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2017-11-10 06:15
The Masters is the first major golf tournament of a golf season. The event that is usually held throughout the first April weekend is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments. Since it b… Read More
2017-11-06 13:52
Are you having trouble with your handicap score? If you are, then this article is meant for you. Improving your short and chipping game is the best way to improve your game, especially when… Read More
2017-11-03 11:00
Hitting a slice is never fun on the golf course. The ball rarely travels far, and it is usually very difficult to control the direction. Things usually become worse, particularly for amateur… Read More
2017-11-02 04:00
A hook can be very frustrating for a golfer especially if they are competing against other golfers. A hook is basically a shot that bends mid-air. For a golfer who is right-handed, a hook sh… Read More
2017-11-01 04:00
Long irons are the most dreaded on the golf course. They send chills down the spine even of the best golfers in the world. This is because long irons are very hard to control and master. How… Read More
2017-10-25 13:18
Bunker shots have been tormenting golfers for a long time. Watching most players in the bunker can be hilarious as they struggle unsuccessfully to free themselves from this trap. One problem… Read More
2017-10-24 14:11
In golf, a stronger mental game works much better than knowing the technical aspect of the game. A strong mental game makes you even better and efficient in the technical aspect of the game… Read More
2017-10-21 11:00
Golf carts are a very integral part of golf equipment, and any golfer should endeavor to get themselves their own. They usually come in handy when on the golf course by helping you move arou… Read More
2017-10-20 11:00
For every round of golf, you will have to grip your club about 70 to 100 times. It is only fitting that you get it right every time. Having the correct grip will enable you to deliver the cl… Read More
2017-10-19 11:00
A fat shot usually occurs when you target hitting the ball but end up hitting the ground first resulting in the ball going for just a short distance with a large divot. It can be very frustr… Read More
2017-10-13 11:00
At first glance, it does not seem like it makes much sense to hit down on the ball. However, there a few technical aspects of golf that you have to take into account. The clubface of an iron… Read More
2017-10-12 07:35
Putting is part of the game of golf, and every player has to master the art of putting. Putting is what distinguishes a great golfer from a good golfer. In fact, some of the greatest golf sh… Read More
2017-10-03 09:47
One of the most embarrassing things for a golfer is a high handicap. It is only natural that you have a high handicap if you are a beginner golfer. But if you have been playing golf for a lo… Read More
2017-09-25 14:15
Going for a vacation is a lot of fun. However, nobody ever looks forward to packing for a trip. It is even more stressful when you think about having to carry heavy luggage around. You thus… Read More
2017-09-18 10:43
Golf is one of the sports that provide a wide window for players to travel to various destinations across the world. Everyone always has an exciting time getting to travel across the world… Read More
2017-09-07 11:35
Golf is a unique game in a way when it comes to the scores. Unlike most of the other sports, less is more. A 75 score in golf is worth much more than a score of 99. Well, keeping the scores… Read More
2017-09-06 13:27
Luggage tampering takes place all over the world. Even if you are going to a civilized place like LA, your luggage could still get lost. However, most people do not seem to like the idea of… Read More
2017-09-05 07:29
For you to be efficient and better in your golf game, you must have all the golf equipment to help you through your practice and learning process. Most of the players, especially the beginne… Read More
2017-09-04 06:57
If you love golf and have your golf equipment, one of the considerations that must have crossed your mind is of buying yourself a golf cart. There are various golf carts available in the mar… Read More
2017-08-31 09:10
Confidence is the one factor that any golfer, regardless of their experience level, should have when they are on the course. One of the greatest fears golfers have when playing is swing worr… Read More
2017-08-30 03:38
When taking a swing, a slice will cost you the control and the distance you will hit the ball. Besides significantly lowering your performance on the golf course, the most annoying thing is… Read More
2017-08-28 08:54
Golf cannot be quite complete if it does not include the unique and colorful golf slangs. Golf slangs are incredible, and most can be used universally; apart from one or two that can be excl… Read More
2017-08-25 06:22
The United States has by far the most golf courses in the world. 45 percent of all golf courses in the world are located here, and Golf Overnight ships to all of them. The U.S. boasts of ove… Read More
2017-08-23 10:09
Golf is a game played worldwide and since Golf Overnight ships golf clubs to many golf resorts around the world we have sampled some of the best golf courses. There are also the famous golf… Read More
