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23 Best & Fun Things to Do in Lexington (VA)

Looking for the best and fun things to do in Lexington, VA?

Lexington is a county city located in the state of Virginia. This city represents Rockbridge County and is popularly known for its rich history.

It has gained relevance thanks to the heritage and historical point of view.

Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University are located in this beautiful city.

Another exciting thing about this city is the favorable climate. It remains humid and subtropical throughout the year, with cold winters and hot summers.

Many famous monuments honor those who served the country and fellow citizens in this modern city. Les see the best things to do in Lexington, VA

Things to Do in Lexington, VA

1. Visit Lee Chapel and Museum

Credits: Craig Fildes / Flickr
Lee Chapel and Museum

In the context of Washington and Lee University, Lee Chapel is the burial site that was the burial place of general Robert E. Lee.

Due to this, it is designated a National Historic Landmark and an excellent place to visit for tourists.

The chapel previously was named Grace Episcopal Church and was the church Lee and his family attended in his time as the President in Washington College (now Washington and Lee University).

Lee’s family and his favorite pet horse, Traveller, are also resting here on the church grounds.

The church’s basement is home to a museum that takes a look at the past of the school and also is also home to Lee’s office that was preserved.

Address: 11-17 Letcher Avenue, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

2. Cabell Gallery of Virginia Art

Credits: Cabell Gallery of Virginia Art / Facebook
Cabell Gallery of Virginia Art

If you are a lover of art, Cabell Gallery of Virginia Art should definitely be on your list of things to do in Lexington.

It is a contemporary art gallery that showcases lovely pieces of artwork from Virginia from popular artists and local artists.

There are a variety of different types of art pieces on display here portrayed using different kinds of paints such as oil and watercolors.

You will also see other artistic objects and showpieces like clay works painted using pastels and acrylics.

The Museum opens every day of the week except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Address:5 W Washington St, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

3. Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company

Credits: id-art / Shutterstock

If you are looking to enjoy some of the fresh brews the city has to offer, add a visit to the Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company to your list of things to do in Lexington, VA.

The slogan of Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company is “slow by nature.” This is due to the fact that they take their time making the lagers and beers in their brewery.

The brewery is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it was established in 2000 by Steve and Heidi Crandall after a trip to the Alps.

Utilizing German techniques for brewing, Devil’s Backbone beers have earned World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival prestigious distinction.

Alongside the eight basic lagers, seasonal and unique creations are available. For Oktoberfest, the public can purchase O’Fest Lager.

Special brews, such as Bright (the sparkling ale made with tangerine) along with Hibiscus’ Hard Lemonade are also available.

Address: 50 Northwind Lane, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

4. Stonewall Jackson House

Credits: Carolyn M Carpenter / Shutterstock
Stonewall Jackson House

One of the best things to do in Lexington, VA, for some history time is visiting the Stonewall Jackson House, and it is worth adding to your checklist.

The house is the only home that Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson ever owned. It was in the year 1979 that the museum reconstructed the house to its former splendor, which included furniture from the period that matched the time.

The museum’s tours revolve around Jackson’s life prior to his time during the Civil War, including his household life and his stint as a professor at Virginia Military Institute.

The garden next to the house has flowers, herbs, and fruits the wife of Jackson, Mary Anna, would have planted.

The gift shop and the garden are free, but a small cost is attached to the ticket for general admission to see the home.

Address: 8 E Washington St, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

5. Tour Historic Lexington

Credits: Craig Fildes / Flickr
Tour of Historic Lexington

Lexington is home to the final resting place of both Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, going further to prove its existence as a hub for civil war history.

There are cemeteries, historic college campuses, plantations, and museums which establishes its stance as a walk in time through history.

You can enjoy amazing scenes and areas by touring the city. The Lexington Carriage Company offers rest for the tired feet through a horse-drawn carriage tour. So, you could explore these popular sites.

According to the company, it is an “intriguing way to explore the 19th-century town, slowed to the pace and rhythm of hoof-beats”.

Address: 106 E. Washington St. Lexington, VA 24450

6. Cyrus McCormick Farm and Workshop

Credits: Morgan Riley [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Cyrus McCormick Farm and Workshop
An additional National Historic Landmark in Lexington, the Cyrus McCormick Farm, used to be the place of residence and work of the inventor Cyrus McCormick.

McCormick, which was credited with the invention of the mechanical reaper, had about 532 acres of land space.

The museum today is comprised of eight still standing buildings that sit on five acres of land.

In 1954, the house was given to Polytechnical Institute as an agricultural landmark by McCormick’s family.

Visitors can tour the farm for free and get information concerning the history of the farm and McCormick’s life.

