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18 Best Vacation Spots in the United States

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Is work that important?  This is a question I ask myself every day as I leave for the office in the morning.  To some level, I will agree with you; it is essential, but also your health is vital. You need to take a break from work to relax your mind and bond with your family.

Many people get absorbed in their work and forget about their health and families. Yes, that extra coin is vital in today’s economy, but at what cost. Therefore, vacation is crucial to bond with members of your family and relax as well.    

If you find coastal areas, parks, or cities to be that perfect place to unwind, then the United States has what you are in search of. This article will provide you with ideal places to select from and head out to rejuvenate yourself.

Best Vacation Spots in the United States

1. The Yellowstone National Park

Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

The Park is located in Wyoming and spread through Montana and Idaho. It covers an area of 3468.4 square miles. There is the Yellow Stone hotel and cabins that you can book into to spend the holidays. They are cozy and tailored to your needs.

The site has been blessed with different animal species such as the wolves and also natural wonders that will make your holiday amazing. The natural wonders that will make you hold your breath include the Old faith and Steamboat geysers.

The Grand Canyon waterfall is refreshing listening to the sound of water rushing down. The Park is an excellent place to have your weekends or holidays in. If you are newlywed, I would recommend having your honeymoon exploring nature at the Park.

2. The Molokai

The Island found in Hawaii and situated at the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The land covers 260 square miles. The tropical climate is right for your skin. You can stay at the Hotel Molokai that is located on the palm-fringed beach. If you are an adventures person, then the Island is the place for you.

You can take hikes at the Halawa Valley while enjoying the sound of the birds. The beach is a perfect place to hang out. Imagine your feet sinking in the warm sand as you stroll along the beach. The breeze from the ocean is rash towards the coastal line having a cooling effect.

I do not know about you, but I love watching the sunset in the evening. The sunrays are mesmerizing, and with a camera having the right lens, you might be able to capture the moment.

3. Kansas City

The city has the most amazing places that you can explore. If you are into art, then the Town is the place to be. It has various unique museums that you can visit. Also, you will be treated to free street performance. Who doesn’t want that? While walking experiencing the live performance, you will feel like joining then when dancing.

The Kauffman Memorial Garden is a peaceful paradise that allows you to relax while enjoying your BBQ.  You can stroll in the Farmers Market that has the best local produce and gifts. There is also a food tour which will give you a taste of all the flavors that the city has. This is the ideal package for your holidays.

4. Disney World

Well, the name speaks for itself, a whole new world awaiting your exploration. The entertainment complex is located in Florida. It is the perfect site to bring your family for the weekends or holidays. The experience you will have at this place will make your mind and body to relax.

It is an ideal getaway from the busy working days and the hustle of the city. It offers you various attractions such as the

  • Theme Park  
  • Water Park
  • Golf courses
  • Discovery Island

5. New York City

The city is the most romantic place to bring your partner. The Empire State Building is a must-visit the view of the city from the top is breathtaking. You may also decide to take a boat ride in Central Park Lake. The woodland provides the fresh air as you listen to the sound of the birds. The still waters and a view of the Manhattan skyline are picture-perfect.

During winter the town still does not sleep. There is also ice skating at Wollman Rink at the East side of the Central Park Lake. You will have to carry warm clothes during this season. The decorative lights are also awesome during the festivals.

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6. Galena


It is the largest city in Illinois. The lovely town has something for you to explore starting from the museums, art gallery, breweries, and wineries. If you are adventurous, then you must add this town to your list. The various sceneries will make your stay in Galena superb.

For Nature enthusiast, you are not left out. There is the Casper Bluff and Water Reserve. Here you can go hiking and cycling. There are also birds that fill the air with their sweet sound.

If you are into bird watching, then I will recommend having your weekend or holiday at this city. The West Street Sculpture Park offers you the best trails. The paths are perfect for you to walk through the Park, enjoying the sunset rays.    

7. Sarasota

Situated on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the land presents you with multiple places to spend your holiday. The tropical climate is perfect, and you can head down to the beach. The warm sandy beach and a cool breeze are therapeutic.

There is the Legacy Trail that runs for 10.8 miles from Sarasota to Venice. If you are a hiker, then prepare your gear to have fun at this terrain. Also, have a canopy walk in Myakka River State Park. A walk along the stream, hearing the sound of water flowing is rejuvenating.