2017-08-22 06:04
Distance control depends on how solidly you hit your irons. Unfortunately, many golfers find it tricky to master irons as they rely on their instincts. However, like anything else, you can m… Read More
2017-08-21 14:14
One of the greatest goals for every ambitious golfer is to become a scratch golfer. A typical scratch golfer has a handicap of zero and, consequently, a high authority in golfing. However, b… Read More
2017-08-15 12:27
A full swing must take into consideration all the fundamentals required. One of the most essential, yet greatly overlooked, fundamentals of a full swing is the stance and the setup position… Read More
2017-08-10 09:53
For a beginner in golf, there are various fundamental tips one needs to learn and internalize to become a pro in the sport in the future. Basics help you build a strong foundation, and the b… Read More
2017-07-31 09:05
Not everything in golf is as easy as getting your golf clubs delivered by Golf Overnight. Every once in a while a shot might fail to clear the bunker and end up in the sand. Getting the ball… Read More
2017-07-28 05:27
The golf balls of today are designed to be affected less by the wind than their ancestors did. However, they are still liable to some adjustments if you are playing in the wind. You will nee… Read More
2017-07-25 11:17
Now that you have trusted Golf Overnight to deliver your golf set to your golfing destination, it is also good to ensure that you don’t duff your first driver shot. Improper teeing can… Read More
2017-07-20 06:00
Some of the greatest players of golf refer to the takeaway as the most important part of the swing. If you do not get it correctly, you will have a hard time setting the club at the top of t… Read More
2017-07-19 06:14
Most people think putting is easy, but it is not. One way of testing this theory is by signing a piece of paper. Now try duplicating the exact signature on the paper slowly. You will soon re… Read More
2017-07-17 14:14
In a recent survey, over 80 percent of all the golf coaches that participated stated that the golf grip is among the first things they work on with students. Most golfers think that the grip… Read More
2017-07-12 07:06
Few situations are as scarier to the average golfer than having to take a bunker shot. In most cases, golfers would prefer to be anywhere else but inside the bunker. However, if you get the… Read More
2017-07-05 10:16
Hawaii is best known as a holiday destination where people go to busk is the sun all day. If you happen to find yourself in Hawaii, you might want to participate in a golfing event. We have… Read More
2017-07-04 10:08
What you wear to the golf course is very important. Shoes, in particular, affect your movement and steadiness when getting in position to swing. As such, you should rely only on the best qua… Read More
2017-06-30 09:38
If you are a resident of California or just a visitor, you may want to have some fun around golf related events. They are a great place to socialize and meet with people with refined tastes… Read More
2017-06-29 09:15
To the uninitiated, golf can seem to be a very complicated sport. The rules can seem overwhelming, not to mention all the different types of clubs you have to use. Besides that, there is the… Read More
2017-06-27 06:33
Golf is a fantastic game that not so many people know how to play but would like to learn. As a matter of fact, this game is so technical. One can conclude this, not only from its sporting t… Read More
2017-06-26 11:21
When you think of golf, probably the first people that come to mind are the huge company executives and the huge spenders. That makes it right to associate golf with money, right? Golf is a… Read More
2017-06-22 06:57
Golf is a game of class, and every single decision you make while purchasing its gaming equipment may make or break your game. For instance, choosing the wrong golf ball may hinder you from… Read More
2017-06-21 13:22
If you are purchasing golf clubs this year, distance might be one of the main considerations. With so much difference in technologies from the manufacturers, it can hard to decide which golf… Read More
2017-06-20 06:49
The internet features thousands upon thousands of golf blogs. However, some blogs stand out from the rest for their interesting and informative content while others can be misleading. So, ho… Read More
2017-06-19 13:44
Topgolf has been a game changer for golf. It has added fun and technology to the sport, and it is proving to be a haven for amateurs and millennials. It will also prove enjoyable for you if… Read More
2017-06-16 12:59
Golf comes naturally for some people while others pick interest in the game on the side. However, all professional golfers have one thing in common: years of practice. Pro golfers have gaine… Read More
2017-06-13 09:33
Are you an avid golf fan or player? Are you always looking to keep up with developments in the golfing world? Or perhaps you just want to learn more about the sport from other ardent fans an… Read More
2017-06-12 10:00
Topgolf is perhaps the greatest development in golf’s recent history. It has been credited with reviving golf and expanding its popularity beyond the traditional audience, Here is an o… Read More

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