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Nauru island has been destroyed

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Nauru island has been destroyed – do you know Nauru? one of the smallest island in the world. And once the richest and wealthiest countries in the world. maybe you are wondering where the country is located, is close to the country australia.

nauru island

Nauru lay on the land area of ​​8000 hectares in the western Pacific ocean. The extent of only about one tenth of the oil palm plantation Astra, Eka Cipta Wijaya, Prabowo, Cargill, DL Sitorus, and tycoons Crude Palm Oil (CPO) in Sumatra there. Only about a quarter of its 50 spacious logged forests conglomerates concessionaires in Borneo there. Precisely, the area of ​​the Republic of Nauru is almost equivalent to the Lake Toba.

21km square berarea country for 30 years been listed as one of the richest countries in the world. Income per capita in 1981 reached 17,000 dollars, compared with Indonesia, which is only 530 dollars per capita in the same year. With such a high income and a population of only 13 thousand inhabitants (still more spectators Indonesian league opponents Saudi Arabia the other day, which reached 90,000) Nauru transformed into a very rich country. They build tall buildings. Buy cars and luxury commercial aircraft. There are no poor people in there, let alone bum. State subsidizes the lives of all citizens. More than 80% of the workforce was appointed as civil servants. These employees are not tied to office hours. They may come and go as they pleased. The unemployed also subsidized by the state. In short, was so rich Nauru, without any of the working population can live in luxury. People are not taxed. Education and free health care, subsidized food, who want to study abroad were given scholarships. Even so spoiled, so reluctant to Nauru population of mobile workers. His government was forced to import labor from Australia, China, Kiribati and Tuvalu.

What makes Nauru be all that rich? not because of bird droppings. More than 70% of the land consists of sediment Nauru Guano bird droppings that had accumulated over hundreds and even thousands of years ago. This is because once Nauru is a place for large colonies of birds Guano. This bird droppings into phosphate, which serves as fertilizer for crops.
Phosphate was found in 1899 and began to be explored in 1907. At that Nauru is still a part of the country Australia. Once granted independence on January 31, 1968, phosphate mining areas controlled by men. Estimated that the number of high-quality phosphate across Nauru 41 million tons. This huge amount. Compare with Indonesia, which consists of thousands of islands, the total number of phospatnya estimated at only 2.5 million tonnes. Because it is only natural that the country would fall into the list of the world’s smallest country touted as the country’s phosphate, and targeted by many countries.

After the massive phosphate exploration for decades, Nauru is now reaping the consequences. According to Greenpeace’s investigation, 90% of Nauru was severely damaged and need to be rehabilitated. That means that only about 2 square km area Nauru only habitable. Greenpeace also found spreading poison of its mining activities in three places. Toxic substances that the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), asbestos, Polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC) and metal.
Tremendous damage this requires a very long rehabilitation period and cost prohibitive. Nauru should import fertilizer, humus, and other essential nutrients to rebuild the ecosystem. It costs about 200 million dollars, and the process took 30 years. The most crucial thing to do is reclaiming back the area of ​​agriculture, clean water sources, livestock and plantasi trees. If this step is not performed, then the entire population of Nauru have to migrate to other areas. When kept in Nauru they will suffer from various diseases due to mining, hunger and lack of water. Migration area selection is empty islands in the Pacific Islands region.
Nauru government intends reclaiming back its territory. For the year 1989, they filed a lawsuit against Australia in the International Court. Nauru demanded Australia to pay compensation for the environmental damage done mining company. The company itself is actually a consortium of three countries, namely Australia, England and New Zealand. Australia circumvent these demands and accused Nauru as a party that should be responsible. Because the country gained independence from Australia in 1968. And since then, phosphate mining Nauru managed native son, no longer by the consortium companies.
In 1992, the International Court of Justice in favor of Nauru. According to them Australia and two other countries (the United Kingdom and New Zealand) must take responsibility for environmental damage Nauru, as they participate explore this mine before.
In 1993 the three countries were required to pay compensation. Australia have to pay compensation of 107 million Australian dollars, while the United Kingdom and New Zealand, respectively 12 million dollars. nauru

So how? Are you curious about this country? if you want to visit to see it? it’s up to you. I hope what happened to Nauru could be a lesson to us all that exploit something excessively without any action about the future it will be bad. so do not get used to always live with a tasty and versatile plush yes, learn to appreciate life and learn to start thinking about the future.

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Nauru island has been destroyed


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