Some of the features of the farm include a blacksmith shop, grist mill, a smokehouse housekeepers’ quarters, slave quarters schoolrooms, a carriage house and, the main manor.

Visiting this attraction is one of the best things to do near Lexington, VA, if you are interested in agriculture.

Address: 128 Cyrus McCormick Circle, Raphine, VA 24472, United States

7. George C. Marshall Museum and Library

Credits: Ekem [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
George C. Marshall Museum and Library
The famous person from the military general George C. Marshall, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary Marshall Plan, lived in this area.

It is believed that Marshall’s plan was a big factor that helped to stabilize the economic situation of Europe following the bloody World War Two.

The wonderful museum celebrates Marshall’s spirit and displays various aspects of Marshall’s life as well as objects that are related to Marshall.

The museum also has an educational library that students can visit and discover the story of that time.

There are areas of the museum that house rotating exhibits that focus on current issues in the military, as well as five exhibit areas that have permanent exhibits.

The museum gives a look into the remarkable life of Marshall, from being a VMI candidate to an outstanding general.

The most notable attractions of the museum are Marshall’s Nobel Peace Prize and a classic 1943 Jeep Willy.

Address: 340 VMI Parade, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

8. Explore The Historic Grounds Of VMI And W&L

Credits: Bobak Ha’Eri [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Upon return from your horse-drawn carriage tour with the Lexington Carriage company, there is another package for you to enjoy.

Explore the historic grounds of W&L (Washington and Lee) and VMI (the Virginia Military Institute). W&L was established in 1749 and is the 9th oldest college campus in the nation, while VMI, which is the first state-supported military college in the country, was established in 1839.

Both are located adjacent to one another, and visitors are welcome to take a walk through the meticulously and beautifully constructed campuses.

You would explore historic buildings, museums, and chapels amongst the

Address: 319 Letcher Ave. Lexington, VA 24450 (Virginia Military Institute) and 204 W. Washington St.

Lexington, VA 24450 (Washington and Lee

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9. Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Gardens

Credits: Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden / Facebook
Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden

If you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors, a stroll around the Boxerwood Nature Center and Woodland Gardens arboretum can be a great starting point.

With over 15 acres of land, visitors can observe local and exotic trees and shrubs.

However, the garden is much more than just showcasing the plants. The folks at Boxerwood have begun projects to improve the soil, control clean water, provide habitats for animals, and help with pollination.

The entire program aims to decrease the carbon footprint of our lives and restore what’s already damaged.

Kids are encouraged to play dirty on the play trails, and adults can join in an event or symposium.

Address: 963 Ross Road, Lexington, VA, United States

10. Kids Playce

Credits: Kids PlaYce/ Facebook
Kids Playce

Are you in the city with kids? If yes, add a visit to Kids Playce to your list of things to do in Lexington, VA.

The beautiful park was created in just five days by an amazing group of volunteers from Lexington.

The park is a favorite for toddlers since it features the standard slides and rides that can be found in the playground for children and is a wonderful spot to visit.

There are a few slides, including those for climbing, zip line, hand-over-hand, and shaky steps.

American Ninja obstacles are also popular with youngsters. Adults can sit on benches while children play around. They can also enjoy an enjoyable time with their families with a picnic.

Address: 102 Wallace St, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

11. See a classic movie at Hull’s Drive-In

Credits: Kipp Teague/ Flickr
Hull’s Drive-In

Hull’s Drive-In is an adventure you would not want to miss. Established in 1950, Hull is the pioneer community-owned non-profit drive-in theater in America and exists as a Lexington staple.

Since it was opened, volunteers from the local community have been donated their money and time to preserve and operate the landmark.

Locals come to the theatre to catch one or both of the featured movies at night while enjoying greasy yet delectable concessions like mozzarella sticks, hamburgers, and popcorn.

Whether you watch the movie on a lawn chair, on a picnic blanket, or inside a car is totally up to you. Whatever be your choice, it would be nice you came on time to pick out a good spot.

Address: 2367 N. Lee Highway, Lexington, VA 24450

12. Lime Kiln Theater

Credits: Lime Kiln Theater / Facebook
Lime Kiln Theater

If you are looking for things to do in Lexington, VA, for entertainment, add a visit to the Lime Kiln Theater to your checklist.

The Lime Kiln Theater is a spectacular tourist attraction that offers several performances and concerts during the summer season.

The Theater hosts a variety of shows for visitors, some of which include Sleeping Beauty and Shakespearean drama.

Popular and local bands perform in a cozy setting to provide viewers with an experience that is not available elsewhere in Virginia.

