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20 Amazing Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Are you planning for the holiday? Want a destination that will uplift your spirit and explore different places as well. A vacation on the Caribbean Island will be perfect for you and your family.

The Caribbean plate is made up of 7000 islands. The crystal clear waters and the white sandy beaches will crown your holidays. It will be impossible to cover all the islands within a short time, though each has its beauty to showcase. This made me visit the island to come up with the best scenery that will be ideal for your vacation.

Here is a list of the best twenty Caribbean islands that will blow your mind away.

The best Caribbean destinations for the holidays

1. Curacao

It is a country within the Netherlands kingdom, and it is located 37 miles north of the coast of Venezuela. The island has a lot to offer you during your vacation.

The tour begins at Queen Emma Pontoon bridge. It is a floating bridge that connects Willemstad’s two halves. The pedestrian bridge was built in 1888. Looking at the bridge opening up for the ships to pass will leave you astonished. Catch this in the evening during sunset and ensure you have a camera with you. 

In the town, there is the Mikve Israel –Emmanuel synagogue that was built by the Jews in 1732. The architectural design of the synagogue is unique. Have an experience of the Jewish culture and learn about their past.

If you are not afraid to get wet, you can go for scuba diving in the clear waters. This will give you a chance to learn about the history and marine life. There is also the Shete Boka national park sprawl which is has a breathtaking natural wonder. A visit to Christoffel National Park will be perfect for you and your family. It is peaceful, you will be able to see the white-tailed deer and also hike in the park as a family. 

2. Haiti

It is a country located on the Island of Hispaniola east of Cuba. The land was rocked with a disastrous earthquake in 2010 and followed with political unrest. Despite the troubles, the island has the most amazing places for you to visit. This will make you have a different perspective of the land. It has spectacular places for you to visit during the vacation.

You can begin by exploring the soaring walls of the Citadelle Laferriere. It is the most massive fortress where slaves stood against colonization. There is also a warm sandy beach that will be ideal for you to relax and unwind. For hikers, the dense Foret de Pins will be perfect for you. Make sure you have your gear ready and polished.

There is Pic Macaya National park where you will be treated to different bird species, amphibians and a variety of tropical plants.  Port Au Prince is the capital city of the country. It was built from scratch after the earthquake, and it’s hard to tell if it is the same town that was hit in 2010.  

There is the National Art Museum. Here you will be able to feast your eyes to the different artworks. You can visit the Labadee as well where you can ride water slides and zip line, which is thrilling. For wine lovers, there is Barbancourt Rum Distillery where you can go for wine tasting.

3. US Virgin Islands

This is the American paradise; the island presents you with an excellent place for your holiday. I had my summer holidays on the island, and it was remarkable. The climatic condition is welcoming such that you and the family will enjoy chilling out on the beach. Sunbathing and even taking a deep in the warm, clear waters. 

There is also a golf course that will help you unwind and exercise our muscles. You still need to keep fit even on the holidays. The family can head to the churches, museums, and other historical sites to learn about the island. You can as well enjoy a horse ride and hiking on the trails as a couple or as a family.

For those who are not afraid of the deep waters, you can go diving and explore the sea bed. The underwater corals are amazing and will take your breath away. It will seem like you are in another world. There is also the Salt River Bay which showcases the beautiful mangrove forest and its picture-perfect. Ensure you tag along with your camera when on the island.    

4. Jamaica

It is a Caribbean nation and has a large forest cover and beautiful mountains. Jamaica is known for its reggae music. Therefore, when in Jamaica, you will start your vacation by touring the iconic Bob Marley museum. Here you will be able to walk down the memory lane and also pay your respects to the iconic musician.

The Dunn’s River Falls is serene and will amaze you. It is the perfect place to go to relax and unwind while listening to the sound of water flowing. The vapor formed from the fall makes the surrounding cool. There is also parasailing that will give you an aerial view of the island. 

You and your family must visit the Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios. The marine park will enable the kids to enjoy their vacation and learn as well about marine life. The dolphins are welcoming and always have something for you to see.

The blue mountain presents you with a hiking trail where you can exercise and stretch your muscles. In the evening I would suggest heading down to Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The sunset view from the beach is astonishing and ideal for a couple to end their day.

5. Anguilla

It comprises of a small mainland and several offshore islets. The bright blue waters and soft white sands will make your stay at the beach peaceful. You can sunbathe on the beach while the kids are playing with the sand building castles. There is also watersport that you can indulge in. It includes surfing, kayaking, and skateboarding.

