizers actually cultivate inedible tomatoes especially for this event.  Also, to ensure that the festival is happy, hurt-free event for everyone, certain rules have been laid down by authorities - tomatoes have to be squashed before throwing, No other projectiles are allowed other than tomatoes , participants have to give way to the trucks and Lorries carrying tomatoes, etc.

Dates:  29th August 2018

Not to be missed: The entire event!

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3. Tomorrowland, Belgium

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Tomorrowland is one of the biggest European Music Festivals that takes place in Boom, Belgium that is only 32 Kilometers to the north of Brussels. The first edition of Tomorrowland was held in 2005 which was organized by ID&T, a Dutch entertainment company. There are several other similar music festivals but Tomorrowland distinctly stands out from the rest owing to the Fairytale stage designs that change into castles, cobras, bookcases. The lights and lasers animate the venue in the evenings. Another interesting and infamous aspect of Tomorrowland is the Church of Love, a temple dedicated to love that is guarded by naughty nuns. Couples can cuddle inside the reportedly cozy church for 15 minutes before rejoining the party outside.

However, since Tomorrowland is a music festival, it has much more than just visual delights. The top notch music systems literally make your heart beat harder than ever. Your feet start tapping involuntarily to the superlative beats dished out by some of the best performers, DJs and musicians. Most people attending Tomorrowland choose camping as their accommodation.

Dates: 20th July to 22nd July, 27th July to 29th July 2018

Not to be missed: Stage designs, church of love

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4. Cannes International Film Festival, France

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most revered events in the film fraternity, Cannes International Film Festival is the place to be if you are a self-proclaimed fan girl or boy and a people watcher because you are bound to be just another face in the crowd at this festival. The beautiful town of Cannes on the breathtaking Cte d’Azur is buzzing with crowd from across the globe who have come to get a glimpse of their favorite stars, truckloads of journalists camping outside hotels, film makers and buyers at this European film festival.  Although most of the film screenings at Cannes will require industry accreditation, there are some public screenings as well. However, there is more to Cannes than just the film festival, so if you need a breather from the hustle bustle and all the mingling at the Film Festival, a visit to a beach restaurant, explore the streets or watch a movie under the stars at Ciné ma de la Plage on Mac é Beach. The Cannes International Film Festival is no doubt a glamorous and glossy affair but it is a great time to meet new people, watch new films and explore the place in its full glory.

Dates: 8th to 19th May 2018

Not to be missed: Beach parties, Boat parties, movie premiers, celebrity spotting

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5. Oktoberfest, Germany

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This festival is one of the most famous events in Europe. ‘Oktoberfest’ is synonymous with dousing oneself in beer, after all it is the beloved beverage in Germany. The Oktoberfest takes place in Munich on the well-known open space by the name of uo; Theresienwiese’. The big tents are erected especially for the festival and it takes about three months to be completed.

The Oktoberfest begins in September and ends on the first Sunday of October or on October 3rd whichever comes later. Minimum duration of the festival is 16 days. During this festival, visitors can enjoy different beers along with live orchestras and many fun rides such as the Frisbee Carousel, roller coasters, etc. More than 6 million people from around the world attend the festival.

Dates: 22nd Sept to 7th Oct 2018

Not to be missed: Beer, rides and traditional food

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6. Henley Royal Regatta, England

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Considered as one the most aristocratic sporting events in the world, the Henley Royal Regatta is an annual rowing event that lasts for 5 days over the first weekend of July on the Thames River. The rowing races are knockout races over a course of 1 mile. The festival attracts crews from across the globe including Olympic rowers. The most prestigious event being the Grand Challenge Cup for Men. The festival is a fashion event as well as it sees sophisticated designer outfits flaunted by blue bloods at the event. Even the drinks at the event include classics Pimm’s and lemonade, Champagne and Gin & Tonic.

