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Jomblang Cave gunung kidul is a real example of how travel Jogja able to be a tremendous attraction for tourists who love adventure in nature. Here we are not talking about Yogyakarta Malioboro identical with or palace, but Yogyakarta from another angle in the form of nature is no less challenging.
Goa Jomblang Gunungkidul
Cave has a natural charm Jomblang gunung kidul interesting, especially for those who like adventure or challenge. Cave Tourism Jomblang can deliver travel experiences that stimulate your hard adrenalin.

Cave toughness Jomblang as adrenaline test area has also been recognized internationally. This is evidenced by convening the event "Amazing Race America" ​​in 2011 ago where Jomblang Cave in Jogjakarta used for one of the routes in the event.

Jomblang cave gunung kidul including the type of vertical cave with the type of "Collapse Doline" are formed from ground subsidence events to the bottom of the earth and its vegetation on thousands of years ago. The ruins of natural events eventually forming a "sinkhole" or pitting gaping, which is more popular in the Java language called Luweng. Because it has a wide mouth of the cave and quite large (approximately 50 meters), then the mouth Jomblang cave often called Luweng Jomblang.
Down technique Jomblang cave
Teknik menuruni Goa Jomblang
Down technique Jomblang cave

In addition to requiring a high courage, to discover Jomblang cave gunung kidul also required the mastery of technique Single Rope Technique (SRT) or single rope. Anyone who hold caving activities in Jomblang cave is mandatory to wear special equipment that meets safety standards before caving down this vertical cave. In addition to SRT technique, you also must be accompanied by an expert or experienced searchers cave.

Gunung Jomblang Cave has a height range from 40 meters to 80 meters from the lip to the bottom of the cave. If this is your first adventure in a vertical cave are recommended to try the shortest first.

The shortest trajectory referred to as VIP trajectory, in which the first 15 meters of the VIP terrace slope form can still be traversed by foot. But after that, the next track to be traversed using a rope which you have to descend a rope along more than 20 meters to reach the bottom of the cave. After setting foot on the bottom of the cave, anxiety over down the rope can definitely be lost instantly.
Tracing Jomblang cave gunung kidul
Menelusuri Goa Jomblang Gunungkidul
Tracing Jomblang cave gunung kidul

To be able to enjoy the experience of caving in Jomblang cave this, you can take the package cave tubing supplied by connoisseurs caving groups that were there. In general, it costs about Rp 450 thousand during the adventure. This fee includes shuttle from Wonosari - Semanu (Cave location Jomblang), soft drinks, lunch and equipment rental costs of the cave entrance.

If you come in a group, preferably the amount of no more than 25 people. The manager of the cave limit the number of participants a maximum of only 25 people just for once entered. Besides Jomblang cave, in Jogja there is also another cave tourist destinations that are not less interesting, namely Cave Pindul.

Address Jomblang cave: Padukuhan Jetis Wetan, Pacarejo village, district. Semanu, Kab. Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta
Location map: click here
GPS Coordinates: -8.028667,110.638361

Once down steep Jomblang Cave, you will be treated to incredible views. If at the top of Gunung Jomblang Cave you can only watch the expanse of hills Karst and teak trees wither, then the reverse current at the base of Jomblang cave you will witness the vast expanse of green forests and fertile.
A view of the top of Jomblang cave
Pemandangan bagian atas Goa Jomblang
A view of the top of Jomblang cave

Starting from the shrub, fern, various types of moss, the meeting stood up to big trees as if the feel of paradise is really much contrary to life above ground. This green forest is better known as an ancient forest. Since the collapse of the ground to the bottom of the earth, the forest vegetation continues to grow prolifically until now.

Gunung Jomblang adventure in Cave is not just simply stop at the bottom of the cave alone. Proceed to Luweng Grubung by first entering the mouth of the cave (entrance) is large.
Cave entrance Jomblang
Pintu masuk Goa Jomblang
Cave entrance Jomblang

Between Jomblang and Grubung connected through a hallway with a length of about 300 meters. Along this corridor, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful ornaments such as stalagmites, stalactites, rock crystal and dazzling. Not long ago, you will see a bright beam of light in the midst of the roar of the river flow. This is what the audience of cave tubing known as the "Light of Heaven" in Jomblang cave Jogja.
Light of Heaven in Jomblang cave gunung kidul
Cahaya Surga di Goa Jomblang Gunungkidul
Light of Heaven in Jomblang cave gunung kidul

This stunning scenery really fascinating, watching the water underground river flowing interspersed sunlight entering through Luweng Grubung from a height of 90 meters produces a light pole that is truly magnificent. Moreover, when the light is shining on the dark beauty of flowstone and bottom of the cave, it is very impressive.

In general, travelers will take the place of stay in Wonosari. Gunung Wonosari is the capital district in Yogyakarta province. Although there are a number of hotels, but the preferred choice is a popular guest house in Gunung so that the distance to the location of the cave more closely, for example Orlinds Joglo House, Orlinds Basule Guest House, The New Orlinds Guest House, and Orlinds Rambutan Guesthouse.

You can search for hotel or inn near Jomblang cave online to ensure room availability. One of the popular online booking is AGODA.

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Travel to Cave route Jomblang

To be able to arrive in Jomblang cave gunung kidul, travel route that must be taken is not so difficult. From the center of the city of Yogyakarta, a trip to a location just a distance of approximately 50 kilometers to take approximately 1 hour. Cave travel Jomblang usually presented in the form of a package tour, so you will be picked up and of course facilitated according to the standard equipment to be able to browse the "Light of Heaven" in the Jomblang Cave

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