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The new place - Part 1

Hey! Remember me? I'm the newly-Moved, jobless, Montrealer. That's right. I'm officially considering myself a Montrealer. I think after the last couple of weeks, it's legit! And while the jobless part pretty much sucks [email protected], it happens. Especially in Montreal. But I have a feeling that I'll figure things out.

This Photo was taken on Wednesday because I had a Skype meeting with a recruiting firm. It's pretty much the only way that I find a job in my field, so I spent an extra five minutes and put on some makeup. I barely recognized myself!! The meeting went good, but right now it's all hypotheticals - nothing concrete -  and I'm the new meat on the market (job wise) so I can expect a lot of action in the beginning from all of the head hunters. But it's better than no action!! And it's good for my self esteem.

But this post isn't to talk about my employment's to show you my new apartment!

It seems like months ago that I took the tour of my empty apartment and left extremely discouraged and overwhelmed. So overwhelmed.
 Blue, grey, green, and RED. Paint all over the floors - in fact paint all over everything!
 Maggie kinda liked it right from the beginning. It's build in the early 1900s and is on the 3rd (technically 2nd) floor. With very, very curvy and steep staircases. I've been impressed that La Maggie has been able to climb them as they seem almost bigger than her!

Looks freaking awesome, hey? I left in tears....I couldn't figure out how I would ever make this disaster my home.

 Before I moved in, my landlords had their contractor come in and redo the patching... but it wasn't great. The laws here are pretty lax, but they said they would pay for white paint or I could use the leftovers that the ex-renters left. I thought white would look a little blahhhh....and this was a "character apartment" after all, so I decided to keep the odd color scheme.

I also came in and scrubbed, scrubbed, and scrubbed!!! Dollarama Spic n' Span  + major elbow grease to the rescue!!!
And then, the movers came. I had my stuff in storage for years and years. I didn't even know what I had. I REALLY didn't know I had such HUGE furniture!!

This isn't a loveseat, it's a's that big. Plus the wooden chair on the right side which I could never, ever part with it. Of all things, my grandpa found it as it was being thrown away.
 And the couch took up the entire living room...never mind the giant coffee table!
 The movers ($150 an hour) had a hard time getting the couch in.
And since they charged $150/hr, you better believe I worked my ass off!!! I climbed those stairs and worked A LOT. I was COVERED in sweat!

Then the appliances came. It kind of hid the disgusting green color. (It's very common to have washer/dryer in the kitchen here. Either that or the bathroom. Not my favorite thing in the world..)
Even the appliances overwhelmed me. They seemed so big...and I'll be paying them off for the next 36, no, 33 months.

La Maggie was a trooper. Whererver I went, she went. But, the A/C in my car is broken, and some days were +35*C, so I put these bags full of ice cubes on her back and tucked it into her collar so that she would stay cool. Seems silly, but the last time I let her overheat she got really sick!! She honestly didn't mind.
Then, the ladies came. Oh, dear God. What did I ever do to deserve such wonderful movers. They had a plan, or they made up a plan, and by day two we had moved out of the old house, Scrubbed it perfectly clean, and moved everything up the 2 sets of stairs into the new place. It was hot, we were already tired, so we all had a beer. I think I drank 1/2 of mine or I would have been tipsy!!
Too bad the photo didn't turn out, but I wanted proof that I was drinking WELL before noon!

I went back to the old place for the last load and sat on the terrace for a couple of minutes. At this point my new place looked like a war zone...and I was sad to leave my...old place. My escape. My cozy little one bedroom that held a lot of memories (and even more tears). I had never really been attached to a place before this one....but I had a hard time leaving it and not breaking down.

I told you, Maggie goes everywhere with me. She's great at hiding in reusable grocery bags or hangs out in the basket. Here we were at Dollarama stocking up on cleaning supplies and random supplies.

We started to unpack boxes....and I found a jewelry box with my first ring. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I want to wear it somehow! There's a little "N" inscribed with my birthstone. So tiny!!

By the 2nd day, grams and auntie had set up my bed so that I'd have a comfy place to sleep! That pink blanket, by the way, was knitted by my grandma probably before I was born. I've grown up with it and I just couldn't let her get rid of it!
 On to my storage. It's a real live bunker.

 The photos don't show how big it is and how it's divide into three areas that lock (since there are three families that live in my building). Just as I was leaving, the wind came and blew the door better believe I ran out of there screaming!!!
I've been down there twice since...and I freak out each and every time.

Maggie helped to Paint too....
And things started to slowly come together!!! (The tag is still on my coffee things are well used, hey?)
 The red was quickly replaced with white and taupe. It looks awesome!!
 And my bedroom was all pretty.
After seven days or so, we went to Quebec City!! This was always on the agenda, kind of like the actual "vacation" part of my grandma and aunt's vacation! It rained the entire time, so the ladies bought the required blue ponchos. I have maybe two photos my family and I. I'm so disappointed!
 We took a Tour Bus, but they didn't feel like freezing their asses off and getting wet. This reminded me of the time that two friends and I did the open tour bus in Paris in the middle of November. We froze a lot more I think!
I'll save the Quebec trip for a separate post (and I'll try to find some photos!!!).

It was only two nights and then we were back to the new place. My job was to put together a bookcase. Except...I put in most of the shelves upside down (with their supports upside down as well) so the bookshelf ....well, is going to be upside down. I tried taking it apart...but it's going to fall apart if I do we'll just pretend it looks nice.
 And I put together my makeshift linen closet (the brown-black thing) and rehung my Madagascar print. This thing is like five feet long and the most hideous thing that I can possibly imagine. But I paid like a stupid amount of money to frame it, so I've kept it. And maybe...just maybe, I'll keep it here. (Otherwise it's going in the spare bedroom).
And yesterday makes the first official workout in my apartment!! It was all kinds of amazing. I haven't worked out in over two weeks...but that's because I've been doing a good five hours of manual labour almost every day!!
I don't know how I would have gone through this move if my grandma and aunt hadn't come. I was able to share tears, many MANY laughs, and they were the seriously the best moving team I could ever imagine, and they deserve their own reality tv show. I'm not kidding.

I'm slowly finishing the little things. Putting together the dining room table, finding a bathroom shelf that isn't the biggest piece of crap, drilling holes for hooks around the house, and returning stuff. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind...and I'll show you the final product very soon!!

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The new place - Part 1


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