Seeing the water birds playing in the water is remarkable. For the bird watchers, there is the Celery Fields Wetland that is specially made for you. Here you will be able to sample the various bird species in the region.

There is a spot for the family as well where your kids will learn about the importance of conservation. This includes the Sarasota Jungle Garden, Gulf Coast Sanctuary and The Big Cat Habitat.  

There are art museums that will make you appreciate talent from various artists. Their creativity is magical as they bring their work to life using paints. Famous artists such as Velasquez Rubens and Gainsborough have their artwork showcased in the museums.

8. Hocking hill


It is located in Ohio 50 minutes outside Columbus. Mother Nature has made it spectacular, and a visit to this place will have you appreciate the environment. The woodland cover, waterfalls, caves, and high cliffs make the Park beautiful.

The climate at the Park will make you think you are on another planet or country. It is humid weather pattern will give you an ideal experience. The beauty and the physical features of the Park will make you relax and forget all your troubles. It is a serene place to bring your family and bond to a whole another level.

Are you afraid of heights? If not, then the zip line running through the Hocking River and the forest will give you a thrill. This is something I did enjoy doing at first; I was gripped with fear, and getting to the zip line was a big problem. I think it was the right time to face my fears. And after having a chance to zip through I wanted to do it all over again. The adventure had my heart racing with excitement. The thrill is, and you will enjoy it, trust me.

9. San Francisco

Photo by Oliver Plattner on Unsplash

It is located in California, and the historic landmarks and incredible views will amaze you. There are also delicious foods that will make your taste buds dance to the different flavors. The West Coastal climate is ideal for your weekends.  

The golden state bridge presents you with a beautiful view of the sunset as you stroll across the bridge. The San Francisco botanical garden gives you the tranquillity that desired to relax your body, mind, and soul.

The beach as well gives you a perfect place to chill out. It is a romantic place to spend the holiday. For couples, I would recommend you add the city to your list.      

10. Sacramento

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It is a beautiful urban town situated at Riverside. Many attractions will give you a broader scope to explore.  Your kids will have fun at the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center learning and exploring at the same time.

The Old Sacramento State Historical and Mansion Historical Parks is the place to be for a historian. Here you will learn the story behind the walls and the city as well.

The Fairytale town offers you a great platform to undertake outdoor activities, hence, bonding with your family.  For car lovers, there is a California Automobile Museum, where classic cars are restored to their glory.

Art from various parts of the world has been showcased in the Crocker Art Museum. When walking in the museum sampling the artwork, it will be like traversing the multiple countries in the world. Each art speakers for itself and the country it is from. I think it is wise if you have a guide to take you through the gallery.

11. Bloomington


It is situated in Indiana and will make your holiday perfect. The museums are an ideal place to explore before setting out to venture into other explorations. This will give you a better understanding of how the city is. The cultural practice can also be learned in the museums.  

The holidays cannot be termed complete without having an experience of what nature has to offer. The Monroe Lake will be right for you to take part in the watersports. If you have a boat, it is time you bring it to Bloomington. There is a forest surrounding the lake meant for hikers to have a fun time.

Indigo Birding Nature Tours gives you a guided tour on exploring the various birds’ species, for bird lovers have your cameras ready and fully charged. Wine tasting is also an activity that is done by most people in Bloomington. The Butler and Oliver Winery will give you a chance to sample a different kind of wine on the shelves.

12. Savannah

It is the oldest town in Peach State. The warm weather will be ideal for the weekends and holidays. The oak woodland cover and falling Spanish moss give the Savannah beautiful scenery. This is a picture-perfect site and a great couple getaway as well.

The phenomenal garden with the water fountain of Forsyth Park makes it look lively. You can stroll along the tree-shaded streets to unwind and appreciate nature. The sunrays setting in the path through the Spanish moss makes the road to be outstanding.

The Riverside restaurants have authentic cuisines which will help you relax after a long day.

You may as well take part in the Walking Ghost tours. If you have the heart to explore this side of the town and still sleep peacefully, then you can take part in this tour to learn about the houses that were perceived to be haunted.

13. Kirkland


The city is located on the shores of Lake Washington. There is Marina Park, where you can stroll and cycle. Juanita Beach Park also gives you a great outdoor where you can play games such as tennis and ball games while bonding with your family.