Dates: 4th 8 July 2018

Not to be missed: Olympic rowers, Classic drinks, Thames River Valley

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7. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world that takes place almost throughout the month of August.  Over 40,000 performances, 3,000 shows and artists from as many as 50 countries can be witnessed at this festival. The festival pulls a crowd of about 2 million people. Events and performances such as ballet, opera, plays, comedy, pyrotechnics and much more can be enjoyed by the visitors. As elaborate as this festival may sound it had very humble beginnings back in 1947.  Although the festival is jam-packed, you will wish to stay at this superlative festival for as long as you can.

Dates: 3rd to 27th August 2018

Not be missed: Don’t miss anything! Thank us later

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8. Las Fallas de Valencia, Spain

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

Also known as Falles, this crazy event held in Valencia, Spain is one of the best festivals of Europe, thanks to its quirk. The festival made it to the list of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Las Fallas is a five day five night festival where the people of Valencia as well as nearby towns and villages gather for the fun and frolic. It started as a feast for St. Joseph in the middle ages, the patron saint for the carpenter community. 

In the course of festival, different groups take out the puppets known as ninots in local language, that have been prepared by them for a parade. These quirky puppets are mounted on platforms along with firecrackers and at the end of the parade, are burnt. These puppets are themed each year and the entire parade is a fun to watch.

What earlier was just a parade of a local community is today a place for lot of events. With artists and performers adding to the fun of the festival, the entire week is dedicated to the festival and whole of the suburban area is declared as Ciutat fallera (Falles City). The parade is replete with comedic, religious as well as historical processions and beautiful fireworks that bright up the night sky!

Restaurants are flooded with locals and tourists, as the parade with colourful costumes, quirky theme and music dot the streets.

Dates: 15th to 20th March 2018

Not to be missed: The events within the Las Fallas de Valencia festival- La Desperta, La Mascleta, La Planta, L'Ofrena des flors, Els Castells and La Nit del Foc, Cavalcada del Foc and La Crema

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9. Notting Hill Carnival, England

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons  

A cultural event that has been absorbed in the British Culture like it belongs; Notting Hill Carnival was conceptualised by the British West Indian Community. The event takes place since 1964 on the streets of Chelsea, Notting Hill and Royal Borough of Kensington in the month of August. The roots of Notting Hill carnival can be found in the complex racial conflict and a response for the same.

Today, it is one of the biggest street festivals of Europe with a large participation from all communities of Britain. The splash of people dressed in vibrant outfits with the typical carnival-style feather hats envelope the streets of London and the entire atmosphere is filled with enjoyment.

The Caribbean music that is played around the carnival can transfer you to another world. This event is considered to be an epitome of London’s cultural and ethnic diversity. More than 50,000 performers participate in the parade that sees a crowd of at least one million. 

Dates: 26th to 27th August 2018

Not to be missed: The fun, frolic, performances, the music, and the food!  

10. Il Palio, Italy

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Palio di Siena, although it is technically a horse race, practically it’s much more than that. In the city of Siena, the different wards (districts within the city) race against each other. There are a total of 17 wards and each year, 10 out of them participate in this three-lapse horse race. One of the major events in Europe, Il Palio finds its root in the 14th century. 
Happening twice a year, the 2nd July’s race is dedicated to Madonna of Provenzano and the 16th August’s race is dedicated to Assumption or Mary. 
Although the race is for couple of days, the city is under preps for the event for the whole year. Just prior to the event, the square where the race is held is covered with thick layers of sand and the party mode is turned on.
The horses and the jockeys, deck-up in vibrant colours representing their wards for the occasion. The race happens around the Piazza del Compo and is as ferocious as you can imagine. Although lasting for around 90 seconds, the high-speed horses sometime even throw their jockeys off their back and run for the finish line. Thousands of spectators hold their breath to see who wins and what follows is a bug celebration. The winning ward gets ‘drappellone’ which is the trophy. 
Dates: 2nd July and 16th August 2018
Not to be missed: Apart from the race, the before and after party are not to be missed!
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11. Glastonbury, England