While a season pass cannot be purchased ahead of time, tickets to individual shows can be purchased prior to the show or at the door. Making a plan ahead will ensure that the show isn’t sold out.

Lime Kiln Theater is a non-profit organization. Therefore, all the proceeds and donations are used to fund the care and improvement of this amazing outdoor Theater.

Address: 607 Borden Road, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

13.Muchacho Alegre Mexican

Credits: Muchacho Alegre LEX / Facebook
Muchacho Alegre Mexican

Northern states, such as Virginia, don’t often provide the most Mexican food. This is the reason why Muchacho Alegre Mexican is a unique treat in Lexington.

The restaurant is open all week long, and patrons are able to enjoy authentic cuisine that will bring Mexican tradition to America.

Muchacho Alegre offers weekly specials to encourage customers to try new meals every day.

Enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, Taquitos, taquitos as well as other popular menu items are freshly prepared using the meat you choose.

Diners who just want some quick food might want to think about some Mexican soups or Mexican desserts like Tres leches and xangos.

The guests can finish off their dinner with the option of a Mexican cocktail or soda at the bar.

Address: 2813 N Lee Highway, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

14. Visit the Natural Bridge

Credits: old perfesser [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Natural Bridge
Standing at 215 feet (66m) in height and 90 feet (27m) in width, the Natural Bridge is a wonder to see and adds to our teeming list of top things to do in Lexington.

Interestingly, it is often included on the list of Seven Natural Wonders of the Modern World, going on to highlight its significance.

This bridge used to be the sacred site of the Native American Monacan tribes, which was later rediscovered in the mid-1700s by frontiersmen.

There is a saying that George Washington arrived at the site as a young surveyor years before he would emerge as the first president of America.

So impressed by this site, Washington had his initials “G.W.” carved into the wall of the bridge.

Aside from this natural limestone archway, there are several walking trails in the state park that slide through diverse flora and fauna.

You will also see the 30 foot tall (9.1m) Lace Falls and Monacan Native American housing recreation.

Address: 15 Appledore Lane, Natural Bridge, VA 24578

15. Washington and Lee University

Credits: Bram Reusen / Shutterstock
Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University has changed its name several times over the years.

Since its beginning at the age of 1749, initially known as Augusta Academy, its name has changed four times before then choosing the name that honors two prominent men who shaped the institution: George Washington and Robert E. Lee.

In 1972, a portion of the school was declared Historic Landmarks – only the third school in the United States to be awarded this honor.

Visitors can now visit the college as well as several of the famous historic landmarks, including Lee Chapel and Lee’s residence that was constructed according to his design.

More than 325 acres of the land holds the residences and buildings of the university.

Address: 204 West Washington Street, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

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16. Oak Grove Cemetery

Credits: Jan Kronsell [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons
Oak Grove Cemetery
The burial site of the legendary Stonewall Jackson, this cemetery was previously known as The Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery.

It is situated close to the VMI museum, which is mentioned above. The grounds are the burial site for many famous individuals, including governors as well as relatives of Jackson.

Remember the great general by visiting this beautiful cemetery. There are many trees that have been planted, and the beautiful green lawn is great for relaxing and unwinding for a few minutes.

Address: 316 S Main St, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

17. The Dinosaur Kingdom

Credits: Skvader [CC BY-SA 4.0], Wikimedia Commons
The Dinosaur Kingdom
One of the best things to do in Lexington is visiting The Dinosaur Kingdom. It’s pretty exciting and is loved by everyone, especially the younger folks.

Dinosaur Kingdom II is a wacky yet entertaining roadside attraction and comes from the same creator as Foam Hedge.

This “theme park” combines prehistoric creatures with civil war history where you might see Stonewall Jackson battling a spinosaurus or Abe Lincoln lassoing a Pteranodon.

Admittedly, Dinosaur Kingdom is cheesy but remains an entertaining adventure to remember.

Looking for what to do in Lexington, VA with kids, add the Dinosaur Kingdom to your list of Lexington attractions to explore.

Address: 5781 S. Lee Highway Natural Bridge, Virginia

18. Virginia Military Institute

Credits: Kipp Teague/ Flickr
Virginia Military Institute

If you are interested in the military, add a visit to Virginia Military Institute to your list of things to do in Lexington, VA.

Although it’s not so well-known as Annapolis, Virginia Military Institute was the first state-funded Military school to be established in the country.

Established in 1839, today’s students earn a liberal arts degree while preparing for serving in the military.

Numerous notable individuals have attended the school and including legendary general Stonewall Jackson, who taught at the school until the Civil War called him away, and WWII General George Patton.

In summer, tours are available and can be booked with current cadets as well as with a representative of the VMI Museum.

