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7 Hottest Things in The Golf Play

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The Golf legends of past years claim that the golfers of today should be better than those of the past. The reason for this is that the technology has improved a great deal. There are now technologies that allow players to improve their game quite fast.

With new technology, players are able to improve their shot accuracy and the distance of their hits. Here are some of the hottest things in golf that Golf Overnight thinks you should know. They could help you to improve your game.

  • Four Piece Golf Balls

Gone are the days when there were only a few options for golf balls. Now the technology has advanced so far that you can hit a Ball quite far while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. One issue with these golf balls is that they are quite expensive.

To avoid these problems, you will need to ensure that your game is quite advanced. If you are still a beginner, you should stick to the simple balls. As your game advances, you can try these advanced balls. They will assist you to improve your game quite fast.

If you have improved most other aspects of your game, consider these four piece balls to get you the distance you need. They also come with numerous dimples on the surface to improve flight control. There are numerous options from which you choose. Although they were originally quite expensive, you can now find a relatively affordable Golf ball that features four piece ball technologies.

  • Golf Swing Analyzer

A swing analyzer is like having a personal instructor by your aside. The device is mounted on the club’s grip and delivers real-time feedback to your app, which can be installed on your Android or IOS device. The device captures 1,000 frames per second.

The information gathered is used for a swing analysis that is displayed in a constructive manner. You will be shown data such as your swing path, the club head speed, and even the club face’s angle on impact with the ball. However, this device will not be of much use to beginners. It is designed for the advanced player who desires to improve their game.

  • Golf Tracking Apps

Most of these apps have a shot tracking system that sends data to the smartphone. During a round of golf, data on different aspects of your game will be collected by the app. For instance, the app tracks how far you hit a ball with various clubs.

It will also track your average hit distance, the greens and fairways missed or hit, sand saves, and putting stats. At the end of the round of golf, a careful analysis of all the data will be done, and the data will be displayed. It allows a golfer to understand which areas of their game need to be improved. The entire system comes with an app, a tracking system, and golf GPS. Advanced and beginner golfers should consider these apps to improve the quality of their game.

  • Golf Shoe Technology

With continued analysis of golf, it has been found that the back and front foot serve different purposes. The back foot is used for providing power while the front foot provides the subtle stability needed.

Recently golf shoes manufacturers have begun inventing shoes that are asymmetrical since they are intended to serve different purposes. Best of all there are shoes designed for both lefties and righties. These shoes are designed for increased efficiency but also for comfort during each golf swing.

  • Driver Technology

A few years back, players had to adapt to drivers. However, that has since changed. Now players can simply adjust their drivers to fit their style of play. The purpose of a good driver is to drive a ball a great distance while keeping it straight.

Now most drivers can be adjusted to fit the requirements of any golfer. For instance, the clubs can now be tuned to shift the weight to the heel. Additionally, weight can be shifted towards the toe. It is a convenience that players of past years did not enjoy.

  • Advanced Range Finders

There is a lot of research going on in the world of golf rangefinders. Modern rangefinders now feature interchangeable face plates. It allows them to have a more accurate estimation of yardage between the pin and their ball than before.

Modern rangefinders come with slope compensation technology. Thus, a golfer can know the distance accurately having accounted for slope and elevation. Although the technology is yet to be approved for tournaments, that could change in a few years.

  • The Use of Hybrid Materials

A while back, most golf clubs were made of basic materials. In fact, there was a time when wooden golf clubs were a thing. The technology has changed a lot since then.  Now there are clubs made of graphite material.

Besides that, it is not that hard to find clubs made of titanium. The use of composite materials has helped players have more flexibility in their game. The result is that players are able to use light yet reliable clubs. Besides that, these materials are less affected by weather conditions. Thus, players do not have to worry about slight imperfections because of the weather conditions.

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7 Hottest Things in The Golf Play


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