Image Source: Flickr/RussGarrett  

One of the most famous festivals in Europe, the Glastonbury fiesta paves way for a five-day fun ride full of music entertainment and fun. The festival is organised amidst the greenish landscapes of Somerset county in London. The oldest in the arena, the Glastonbury festival is also known to be the largest among all making it a huge affair to visit and explore. While it might be little inconvenient for people to get to this place, given this little utopia of fun is literally secured amidst nowhere, not to mention the miles long walk you need to go through to conquer the journey to this little village of Pilton, the ultimate results will stun you more than you can imagine. 
The festival first laid its foundation in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix’s demise. The two-day celebration which then named as ‘Pilton Festival’  went so popular that it had garnered huge attention from all around the city propelling its further occurrence that has been religiously followed till date.The place has hosted some of the greatest artists of their time inspiring and entertaining others through their performances. Spread over an area of 2000 acres, the festival is celebrated in the midst of a large number of tented homes accommodating over 100 stages with numerous artists showcasing their artistic talent in front of the world. The performances that occur here include theatres, circus, dancing, poetry and children's shows. The festival is deemed to be a classy mix of hippie and counterculture providing it with its diverse and colorful vibes. 
The place is home to myriad activities which must be experienced at least once in your lifetime. The view from the stone circle at sunrise is surely a breather. Have a drink in the Avalon Hill Pub or go for a tea in the Pyramid Stage, see the panoramic view of the surrounding from the Ribbon Tower or go for a Solar Powered movie for fun. If nothing else, the late show in the Shangri-La will whisk you away for a while. Memorable moments and loads of amusement, yes that is what Glastonbury festival is all about. 

The next Glastonbury Festival is going to happen in 2019. 2018 will be a fallow year. 

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12. Street Parade Zurich, Switzerland


Image Source: Flickr/FrancoisRegny  

There are many reasons why Zurich Street Parade is so popular among people. Known to be the most vibrant and joyous techno parade in the Europe, the festival takes place in the city of Zurich every summer as a manifestation of love, peace, tolerance and freedom. 
The first Zurich Street Parade took place in 1992 which furthered throughout the years making it one of the most revered EDM fests in the world, especially after the end of Berlin’s Love Parade. Every year the parade is held with a different theme highlighting the different causes and ideas with the last year’s motto being why Zurich is unique. What started with just 1000 participants in an apparently quaint place has today become a massive demonstration of a sound management and entertainment with more than a million people participating in the event. 
Following the footsteps of its forebear- Love Parade, this street features around 30 love mobiles, all donned with huge magnanimous speakers and blasting exotic beats. The parade runs through the central Zurich on a 2.4 km route from Utoquai to Hafendamm Enge via Bellevue and Bürkliplatz.  With hundreds of DJs going ballistic over music and street full of people dancing and enjoying, it is hard to ignore the good cheer that is quite palpable in the air. Not to forget the performances you get to see at the seven stages near Lake Zurich. The after parties are no less of a celebration themselves. With numerous pubs and bars decorating the streets of the city, it is hardly a surprise to see them full with the crowd of people who are still not done with the celebration. Thanks to its accepting crowd, the Street Parade proudly dons the diversity charting itself to be the most unique and happening event in the year.