For historians, there is the Wallblake House, which is an iconic building and the only standing plantation house left on the island. The Little Bay is ideal for couples to head out to swim and snorkel in the marine waters. This will give you time to bond with your partner.

The Meads and Rendezvous bays are also a must-visit while on the island. Shoal Bay East is the most popular beach. It has the perfect entertainment for you and the family. There restaurants and bars are found within the bay. You will be able to have a taste of seafood and trust me its finger linking.

6. The Bahamas

It connects the Caribbean with the coastal beaches of the United States. The Bahamas covers 470,000 square kilometers of the ocean. The history behind the island is that it was the first place that Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 during his exploration. 

There is a comprehensive golf course where you can go to meet different people and unwind. The coral reefs await you to dive in the sea and explore them. The iconic glass window bridge enables you to see the beautiful view of the island while enjoying the sunset. You can hike around the bridge as well. The only condition is to ensure you have the right shoe. 

The children also have an activity to indulge in while on the island; this includes the water park at   Paradise Island and Atlantis. They will enjoy themselves and learn as well during the vacation. There is also a boat tour to explore the surrounding.

7. British Virgin Island

It one of the famous Caribbean destinations for you and it is a must-visit. I would recommend starting with a boat tour. It will enable you to explore the hidden treasures.

The White Bay and Brewers Bay give an ideal spot to relax while spinning wine. You can sunbathe and even take a dig in the clear blue waters. Watersports will also help you relax and unwind.

There are also parks that you can take your family to. These include the Rhone National Marine Park where you can go for a dive and explore the shipwreck. You will have to dive 90 feet down through a bit of it is seen from the shore. There are sections that beginners are not allowed in. Avoid the deeper parts if you are a beginner and ensure there is a guide on board.

The Sage Mountain National Park is covered with rainforest, and it stands at 1716 feet. It is the best place to escape from the beaches and venture into the woods. Once in the woods, the sound of the tropical birds will send melodies to your eardrums. And the environment is peaceful as well. For hikes, if you are not afraid of dirt, then get your gear and explore the trails.

8. Cayman Island

It encompasses three islands in the west Caribbean Sea, and it’s the largest. You can start your adventure by exploring the Mastic Trail. Then head to the colonial forts such as St. James Castle and the museums which will be ideal for you and the kids to learn about the past of the land. For nature lovers, this is the perfect place to be. There is a trail for you to use when hiking in the forest.

For the historians, there is an ex-US submarine that was sunk in the clear waters. You can go for a dive to be able to explore the submarine and also explore the marine life. The Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto consist of the underwater maze that will blow your mind away. The mazes are filled with barracuda, tarpon, silversides, and parrotfish. The mazes are located 46 feet below. It is not meant for expert divers only but also beginners. You can enjoy this fascinating scenery.

The Seven Mile Beach gives you a serene spot to relax. You can take a dig in the warm waters. For the shoppers, the Camana Bay has various shops that you can head to buy an item to mark the time you visited the island. The restaurants offer you and your family a cozy place to relax and have a taste of the local dishes. 

9. Dominica

It is different from the Dominica Republic and has its treasures for you to discover and explore. I would recommend visiting the fantastic Boiling Lake and witness the spectacular scenery. The site is 200 feet wide and situated in Morne Trois Piton National Park. After exploring the beautiful steamy water body, you can hike along the trails in the forest. As always have the right gear to be able to be comfortable while hiking.

The Trafalgar falls located on the west side of Morne Trois National Park. It is a magnificent place for you and your family to visit and take pictures. Papillote Tropical Gardens covers 14 acres, and walking in the garden will be therapeutic for you. Breathing the fresh air and admiring the beauty of the flowers makes it a perfect spot for couples. It is located along the way to Trafalgar falls. 

Fort Shirley is a historical site that enables you to learn about the African slave soldiers.  The coastline is ideal for you to walk along the beach in the evening and enjoy the beautiful sunset rays. You can go for a scuba dive in the clear waters and explore the world underwater.

10. Dominican Republic

The nation shares Hispaniola Island with Haiti. It is known for its prestigious resorts and the extensive golf courses. However, families can enjoy a boat tour in the waters and be able to watch the whales swimming. You can visit the 3 Eyes National Park as well. The name is derived from lagoons formed on the roof of the limestone caves.

The Gri Gri lagoon has clear blue waters, and you will be able to see the turtles swimming. It is a perfect place to bird watch as well. Damajaqua Cascade is breathtaking, and it is a must-visit for you.

