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Gershwin Theater Seating Chart – Wicked Seating Guide

Named in honor of one of America's greatest composer, George Gershwin, and his brother, lyricist Ira, the Gershwin Theater is one of the largest theaters on Broadway. The theater is home to the musical blockbuster Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz. If you’re planning on watching this Broadway masterpiece, make sure to go through our Gershwin Theater seating chart to get the best seats in the house.

The musical is based on the 1995 Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Set in the world of Oz before the arrival of Dorothy, the story revolves around the lives of the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch, their coming together in school, how they overcome their struggles and their journey in life. A stunning prequel to Frank L. Baum’s 1900 classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Wicked is one of the biggest selling and most popular musicals on Broadway.

Without further ado, let us go through the Gershwin theater seating chart and help you find the best seats for your Wicked experience.

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Gershwin Theater Seating Chart

The Gershwin opened as the Uris Theater in the winter of 1972 with the musical “Via Galactica”. Situated on the lower levels of the 48-storeyed Paramount Plaza building, the theater stands where once the iconic Capitol Theater stood. The name of the theater was changed from the Uris Theater to the Gershwin Theater during a ceremony held during the 37th Tony Awards held in 1983.

The Gershwin Theater is an Art Nouveau style theater that was designed by set designer Ralph Alswang. In the words of Aswang, “..(the theater) represents what I think is the total philosophy of a modern musical comedy house - seating, sight lines, acoustics - the economy and aesthetics of this kind of theatre.” The largest section of the theater is the orchestra which can seat up to 1,298 visitors. The mezzanine is comparatively smaller with 635 seats.

Other features of the Gershwin Theater include dark proscenium panels that are used as light towers and are removable if required, a flexible stage floor that can be used as a thrust floor as well and the first water curtain on Broadway, very helpful in case of a fire. The Theater Hall of Fame is also situated in the Gershwin Theater. Dedicated to honoring and preserving the history of theater, the Theater Hall of Fame offers a unique look into the world of theater and is home to numerous exhibitions from the world of theater.

The theatre has a seating capacity of 1933 patrons, spread across the orchestra, front mezzanine, and rear mezzanine. The sides of the mezzanine section project outwards to replace the usual box designs present in Broadway theaters. Popular for not having a bad seat in the house, seating options across the Gershwin offer their own unique viewing advantages. Hence, this guide of the Gershwin Theater seating chart will walk you through the theater and help you get the best seats for your Wicked show.

Gershwin Theater Orchestra

The Orchestra section of the Gershwin Theater has a total of 1298 seats. These are spread across 31 rows, row BB to row ZZ. A walkway along row O and P divides the side sections of the orchestra into front and rear halves. Longitudinally, the orchestra is divided into three sections - center orchestra, orchestra left and orchestra right.

Left Orchestra
The front half of the left orchestra has seats spread across 17 rows (BB to N) while the rear half has seats spread across 11 rows (Q to ZZ). Seats are odd numbered and begin at 1 and end at 37, moving from the aisle to the outside.

Center Orchestra
The center orchestra is one large continuous section that has seats spread across 32 rows (AA to ZZ). Seats begin at 101 and end at 118, moving left to right.

Right Orchestra
The right orchestra is similar in its layout to the Left Orchestra. The front half of the right orchestra has seats spread across 17 rows (BB to N) while the rear half has seats spread across 11 rows (Q to ZZ). Seats are even numbered and begin at 2 and end at 38, moving from the aisle to the outside.

The best seats in the theater are in the center orchestra section. Subsequently, these are also the most expensive seats in the theater. The views are complete and without any interruptions. The proximity of the seats to the stage brings you closer to the act and offers a uniquely immersive experience.

Understandably, seats in the side orchestra section are cheaper than center orchestra seats. With regards to views of the stage, the closer your seats are to the center aisle, the better the view. There may be certain sections of the musical that take place on the farther side of the stage, however the layout ensures that you don’t miss anything.


The seats in the first half of the center orchestra (Row BB-M) are the most expensive seats in the house. Next up are rows A-N of the side orchestra which are priced similar to the last rows of the Center Orchestra. These are followed by the far rows (U-ZZ) of the side orchestra.


First Broadway show I've seen. Of course my teens have seen several through school. Very happy with our seats in the orchestra section. Didn't seam like there would be a bad seat in the house. Great play, performance. Have been to some other shows not in NYC and couldn't understand what they where saying. At the Gershwin I could understand the words they where singing which made it a great experience. Erikk, TripAdvisor

This was our first time visiting the Gershwin Theater. We were there to see Wicked. This theater is an easy walk if you're staying in the Times Square area. The theater itself is fabulous. We had great seats in the orchestra section. Good visibility of the stage. A Holt, TripAdvisor

We saw "Wicked" at this venerable, large theater very close to Times Square. The show was simply outstanding. Highly recommended! The seats had a great view despite being off to the side in the orchestra section. DrSoup, TripAdvisor

We recently saw Wicked at the Gershwin. The theatre is nice with comfortable seating. We opted to purchase orchestra seats but after seeing the theatre I do not think there is a bad seat in the house. KBMan, TripAdvisor

Gershwin Theater Mezzanine

The Mezzanine section is the only elevated section of the Gershwin Theater and has a total of 635 seats. These are divided into 3 sections - the side sections of the front mezzanine which project outwards (Row AA to EE), the front mezzanine (Rows A to E) and the rear mezzanine (Rows F to M). A walkway is present between the front and rear mezzanines, along row E and F.