Visitors can browse through the collection of 15,000 artifacts and documents in the library.

Address: 319 Letcher Avenue, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

19. Chessie Nature Trail

Credits: Scott Murray / Facebook
Chessie Nature Trail

Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the Chessie Nature Trail, which is a 7-mile route connecting Lexington with Buena Vista, VA.

The trail was once a part of the C & O railway system. The old railbed as well as the Maury River guide visitors on the path that winds through forests, open fields, and farmland.

In the past, the bridge on the railroad was removed, meaning that trekkers must take one small deviation from the path to traverse the river.

There is a Virginia Military Institute that often uses the trail for training marches, and a 5K race is held on the trail each year.

While on the trail, you can spot hikers, bald eagles, and minks. In the Buena Vista Trailhead, visitors have access to great fishing areas, which include bass and trout.

Address: Lexington, VA 24450, United States

20. Take a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway

Credits: LeeAnne Adams/ Flickr
Blue Ridge Parkway

Extending from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia down to the Smokey Mountains in North Carolina, the Blue Ridge Parkway is another attraction.

It is a 269-mile stretch that attracts thousands of visitors every year. There is a set speed limit of 45 mph, and large trucks are restricted from driving on the parkway.

The essence of this is to ensure that visitors enjoy a slow drive along the ridge while taking in the lovely views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and its peripheral valleys.

The Blue Ridge Parkway has entrances both in Natural Bridge (Otter Creek) and Buena Vista (Humphrey’s Gap), hence two options of getting in an afternoon parkway drive.

If you desire a nighttime adventure, head up to the parkway drive at night for a fantastic view of the stars.

21. Visit Historic Stono (Jordan’s Point)

Credits: Kipp Teague / Flickr
Jordan’s Point

If you want to view spectacular architectural work while in the city, add a visit to Historic Stono to your list of things to do in Lexington, VA.

Stono or Jordan’s Point was constructed in 1818. It is an architectural marvel because of its cruciform structure.

It’s a two-story structure constructed from brick and is adorned with a Roman portico.

Anyone who is a fan of architecture would love to stop by this site to see the summer kitchen and the Ice House, and the gallery in the manor’s main building.

It has also been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1975.

The river that flows throughout The Point Park is very attractive and also has an arch-like structure that resembles a bridge that making it an excellent photography location.

This answers what to do in Lexington, VA for a fun time, do add to your list of Lexington attractions to visit.

22. Southern Inn

Credits: Southern Inn Restaurant / Facebook
Southern Inn

For a memorable dining experience, add a visit to Southern Inn to your list of things to do in Lexington, VA.

Southern Inn is an award-winning restaurant founded in 1932 that was almost burned down by a fire outbreak in 2010.

The new owners have modernized the restaurant to include modern amenities and preserve the character of the structure.

Customers can now visit for lunch, brunch, or dinner for delicious meals. While brunch is a time to find breakfast delights like French toast or eggs breakfast, dinner is where guests can find unique food items.

A few of the dishes include grilling salmon club, roasted lamb meatballs, duck breast and, a lentil, and the quinoa salad.

For those who love sweets, delicious desserts made with mango and coconut, mango coconut cake pudding, or Grand Marnier creme brulee are a great way to end your dinner.

Address: 37 S. Main Street, Lexington, VA 24450, United States

23. Get transported behind time at Natural Bridge Station

Credits: jpmueller99 [CC BY-SA 2.0], Wikimedia Commons
Natural Bridge Station
Following Lloyd Tolley Rd. toward the James River, the Natural Bridge Station is a property that takes you back in time.

First, you will pass an old-school gas pump and general store. Situated next door is an ice cream parlor, a pub, and an old hotel.

The entire strip of vintage buildings has classic cars from the ’50s. One thing that is very surprising about this building is that this property is not a commercial business.

If you are in luck, you will meet the property owner who explains how he purchased this property, and even now, this collection started as a hobby.

There is a general store here, set up as a replica of those that existed in the 1950s. The ice cream parlor and kitchen are fully stocked with appliances, furniture, and lighting of the time.

The level of historical accuracy is incredibly appealing. The property itself is not generally accessible by the public, but the road is. So, you can drive right up to the strip of vintage shops and capture a picture or two.

Address: Lloyd Tolley Rd. Natural Bridge Station, VA 24579

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Plan your trip to Lexington

The old city of Lexington represents everything a visitor would want to see.

Like we’ve seen, you are in for a great vacation experience by vising this city. The historical monuments, fascinating museums, lovely parks, nature trails, and more promises you a thrilling time.

It is therefore essential you line up your plans before visiting here, this piece is always available for you to check back on, so pin it, and do enjoy your stay!

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