The kids have the Sirenis Aquagames Punta Cana waterpark. It covers 12000 square meters, which means the kids have a variety of activities to engage in.  The Ocean World Adventure Park gives you a chance to interact with the animals rather than watching them. For example, you may choose to swim with the dolphins.

11. Cuba

It is located in the northern Caribbean at the point where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet.  You can go to a Havana city tour to learn more about the city. Cuba is known for classic cars. Therefore you and your family might opt for a ride in the classic cars and head to the beach.

Strolling along the beach will be perfect for you to unwind while listening to the sound of the waves. The Topes National Park allows you to go hiking on the trails and explore nature.

You can as well visit the old town known as Trinidad. Walking along the streets is like traveling back in time since each build has its unique design. It is advisable you have your cameras and to take pictures of the artistic designs of the houses.

Like the wildebeest migration, there is the crab migration. The crabs are crossing the road and heading to the sea. ‘It’s an event you will not want to miss out on. Thousands of the crabs cross the road going to the sea. Cenote and Vegas Grande waterfall are an ideal place for you to take a dip and relax while at it. 

There is the underground cave club that marks the nightlife. You cannot leave the beautiful nation without a taste of the Cuban cigar.‍

12. Aruba

Aruba was formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, but now it is an independent country. It is located about 16000 kilometers west of the central Lesser Antilles. 

At the island, you may start by exploring the ostrich and butterflies farms. Here you will be able to learn more about them. Arikok National Park is home to the lizards, parakeets and even rattlesnakes. It also offers a habitat to migrant birds, goats, and donkeys. Apart from the wildlife, you can explore the caves.

For the newlyweds, the Eagle beach is perfect for your honeymoon. You can sit on the warm sandy beach which helps you relax and bond with your partner. Plus the view of the sea from the beach is breathtaking. The kids can be taken to the baby beach, which has shallow waters that they can swim comfortably.

For windsurfers and kiteboarders, the Hadicurari beach will suit your needs. You can as well go for deep-sea diving to explore the shipwreck from World War II and sits at the bottom of the sea. 

13. Antigua and Barbuda

The country is comprised of two islands that is Antigua and Barbuda. A visit to the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda will help you learn about the history of the magnificent island. Fort James is an iconic site that is a must-visit. There is also Betty’s hope that is the earliest sugar plantation in the country, and it was built in 1651.

Footsteps rainforest hiking tour is located in Freedman’s Village. It is the perfect family tour that will help you exercise and bond. The zip line will give you an aerial view of the forest canopy as well. This is not for the faint-hearted, but it is a thrilling experience, and you should try it out.

For bird lovers, Frigate Bird sanctuary found on Codrington Lagoon, and it is the largest in the world. Over 100,000 species are found in the sanctuary. The Barbuda cave also awaits you to explore. 

There are also other activities that you can undertake while on the island. This includes sea diving, surfing, kayaking, and even fishing. 

14. Barbados

It is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies. Visit the Carlisle bay offer you calm waters to swim in. And also the bay is home to six shipwrecks which make it the perfect place to snorkeling. Diving in the clear waters you will be able to see the turtles, rock lobsters and fish. The clean surrounding makes it hygienic for the kids to play.

Dover beach is perfect for you who are looking for a less crowded coastline. This gives you a peaceful surrounding to relax and unwind. You can engage in watersports such as kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, and Hobie cat sailing.

Hunte’s Gardens is a perfect family gateway. Here you can enjoy the sight of the hummingbirds, monkeys and owners dog moving around in the garden. I would recommend you carry your picnic pack to the grounds. This will make your tour on the garden spectacular and also find time to bond with your loved ones.

Harrison’s Cave is also one of the famous attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It features several streams, stalactites, and stalagmites. The Cave is a natural wonder that will make you appreciate Mother Nature even more.

15. Turks and Caicos Island

They are British overseas territory consisting of the larger Caicos Island and the smaller Turks island. A tour of this part of the world will make your holiday fulfilling and worthwhile. I always recommend that you start your vacation with a visit to Turks and Caicos museums. This will give you an understanding of the people’s culture.

For golfers, a stop at Provo golf club will be ideal for you to unwind and stretch your muscles before starting your exploration. You and your family can go to whale watching on the Salt Cay to spend the day or even tour the old Cheshire Hall.

Kiteboarding is a watersport you will have to engage in it is a thrilling experience. The clear waters make it easy for you to snorkel through Smith’s reefs. If you are fascinated about caves, then the Conch Bar Caves awaits you.