Front Mezzanine
The front mezzanine has two distinct halves. The first half has projected sides that replace the traditional box seats of a Broadway theater. The second half of the front mezzanine is laid out in the usual manner. The seats to the left of center are odd numbered and go from 1 to 27. The seats to the right of center are even numbered and go from 2 to 28. Seats in the center begin at 101 and end at 118, moving left to right.

Rear Mezzanine
In the rear mezzanine, the seats to the left of center are odd numbered and go from 1 to 33. The seats to the right of center are even numbered and go from 2 to 34. Seats in the center begin at 101 and end at 118, moving left to right.

Being the only elevated floor in the Gershwin Theater, the mezzanine offers a wonderful view of the stage. The elevation provides one with the entire view of the stage. Certain parts of the stage that may lie behind the props used to decorate the stage can be hidden from view at the rear end seats. However, the mezzanine’s elevation and gradient insure that you get a complete and unobstructed view. Hence, given a choice between the first few rows of the mezzanine or the last few rows of the orchestra, you should definitely go for the mezzanine seats.


The seats in the first half of the center mezzanine are the most expensive seats in the mezzanine section and are dearer than the side and rear orchestra seats. The prices fall as you move further back in the section, with the rear mezzanine seats being the cheapest in the house.


I'm going to try separating out how amazing Wicked was and strictly comment on the theater. We had mezzanine seats and I have to say the view was spectacular. There was an ample number of bathrooms and concession stands throughout. It was definitely my best experience in a theater on broadway. Norm, TripAdvisor

I was nervous about the seats we were able to get at the last minute, but they turned out to be amazing and worth every penny! You could see everything perfectly from the Mezzanine. I was overcome with the show. The cleanliness of the theater was to be commended as was the friendly staff! The specialty drinks were also tasty! Lisak, TripAdvisor

OMG! Went to see Wicked and the cas was phenomenal! First broadway show experience and was on the mezzanine level with great seat! A broadway show is a must! Dawn, TripAdvisor

Great theater, comfortable seats, plenty of spaces between the rows. From the mezzanine you still had a great view of the stage. King, TripAdvisor

Pro Tips

  • Children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the theater. Make sure you keep this in mind while booking tickets for your family.
  • The ladies and men bathroom is present on the second and fourth floors of the theater.
  • There is one wheelchair accessible restroom on the theater’s second floor.
  • There are four bars in the Gershwin. Two bars are located on the second floor while the other two are located on the fourth floor.
  • Water is the only refreshment allowed inside the theater. Soda too can be taken inside only if it is present in a capped cup.
  • The Green Bar in the lobby is highly recommended by patrons to the Gershwin Theater. Do check it out!

Restaurants Nearby

Situated in walking distance from Times Square, you can bet there will be plenty of places you can stop by for a pre or post show bite. Here are some good ones:

1. Azalea: Azalea is popular for its unique Italian food. The menu is a mix of meaty dishes from Brescia and seafood from the Amalfi region of Italy.

2. E&E Grill House: The E&E Grill House is a minimally designed steakhouse that draws meat lovers from around town. They are especially popular for their steaks and mocktails.

3. Thalia: Head over to Thalia to sample modern American cuisine. This tastefully designed restaurant serves a wonderful mix of American and International dishes as well.

4. Toloache: Toloache is popular for its traditional and modern take on popular Mexican dishes. The restaurant has a modern design with a festive atmosphere.

5. Natsumi: Natsumi is a Japanese Sushi bar in Manhattan New York. Make your way to Natsumi if you're looking to enjoy some fresh sushi andJapanese sake in NYC.

If you’re looking for more options, how about checking out our in-depth Theater District Restaurant Guide. It has everything you’re looking for. And more.


The Gershwin Theater is located at 222 West 51st Street, between Broadway & 8th Avenue. Present in the heart of the theater district and it's proximity to Times Square make it easy to reach. If you're driving to the theater, there is ample parking space. Check out Icon Parking Systems, and LAZ Parking around the Gershwin Theater.

On the other hand, if you’re taking the subway, there are plenty of options for you. You can take the lines 1, 9, C and E to the 50th Street station and 8th Avenue or lines N and R to 49th Street.


Well that completes our in-depth look at the Gershwin Theater seating chart. Hopefully, your questions about the theater and how to find the best seats for your show have been answered.

Now comes the most important part - how to get the best seats at an unbeatable price. To get great last minute deals, check out Wicked Broadway Musical tickets on Headout, your one stop, on-demand mobile concierge! Choose your show, select your seat, and show up at the theatre on the day of the experience. In the meantime, a Headout representative will take care of the legwork and meet you at the theatre before your show to hand-deliver your tickets in person.

Do you have any further questions about the Gershwin Theater seating chart? Want details on specific seats? Leave a comment below and we’ll help you out.

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