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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Hello! Can you hear me now? Sorry. Hello. It’s me, I was wondering if after all these years ————-

I haven’t been on here writing from the Heart for so very long. Life happens like that. You get busy, your a Mum, you always put everyone’s needs before your own, and you fall into the bed exhausted at the end of the day. And before you know it life has gone by and its been over a year since I wrote from the heart.  And your dreams feel like they are slipping away.

Sure I share our travel pictures and adventures. Which I love to do – we will always be seeking a new adventure, a new place to visit. And I escape as much as possible with as many trips as possible.

Sure I blog when I can but its not the same feeling. Its not the same as sharing from the heart.

I kinda gave up sharing from the heart because its really hard thing to do – it takes a bit of soul searching to write from the heart and its almost like you lose a bit of yourself because you become very vulnerable to the world when you open up. But at the same time I love sharing from the heart because I can write and write and lay my inner feelings out and then again its a bit of a shock when someone I know has read the words and let me know they have read it.

Does that makes sense! Yeah I write here but I don’t really think anyone is reading it and then a Family or friend will say something and I am like “Oh shit, did you read what I wrote about”

I guess when I write from soul searching I kinda think its getting it off my chest but no one is that really interested so it wont be read!


Lately we have been lost. Both David and I have been drifting through this thing could surviving what life throws our way – its not the easy shit that has been coming our way to deal with either. Its been the oh gee how do we cope with that stuff coming and it keeps on coming.

But somehow we have coped and we are still here. With family.

You see we moved up to Bundaberg to help out where we could for his parents. And I tried to keep on studying with the Diploma of Remedial Massage, and still trying to keep up with homeschooling and running two kitchens, keeping the motorhome clean as well as helping out in the house when I can. And following my heart where it screams at me each day to forget this shit and just pack up and go.

Then surgeries happen – David’s mum had her knee replaced. And then as she was getting over that she took a fall late one night. Next thing we know she is back in Hospital but in so much pain that something must be broken. And yeah she fractured her hip and her right shoulder. And yeah its important to be able to speak for those that can’t speak – stand up for your loved ones and ask the Doctors for things that need to be done to help out – its your rights.

So now its operation helping out as much as possible mode. And then shit gets really thrown our way.

But you know what “Life is like a Box of Chocolates, You never know what you’re gonna get”

We have been watching and standing there wishing we could take the pain away for one of our sons. Things have happening and we have been left standing and watching. Some things haven’t made us so proud of him, and other things have blown us away.

You see he has been dealing with his own life own mistakes own shit and we are super proud of the way he is dealing with his own life. And then he takes the call from me telling him what happened to his beloved Grandma. And it hit him the hardest of them all.

So he does what he needs to do – he grabs his family {his brothers} and drives straight through from Sydney to Bundaberg for over 14 hours in ONE DAY to be here for his family, for his Grandma and to surprise his Dad for Fathers Day. He gets it. He gets what is really important in life. He made us super proud of him. He is going to be okay, he is growing and maturing before our eyes and that makes both David and I happy.

Then he has to get back into that very car and drive all the way back again IN ONE DAY. Crazy kids we have hey! But again he did it with love because his brothers had to be back at work. And thank goodness for Guardian Angels cause they all made it home safe n sound.

Now I am trying to work out how to finish my Remedial Course – I have been given extra online studies as well as another five weekend’s in Brisbane. Gee did I cry over that one….I SO DO not want to go back to Brisbane for another five weekends. I want to start up this motorhome, fill it up with petrol and see how far it will drive on one full tank. But luckily I don’t have my licence to drive this big stupid beast. Luckily I realise that my dreams are on hold to help with family.

Life Is Sometimes Sweet Other Times Shitty

Yeah life is like a box of chocolates alright – but can I please have some sweet ones instead of this hard to deal with shit ones that keep coming our way? Please?

If there is one thing that has come out of all the last 12 months is that our younger boys get to see how important family is. They get to spend time with their Grandparents and for that I am so very grateful. They are able to be raised in a tribe instead of just us parents.

And we do have something special happening very soon – its been on our bucket list for over 10 years – and we are going to enjoy every single moment of that week. November can not come soon enough – which I don’t like to do, wishing time to fly but I am really really really REALLY needing the time in November. Its the only thing keeping me together. The only thing that keeps me waking up each morning and keeping me from losing my head my shit my cool. And damn I am going to really live it up – I am not going to be sleeping much for that week because I wan’t to make sure I experience everything that is on offer.

I think I will either be pinching myself to make sure its real, taking lots of pics, and partying hard! I so will be letting my hair down that is for sure. And if family don’t like to see me enjoying myself tough titties!!

I so need the sweetness in life at the moment to help with the tough times. Other wise you might see an news flash for an Mum who is driving a Bedford down the highway – in the wrong lane, in the wrong gear, but with a smile mile wide on her face! Maybe I should think about getting my licence hey!

Or maybe I might hitch hike out of here? But then again I am not a quitter {thanks for the timely reminder gorgeous friend, you know who you are} so I guess I have to deal with the shitty studies, and the ugly chocolates until the sweet chocolates turn up again.

All I can say is yeah “Life is Like A Box of Chocolates, You’ll never know what you gonna get”

How Is Your Box of Chocolates?



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Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates


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