Chalk Sound is a natural wonder that requires your camera to explain its beauty. Hope you have a powerful lens on it to be able to capture the beauty in details. In the evening you and your family can head to the Coco Bristo for a delicious meal.

16. Saint Lucia

It is a sovereign island country in the West Indies. The magical land is and has amazing places for you to explore. The tropical climate will calm your nerves the moment you set foot on the island. I did start my tour by exploring the Chase Waterfall. Standing under the roaring water is therapeutic, and I recommend you should try it.

For hikers, the Pigeon Island national park will be great for you. The green cover and the fresh air makes the hike remarkable. The newlywed and couples Marigot Bay is the ideal getaway for you. The gorgeous shores complete with swaying palm trees give the bay an outstanding beauty.

If you are not afraid of dirt and the rotten smell in the surplus springs, then you can take a bath in the sulfuric pools. This will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

17. Saint Martin

The island is in the northeast of the Caribbean Sea 190 miles east of Puerto. Like the other islands along the sea, it has its hidden treasures awaiting you to explore. You can start the vacation by taking boat tours on the crystal clear waters. Watersports is an activity you wouldn’t want to be left out on. It includes kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, and diving. 

Loterie Farm is ideal for you and your family. At the farm, you can go hiking or even zip-lining. Plus the food is offered on the farm will make your taste bud crave for more. Shopping is part of the holiday, and you can shop in Front Street. It has fabulous shops that sell jewelry and artifacts to purchase to mark your visit on the island.

The view of the island on top of mount Pic du Paradis is spectacular. The beach is also a peaceful place to head to and relax during the day. The only downside about the beach is it’s a clothing-optional. You will have to protect your children from this. 

18. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The country is a member of the commonwealth and lies within the Lesser Antilles. Apart from its famous luxury yacht-filled harbor, it also has beautiful beaches. Salt Whistle Bay beach has powdery sand. The serene shoreline is shaded with palm and grape trees. An evening along the shore watching the sun setting is romantic.

Mayreau is located on the west of the Tobago Cays. It is a quiet island where you and your family can bond and enjoy the beach. The tall palm trees sway, rendering a perfect shade to relax and even take pictures along the beach. 

You can stroll in the Botanic garden admiring the beautiful flowers, mahogany and breadfruit trees hypnotize one to lose track of time.  It will help you to relax and meditate on your life.

To see underwater creatures such as frogfish, reef sharks, manta rays, and squid. You will have to plunge below the sea level. 

19. Trinidad and Tobago

It is the ideal place to bring the family for a vacation. The kids can start their tour exploring the Asa Wright Nature Center. It is home to different species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and flowering plants. This provides an avenue for the kids to learn even when in the holidays. For birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts, the center is the ideal place to be.

The Buccoo Reef is located off the coast of Tobago’s Pigeon Point beach. It’s the perfect place to snorkeling according to the locals. Fort King George and Fort George will send you down the history lane and learn about the colonial times.

In the evening go to the Store Bay and get to relax while watching the planes landing and taking off in the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport. A local delicacy also awaits you at the venue.   

20. Guadeloupe

You can begin your tour with a visit to the Parc Zoologique et Botanique de la Guadeloupe. The nature in this park is breathtaking. You can stroll through the trees and also hike on the trails. You can as well sailing in the clear waters and explore the hidden parts on the island. Diving also presents you with a chance to see the underwater creatures.

There is a plantation and distiller’s tour being offered on the island. Here you will be able to see the beautiful crops used to produce rums and even coffee. For shoppers, there is the Pointe-a-Pitre where you can purchase jewelry, cosmetics, and even artifacts.

Plage Caravelle beach is the perfect place to chill out with your family. You can stroll along the stretched shoreline or even take a dip in the warm waters. The kids can enjoy playing on the sand as you sunbathe with a glass of wine.

There is also the Pointe des Chateaux has a striking cliff where you can hike to the top of the cliff and enjoy the fascinating view from the top.


A vacation to the Caribbean will make your holiday worthwhile. It presents you with the warm sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and caves to explore. There are various places that you and your family can hang out and even bond. The islands are unique in their own way, and each has something that stands out from the rest. You cannot be able to cover the whole islands on the Caribbean Sea. This is why I have selected some of the fantastic places for you and your family to go for the holidays. Plus if you are in an organization and they are looking for the perfect spot to hold their team building program. I would strongly recommend a place on the Caribbean plate.

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20 Amazing Places to Visit in the Caribbean


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