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5 Things You Need To Know About The “Goddess Brahmacharini”

 “Dadhanakara padmabhyam akshamala kamandalam, Devi Prasidathu mayi Brahmacharinya nuhththama”

“Goddess Brahmchaarini wears white color clothes, she holds rudraksha mala, lotus flower, kamandalu, in her hands. Goddess  Brahmchaarini is the ” tapaswani ” roop of the goddess... who gives freedom from Kaama and krodh.”

Maa Brahmacharini is the second form of Goddess Durga and people worship her on the second day of Navratri. She is the unmarried form of Goddess Parvati who was born at the home of Daksha Prajapati. Goddess Brahmacharini is extremely radiant and majestic. Her appearance is quiet and absorbed in meditation. Brahmacharini address ‘Brahma’ (penance) and “Charini” (female follower/ devotee) as a result, she is the symbol of Goddess who performs Tapa or hard penance. So, she is also known as Devi Tapaswani and Devi Yogi. It is also believed  that goddess Durga resides on earth during nine days of Navratri as a result second day of Navratri is an auspicious time for penance and austerity. The person who do fast and chant mantras with full devotion during the second day, Devi blesses him with success, wisdom and knowledge.

1. Story Behind Maa Brahmacharini

  • When she took birth as the daughter of Himalaya, Mata Parvati realizes about her divine love toward Mahadev.
  • Rishi Narad advises her  to follow customs and rituals of rigid Tapasya of long eras in order to obtain Lord Shiva as her divine consort. Due to her unearthly and difficult penance she was glorified with the name ‘Brahmacharini’ .
  • For thousands of years, she spent only on fruits and beet-roots.
  • During her unearthly penance and  complete fast she suffered tormenting of nature like torrential rains and scorching sun and biting cold, under the open sky.
  • It is also believed that she continued  till thousands of years and ate only bilva leaves to survive due to which her body became extremely lean and thin. The whole universe was shaken.
  • Ultimately Lord Brahma addressed her and blessed her that she will decidedly get Lord Shiva as her divine consort.

2. Iconography of Maa Brahmacharini

  • Maa Brahmacharini is depicted as walking on the bare feet and having two hands.
  • The goddess Brahmacharini wears a white saree with light orange shaded border and rudraksha as an ornament, holding Kamandal in one hand and also Rosary in the other.
  • The appearance of goddess Brahmacharini is quiet and absorbed in meditation and she also signifies love and loyalty, wisdom and knowledge.
  • She is a unique blend of radiance who can be seen performing rigorous austerity and meditation. The effect of rigorous austerity can be seen on her face which highlights all the three worlds.
  • So Bright Solar radiations behind her head glorify her luster.

3. Significance of worshiping Maa Brahmacharini

  • People worship her on the second day of the Navratri to acquire the ability for abstaining food and water while performing the penance during Navratri.
  • It is a myth that with her blessing, one can fast for nine consecutive days during Navratri without affecting the health and one can gain the virtues for facing the challenges of mortal life with sheer determination.
  • Brahmacharini Durga is capable of providing unending benefits. By worshiping her the person inculcates penancing, renouncing, dispassion, ethical conduct and restraint in himself.
  • So by the grace of mother Brahmacharini he gets success and victory always and everywhere.
  • This way the mind of the striver moving upward, establishes in Swadhisthana Chakra. The Yogi, who makes his mind stay in this Chakra gets the devotion and blessings of the Goddess.

4.  Process to worship Maa Brahmacharini

  • Sit in the lotus position and also recite the mantra  “om durgaaye namaha” for at least 11 times.
  • Offer a pair of cloves and honey in betel leaves to Goddess Brahmacharini and also donate milk in  a glass.
  • Give some food including rice to poor pre-pubescent girls who are below the age of 8 years.
  • Wear white or yellow clothing for the prayer to Maa and meditate to Maa. You will get knowledge, respect, and a peace of mind. Concentrate on the swadhisthaan chakra. It will help you get rid of negativity through the vibrations coming through this meditation.
  • Use various dishes made of sugar as Prasad because on this day peoples offer the sugar to the goddess Brahmacharini.
  • Use garlands made of hibiscus and lotus flowers  as they are also considered ideal to worship goddess Brahmacharini.

5. Bhog Offered and  Mantra to impress Brahmacharini Mata

Offer Sugar and fruits  as Bhog to Goddess Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri. People believe that it  increases the longevity of the family members and also increases love between people.

Ya devi sarvabhutesu marn brahmacarina rupena sansthita |

Namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo nama: ||

Dadhana kara padmabhyama aksamala kamandalu |

Devi prasidatu mai brahmacarinyanuttama ||

6.  Main temple of Goddess Brahmacharini

  • “Brahmeshwar temple” – This temple is located at Ganga ghat in Varansi. People come here to worship Brahmacharini Devi  in this temple. Devotees also come in large numbers during the second day of Navratri.
  • “Maa Brahmeshwar Mandir”– This temple is located near Ganga river at Balaji Ghat in Saptsagar, Kashi. Devotees visit this temple in large number also offering coconut, chunri and Garland made of flowers.

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5 Things You Need To Know About The “Goddess Brahmacharini”


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