Date: 11th August 2018

Not to be missed: The after party events held in the different pubs of Zurich such as Hive Club, KaufLeuten Zurich, and Zurich Langstrasse 

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13. Secret Garden party, England


Image Source: Flickr/HollyGable 

No matter how big of a party bug you are, you will always find something surprising to enjoy here. The Secret Garden Party held on the lush green landscape of Abbots Ripton near Huntingdon is among the most favourable events that take place in England every year. Nestled amidst the lap of nature and surrounded by lakes and gardens, the festival takes off with huge enthusiasm and zeal that is quite evident in the air. 
The festival was started in 2004 by Fred Fellowes, a music enthusiast who wanted to go off the beaten path and introduce the people to a unique music festival that is totally different from the mainstream music festivals. Started with only one stage and a small crowd of 1000 people, the festival has today grown into a magnanimous show with 15 stages and over 26000 visitors leveraging the shows with their presence. And what’s more? The Secret Garden Festival is all about entertainment and fun, there is more to it. The festival also supports the welfare organisation CALM that works towards the prevention of Male Suicide in the UK.
Apart from this, what charts this festival among the top European Events is the myriad of things it offers to its visitors. Situated around the lake, it provides a great opportunity for visitors to indulge in some cold water swimming and get some refuge from the hot summer heat. Then there are intergalactic mermaid schools offering bionic fins and turbo powered tails with a thorough course in mermaiding. Numerous games, from Jelly Wrestling to Arial Boxing along with other engaging activities such as camping and bonfires makes the entire festival, even more, fun and amusing. 

Dats: 23 to 24 February 2018

Not to be missed: Get a relaxing massage in the sanctuary, Playing your favorite games in the Games Arena and Clicking some pictures in the Barbie Booth

14. Cascamorras, Spain


Image Source: Flickr/MateoAngelini 

Declared to be The Fiesta of National Tourist Interest of Spain, the Cascamorras festival also known as Feria de Cascamorras takes off every year on the September 6 as a playful brawl between two two historic market towns of Granada in Spain. Unlike other festivals which revolve around the neat ways of celebrations, the feria de cascamorras is all about getting dirty and bizarre. 
Yes, it is true and the more this unique festival unravels in front of you, the more interesting it becomes. The traditional festival has its roots way back in the past, over 500 years ago when the dispute actually took place between these two small cities of Guadix and Baza over a sacred statue of Virgin Mary. The story starts with a worker named Cascamorras finding a sacred statue of Virgen de la Piedad while working in the field of Baza. Encouraged by his friends, he tried to flee with the statue but actually got caught in the scenario. Later the feud was sorted and since then this festival serves as a healthy reminiscence of the endeavour that took place here years ago.  Every year a person is nominated from Guadix to come and sneak the statue with him while the locals, all dabbed in the oily greasy paint from head to toe, stops him from doing so. This chase apparently goes on for three days where the poor fellow is manhandled, thrown and dipped in the greasy stuff just to be prevented from leaving with the statue. 
The festival is just as outlandish as it is fun. Don’t be surprised to see the walls of the buildings coloured with black handprints and footprints. The festival is equally enjoyable for everyone regardless of the age and a great. Choose a place to get cleaned up afterwards. The festival can be quite tiring with all the running and such, hence to relieve the stress ensure to hop on some of the nice cafes around the place and have some fun. 

Dates: 6th Sept to 10th Sept 2018

Not to be missed: The delicious food, the hospitality of the folks and nice ambience of the surrounding

15. Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling and Wake Festival Gloucester, England


Image Source: Flickr/WillDeFreitas 

Talking about the most Bizarre festivals in the world and not including this Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival is like talking about the Paris and not including Eiffel Tower in it. In nutshell- Not Possible! This unique festival takes place on the Spring Bank Holiday at Cooper Hill in England and sees over thousand of visitors every year. Deemed as ‘World Famous Event’ by The Guardian, the festival kicks off with huge enthusiasm with visitors coming from all over the world to chase a piece of cheese. 
The festival is as entertaining for onlookers as it is for the participants. The event takes place in 5 different levels where a 7 pound of cheese is rolled down this hill and hundreds of people are challenged to catch it before it reaches the end. Anyone who is able to grab it in the middle is declared the winner otherwise the one who gets there first, wins. The event although being funny is surprisingly quite old and has been organized for past two centuries. The actual cheese was replaced by a wooden one for a while after WWII. The event started with the natives but has eventually garnered the attention of people throughout the world. Though this share of fun does not come for free. Competitors are known to get injured and sprained during this festival which leads to its termination in various points, but the event always managed to get back its footing, regardless.  
A great festival to enjoy for everyone who wishes to tread the off beaten path and indulge in something new.  

