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What Do I Need To Know About The Luggage Claim Process?

In the unfortunate event that your golf bag gets lost, you should quickly go ahead and commence the claiming process. Carriers are responsible for handling passenger travel, and if there is a mistake on their side, they are required to compensate the affected. It is, therefore, imperative to be conversant with the claim process to go through it swiftly and get the right Compensation you deserve.

The 10 Steps to Claim your Luggage

  1. Act immediately

The likelihood of a carrier accepting to be responsible for your missing luggage is high if you file your report immediately you don’t find your luggage. Do not leave the luggage in the reclaim hall then come back later to file your complaint. Acting as soon as possible helps your case as it eliminates the possibility of you having taken your luggage and filing a claim to get free compensation. Also, it paves the way for the tracking of your luggage to commence hence saving you time. So don’t wait.

  1. Be sure to fill the claim form

This form allows one to file a complaint with the carrier formally. On this form, you are required to provide a clear and detailed description of the contents of your golf bag. It will come in handy in the luggage claim process as it will help determine the value of the contents of your bag. Without filling out this form, your claim process is likely to be a grueling uphill task. While it is not one of the legal requirements, it is an essential form to have.

  1. Know the rules

In case a carrier loses your luggage, they are obliged to cater for the costs of all essential items. Your view of essential items may not be the same as that of the carrier. Instead of buying you a new set of belongings as a replacement, most carriers only cater for the expenses of essential items. It is, therefore, imperative to be conversant with the rules that guide the actions of the carrier to avoid surprises.

  1. Have all your receipts at hand

The only way to bring out a strong case that will guarantee you a comfortable compensation is if you provide sufficient evidence that the contents of your bag were valuable. Having all the receipts helps in the evaluation of your claim and will determine the compensation they will give you. Evidence of having brand new equipment in your bag will force the airline to buy a replacement. If you have no proof, you get a much lower compensation.

  1. Honesty is essential in the process

You are required to give a detailed description of the contents of your bag. While doing the same, be very honest. Do not include items you did not have to increase the amount of compensation. Such cases are usually taken keenly, and in case they suspect you of providing false information, your claim is often thrown out.

  1. Check your insurance policy

Some insurance providers offer coverage for luggage. In case you are under such an insurance cover, you should forward the case to them instead. It almost guarantees you better compensation for your lost luggage. Also, the time it takes to process your claim to becomes shorter.  Some carriers even try to avoid baggage loss claims by requesting that you forward the claim to your insurance provider.

  1. Be sure to observe the deadlines

Be sure to file your claim within the window period. It is crucial that your write to the airline to notify them of your lost luggage within seven days. The claim form should accompany the same. As stated earlier, the more you delay in filing your claim, the lower the chances of your case being taken up. Delays in claims erode your credibility and seriousness. If you do not push the carriers, they will not act.

  1. Monitor the progress

Cases of lost luggage usually take a long time before they are completely resolved. It is, therefore, important that you keenly follow the progress of your case. Be in constant communication with your carrier to keep track of the status of your claim. It will make the carrier act upon your claim quickly helping you save time and energy.

  1. Provide the carrier with your contact information

Sometimes luggage declared as lost can be found. Someone might have picked it accidentally, or it might have been traced to other location. By providing the carrier with your contact information, you provide them with a means of reaching you if they locate your luggage.

  1. Keep your expectations low

If you put up a claim and expect that the carrier will compensate you completely, you will be greatly disappointed. While going through the process, go knowing that you will only get a fraction of what your luggage was worth. However, you should strive to establish the strongest case to minimize the losses on your side.

If you your luggage is loosed and you don’t know how to get again and what is the process of claiming, so Golf Overnight is here to equip you with what you need to know about the luggage claim process. Its really important to know if you are traveling regularly. another way you have another option if you don’t want to any hassle ,you can choose your best shipping company to ship your luggage.

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What Do I Need To Know About The Luggage Claim Process?


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