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What do you know about delicious Iranian stew?

You may have heard a lot about Iran attractions. But the country is more than historical and natural attractions. Most tourists are amazed by tasty Iranian foods. As the country is so vast and each city of Iran have it’s own culture, there are a lot of great and different Iranian foods available for you to taste! Even Iranians haven’t had the time to taste all these dishes; variety of kebabs, soups, stews, different rice dishes and also, deserts, salads, etc. In this article we are going to introduce you some great Iranian Stew. Hope you like them!

What is a Stew?

A stew, or what is called “Khoresh” in Persian, is a group of foods that are a juicy combination of fried vegetables or cooked beans that are usually served with cooked meat and a little water. There are variety of Iranian Stews you can taste, some of them are very famous and usual and some other belong to a city and not that popular.
An Iranian stew is usually served with rice, which people call it “Cholo Khoresh” or “Berenj (rice in Persian) & Khoresh. If you are interested to find out about them keep up!

Qeimeh Bademjan

Aubergine, split peas and lamb stew | A perfect Iranian stew

Aubergine is one of vegetables that Persians cook a lot of dishes from it. One of these tasty dishes is Aubergine, Split Peas and Lamb Stew, called “Khoresh Bademjan” in Persian. The stew is really near to “Khoresh Qeymeh” only with some changes.
There are two kinds of aubergine stew: 1. The simple aubergine stew and 2. The sour aubergine stew.
The ingredients of this stew are aubergine, tomato, lamb shank, split peas, tomato paste, onion and spices like turmeric, salt and pepper. If you are willing to make a sour aubergine stew, you should add unripe grapes and maybe a little lemon juice too.

How you should cook Aubergine, split peas and lamb stew:

Soak your split peas in water for two hours. Fry your onions till they get yellow and then add your meat. When the meat changed color, add your split peas and cook them for 5-10 minutes depending on the amount. Then, add your tomato and some water; and let all the ingredients cook together. Fry your aubergine in a pan and 1 hour – 30 minutes before turning the stove off, add them to the rest of your ingredient. When you are adding your aubergine, add spices and tomato paste. Serve your stew with rice and enjoy!

Herb, bean and lamb stew | The most famous Iranian stew

Herb, bean and lamb stew, known as Qormeh sabzi in Iran, is a very famous and popular Iranian stew which they cook form kidney beans, onion, meat, black lime and special herbs. The most important ingredient of this stew is the herb. The herbs of bean and lamb stew are: mint, parsley, leek, fenugreek and coriander. This stew is also served with rice and most people have some fines herbs on the side.

How you should cook herb, bean & lamb stew:

First you have to prepare your herbs and lamb in different dishes. You cut all your herbs together in very small pieces and then fry it on mid fire with a little oil. You fry them until they loose their water a little and become dark a bit. If your herbs change to a very dark color your stew won’t be tasty. Then you fry your onions till the color changes and then add meat. When your meat turned brown, you add water and your beans, which you should have soaked in water from the night before; after that you add your herbs and soak your black limes in water. When the meat is cooked, you add the black lime and your spices such as pepper, salt and turmeric. After 40 minutes to one hour, your stew is ready.

Lamb chickpea stew | The mostly served Iranian stew on Fridays!

Lamb chickpea stew, called “Abgoosht” or “Dizi” in Persian, is a popular dish among Iranians. The ingredients are Chickpea, potato, sheep tail fat, tomato, lamp, white beans, onion, tomato paste and spices like turmeric and salt. Some people also add unripe grape in it too. This stew is served with bread, usually Sangak ( a kind of Iranian bread) and Iranians mostly eat it on Fridays; because it has high calorie and is known as a heavy meal. So they eat it on their off day, in order to relax after.

There is a special way to eat this stew, when it is served, you should slice your bread into smaller pieces and mix it with the stew. Then you eat it. There is usually onion, pickle or eating vegetables such as tarragon, cilantro, basil and etc. served text to this food. And also, as a drink people usually have dough (a special Iranian drink).

After the water of stew is eaten with the stew, if there are any lamb, potato or beans left, you should pummel them, and you can eat it with bread as another meal; it is called “Goosht Koobideh” (pummeled meat).

Is there any difference between Abgoosht and Dizi?

Dizi, has all the same ingredients that you see in Abgoosht, but the difference is that people cook it in special stone dishes; and they measure all the ingredients for each person and cook it in single served dishes.