Date: 28th May 2018

Not to be missed: The madness and fun in the air

16. Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Lerwick, Scotland


Image Source: Flickr/DavidPaul57 

It is not only one of the best events in Europe but quite new as well. The Up Helly Aa Fire Festival takes place in the Lerwick city of Scotland in the month of January every year. The grand procession that transpires during the event includes grand marches, torch lit movements and galley burning.
The popular fire festival started off as a vibrant celebration of tar barrelling in the middle of winter to give a happening ending to Yule season. In the olden times, men would drag barrels of burning tar throughout the city. This notoriety later turned into more refined torch lit sessions which have today become one of the top events in Europe. During the entire festival, you can watch people march through the streets of Lerwick dressed in elaborate attires with firewood in their hands. 
While the event is just for one day, the preparation for its start weeks ago. The people who hold the fire torches are known as Guizers and lead the way through the city providing a visual delight for everyone around. 

Date: 30th January 2018.

Not to be missed: The elaborate costumes, spectacular view of the marches and delectable culinary delights.

17. Running of the Bull, Pamplona


Image Source:  Flickr/WreckedDeco

If you have been in Spain and haven't tried this daring and whacky adventure yet, then my friend, you are surely missing something. Known to be one of the craziest yet famous festivals in Europe, the Running of the Bulls provides you with an opportunity to go head to head with a bull. Well, not really. you just get to put your life in danger by running in front of these enthusiastic animals who are lead through the streets of an old establishment in the midst of a cheering crowd gathered to view the spectacle and enjoy. Regardless of how crazy this whole thing may sound, the festival holds quite a prominence among the folks and has garnered fans from all across the world.
This entertaining fiesta of San Fermin takes place for 8 days in the city of Pamplona in July every year from 7th July to 14th July. The event is organised in the town of Pamplona as a tribute to San Fermin, who was regarded as one of the most influential saints of Navarra. The Encierro, as it is called takes place in the heart of the city. The events start from Calle Santo Domingo at 8 o'clock in the morning with the firing of two rockets after which the bulls are released to charge behind the runners in a massive run from coral to the bullring. The run is a total of 825 meters in which and usually last between 3 to 4 minutes. 
The entire event includes 12 bulls who are divided into two groups.In the initial phase, six fighting bulls are released accompanied by a group of mansions who guides them throughout the route. A few minutes later, the second group of bullocks (the slower ones) are released in a completing act who lead the initials ones to the end. While the event is very popular among people, it does not subside its dangerous factors. Everyone participating in the festival needs to have good fitness level and stamina to survive the race. You have both? Lucky you! Get on with the festival and gear up for a nice adventurous experience.  

Dates: 6th to 14th July 2018

Not to be missed: Earlier preparations of Plaza Consistoria and delightful afterparty cuisines.

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18. International kite festival in Berck-Sur-Mer, Europe


Image Source: Pixabay 

Europe has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment and fun, from beautiful views to ancient breathtaking monuments and different adventurous stunts. Festivals in Europe are no different either. One of such popular European event is international kite festival of Berck-Sur-Mer. While the festival is celebrated with huge enthusiasm throughout the continent, it holds a specific significance in France where the International Kite Festival takes place in Berck-Sur-Mer where it is organised for a whole of 9 days. 
The Kite Festival is held just 40 meters away from Calais and quite easy to access. Started about 30 years ago with a small celebration, it has now grown into a great spectacle of the country. Every year, during summer, the place comes alive with myriad kites adorning the skies of this small seaside town. Kite experts from all over the world come here with their varied beautiful kites, from giant flying machines to balloon like creations, to compete with each other and enjoy. You can see kite flyers from various countries including China, India and Kore demonstrating their skills and going one on one on each other. You can fly kites yourself if you want. The incredible display that you get to witness during this period is truly something to be experienced at least in your lifetime. 
You can find some pretty seaside resort around the area where you can enjoy other activities such as go-karting, swimming and bowling. Ensure to take some time for yourself to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding.

Dates: 14th to 22nd April 2018

Not to be Missed: The colourful display of unity, art and sportsmanship, delicious food and friendly vibes of the surrounding.

19. Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo


Image Source:  Flickr/Mick

Regal and all military like, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival has everything to chart in your list of best European festivals in 2017.A unique and one of its kind festival, the Tattoo lets you indulge in a magnificent audio-visual journey filled with royally dressed marching bands singing their songs of valour and patriotism. The event is held in the magnificent premises of iconic Edinburgh castle featuring splendid march bands from all across the world including Uk and Scotland.
A must for everyone, the festival is known to be one of the major events in the country welcoming hundreds of performers and artists from over 48 other nations who come here to grace the stage with their praiseworthy talent. The ever growing list of artists includes dancers, artists and pipers chosen to give beautiful military performances that will leave you awestruck.The magnificent display of fireworks accompanied by the mass chorus of Auld Lang Syne and vibrant performances only makes the event even more memorable.

Dates: 3rd to 25th August 2018

Not to be Missed: The magnificent display of old and new. The festival can be quite informative if you don't mind delving into it.

20. Oerol Festival

Image Source: Flickr/Heleen

Held in the small island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, the Oerol Festival is considered to be among the best European festivals in the world. Every year, in the months of June, the island comes alive with a magnificent spectacle of mirth, music and fun. The unique festival goes on for 10 days in which performers from all over the world showcase their talent and love for arts. Known to be a highly diverse platform, this theatre festival welcomes every kind of arts that are probably there. From enthusiastic dance, street theatres to music and autonomous performances, you can find everything here. 

Organised amidst the lap of nature, the festival had seen its first rise in the year 1982 when a small bunch of people gathered in a place to enjoy and have some fun. The festival has grown and flourished ever since, thanks to its open and vivid nature and vast natural surrounding. Today, it has garnered worldwide recognition as a natural stage for the artists who are welcomed to perform at various locations on the island that are deemed to be suitable for events. The festival features varied theatre arts, mime performances, musicals and circus shows, that coupled with the absolutely breathtaking scenarios makes it all more alluring for people. 
And wait, that's not it. The island also offers a rich night life filled with bustling bars, pubs and nightclubs. Indulge in the mind-boggling festivities during the day and relax in one of the clubs in the night. While the place is known to get crowded during the season, we assure you, it will not hinder your fun in any way. Be it fun escapades with colleagues, or a relaxing adventure with family, Oerol Festivals caters to all kinds of the crowd and proves to be an exciting escape from your mundane life. 

Dates: 15th to 24th June 2018

Not to be Missed: A walk through the surrounding landscape and beaches along with wild after party drinks in one of the many joints

This world is full of magical festivals and cultures and one life may not be enough to see it but you can at least visit some of these biggest festivals in Europe. Start planning your visit with Triphobo.

Here's the summary of best European festivals happening in 2018:

  • January - The Carnival of Venice, Up Helly Aa Fire Festival
  • February - Secret Garden Party
  • March - Las Fallas de Valencia
  • April - International Kites Festival of Burck-Sur-Mer
  • May - Cannes International Film Festival, Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling
  • June - Oerol Festival
  • July - Il Palio (Palio di Siena), Henley Royal Regatta, Pamplona Bull Running Festival, Tomorrowland
  • August - Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Zurich Street Parade, Notting Hill Carnival, La Tomatina Festival, Royal Edinburg Military Tattoo Festival
  • September - Cascamorras, Oktoberfest

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20 Most Famous Festivals in Europe For 2018


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