Persian Lamb Chickpea Stew

How you should cook lamb and chickpea stew:

You have to soak your chickpea and bean in water from the night before, then put them with lamb and lamb tail fat in the pot and add some water. After 1-2 hours you add small uncut potato, tomato paste, small uncut tomato and spices; you let them boil for another hour and then your stew is ready. There are also other kinds of Abgoosht, such as: Abgoosht-e Bozbash which has parsley, spinach and leek in it, Abgoosht-e Kashk, which has whey, eggplant and mint in it and Abgoosht-e lappe, which has split beans and black lime in it.

Okra Stew | It can easily turn into a vegetarian stew!

Persian Okra (called “bamieh” in Persian) stew is a Middle Eastern, Greece and Turkish stew. The ingredients are: Okra, lamb shank, tomato paste, tomato, onion and spices such as pepper, salt and curry. You can add the spices based on your taste; in some places they add garlic, lemon juice, bay leaves, split beans and cilantro to this stew.
Okra stew has more pepper and curry in Southern cities of Iran, so if you are not a fan of spicy food, don’t try it in South!

Vegetarian Okra stew is very popular during fasting seasons such as in Greece and Cyprus. In order to cook a vegetarian Okra stew, you just have to put off lamb from your list.

How you should cook okra stew:

To cook the Persian okra stew, you should prepare the lamb shank first, unless you want to cook the vegetarian stew. first cut your onions and fry them till they get yellow, then add your lamb and fry it with your onions till the color changes. If you are adding split beans to your stew you should soak them in water from 2 hours before you start to cook and add them after your meat’s color change. Cook all the ingredients for 5 minutes, then add water and tomato. cook your okra in another pan, be aware not to cook them too much, just till the color changes a little and they get a little soft. Add tomato paste and spices 40-30 minutes before you turn off the stove, add the okra at that time too. Your okra stew will be ready in less than an hour, serve it with rice and enjoy!

Pomegranate and walnut stew | Do you like sour food?!

Pomegranate and walnut stew, called Fesenjan in Persian, is an Iranian stew served in three tastes of sour, sweet and sweet – and – sour. This stew originally goes back to Gilan Province; the ingredients are lamb or chicken (it is cooked in both ways, and sometime people use both), pomegranate sauce, onion and walnut. The original Fesenjan is sweet -and- sour, but in some parts of Iran people cook it sweet. To cook a sweet Fesenjan, you can use date, sugar and apricot slices. Fesenjan is served with rice and sometimes people put some pomegranate too. Spices you can use in this stew are turmeric, cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, and rosebud. The stew is also served on Yalda nights. It is eaten in Azerbaijan too.

How you should cook Pomegranate and walnut stew:

First you should pummel your walnut and then, prepare your meet. If you are cooking with chicken, you should cook it first and then unbraid it; and if you are cooking with lamb, you have to make minced meat into circle shapes and cook it. You put your meat and walnut in a pot, then add some cold water. You add your spices after 30 minutes and then add the pomegranate sauce. If you want it to be sweet, then add a little sugar at the last minutes.

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Quince and plum stew | Tasting this dish, can be a different experiment

Iranian Stew

Through the history quince (called “beh” in Persian), was always popular among Persians. In addition to stew, Iranians make jam and syrup from this fruit. The ingredients of quince stew are quince, saffron, lamb shank, onion, dried plum, lemon juice and spices like salt, curry and turmeric.
Some people also add split beans to the stew, but that’s on you.

How you should cook quince stew:

You have to cut your quince in small pieces; remember to buy brown ones to have a nice tasty dish. Then fry your onions and add your meet after the color get yellow. If you are going to add split beans, soak them in water at least for 2 hours. Add them to your onion and meat when the meat’s color changed to brown. Cook your quince in another pan; when they got soft and juicy, add them with your dried plums to the other ingredients. Add a little water and let them boil. Your spices should be added at the last hour. For a better taste, add the saffron 30 minutes before you turn off the stove. You can have this stew with bread or rice. Enjoy!

Yellow split peas stew | The orange Iranian stew!

Yellow split peas stew, also called Qeymeh, is a popular Iranian stew. This dish is served with rice and if you ever got to taste it, we recommend you to have Shirazian salad on the side. It is a kind of special salad, consisted of onion, cucumber, tomato and verjuice.
The ingredients of Qeymeh are black lime, tomato, onion, potato, tomato past, lamb shank and yellow split peas.


How you should cook yellow split peas stew:

Soak your peas from 2 hours before you start cooking. Prepare your meat first, fry onions and then add your meat; when the color changed add the peas and let them be on fire for 5-10 minutes. Soak your black lime and after maximum 10 minutes, add tomato and water to your pot. Cut the potato and fry them, so you can have them on the top of your stew. 20-30 minutes before you turn the stove off, add your tomato paste, black lime and spices. The spices can be salt, pepper and turmeric.

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What do you know about delicious Iranian stew?


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