There is the Juanita Bay Park that sits on a 110 acre. The Park is situated in the middle of the city. It is a secure gateway when in the town. You can easily pop in and take a walk, jog or even bird watch. The environment is picture perfect and peaceful to relax in.

You can also have boat rides on the lake and enjoy the calm waters. A vacation in this place will honestly give you an experience of a lifetime. The Techcity Bowl and Fun Centre is also a perfect place to hang out during the holidays.  After a long day with the kids, you can go to the Laugh’s Comedy club and crack your ribs. The club is only meant for adults.

14. St. Augustine

The Old City is 450 years old, and it is located in Florida. The town is rich with historical attractions that will make your holiday or weekends fantastic.  The Matanzas Bay you can explore the Castillo de San Marcos which was built by the Spanish. The historical monument was built 330 years ago.

Guided tours are offered to ensure you have a better understanding of the city and how it came to be. Your child will also have fun in the town. There are various activities that they can enjoy and explore. This includes the St. Augustine Pirate and treasure museum and Whetstone Chocolate factory tour. I assure you that the kids will enjoy the places while learning as well.

15. Galveston

The city is located by the seaside giving you a beach experience for your holiday. The Seawall Urban Park runs along the beach. Here you will be able to walk along the sandy beach sunbath and even swim in the calm waters.

Bus tours are being offered in the city. This will help you draw a map on where to start at the end of the holidays. I recommend you take them to have a deeper understanding of the beautiful town.

The Strand Historic District has the most amazing old buildings that have been renovated into shops, restaurants, and museums. The children can enjoy themselves while down in the seaside city.   There is the Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark which will make him or her have a busy holiday. Fun time never stops no matter the season the Park becomes an indoor park during winter.

For hikes, the Galveston State Park is giving you an ideal terrain to explore. You can also go fishing. If you are interested and want to learn how to fish it can be done in the Galveston’s 61st street fishing Pier.

16. Santa Fe

Found in New Mexico. The adobe building is breathtaking with a unique architectural design. During spring the town becomes lively with lilacs and forsythias.  You can take a walk through Downtown Plaza and side streets that will make your mind relax.

The Chapel Loretto is where you will find the mysterious spiral staircase. Art lovers, you have something to feast your eyes on while in the city. There is the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum on Canyon Road that will give you different artworks to analyze.

The restaurants will give you an authentic Southwestern delicacy to engage your taste buds. I did enjoy my holidays in Santa Fe and am thinking of head back. I suggest you take your holiday during the summer period to experience the outdoor festivals and believe me it remarkable.  

17. Scottsdale

This is found in Arizona a dessert that will be perfect for exploring during the holiday trip. There are museums that you visit for history lovers. Some luxurious hotels and spas will make your stay comfortable. For golfers, there are golf courses within the setting that will make your holiday complete and enjoy every moment.

If you are an early bird, then you will be able to catch the hot air balloon ride over the Superstition Mountain that will render you speechless. The only word can’t explain the view from the hot air balloon. I would recommend you tag along with your camera to capture the moment.

The Camelback Mountain is a will be suitable for hikes and if you want to be adventurous as well get your boots on and climb the hill. If you can make it to the top, the view of the Valley is worth the climb.

18. Seattle

Photo by Johan Bos from Pexels

It is a seaport city on the West coast of the U.S. The best time to organize for the holidays in this city is during the summer. The sandy beach will be perfect to sunbathe and swim in the waters. You can also take part in water sports or hiking.  It is home to the country’s best coffee and rich with culture.

The Olympic mountain and the giant Mount Rainer are visible from the town. The train provides you with the perfect site to hike and unwind.  The glass blown structure at Chihuly Garden and Glass are remarkable. The architectural design will make you appreciate art on a whole different level.

For marine fanatics, there is the Hiram M. Chittenden lock where you can watch the ships dock. Also, there are art museums that you can explore and learn about the town. Green Lake Park has a trail that runs for 2.8 miles. At the trails, you can stroll along the paths while enjoying the sun and the cooling breeze from the lake. The view of the sunset in the evening as the rays’ bounce of the water surface is lovely.

The food market and the breweries make the city to be the perfect destination. The restaurants will give you tantalizing meals. This will make you think twice about heading back home without having a taste of the delicious foods.

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Taking a vacation is essential to ensure that you bond with your family and relax. City life can be unforgiving. Therefore, it is vital to have a break from work and explore nature. The national parks, warm sandy beaches, and museums are some of the places that you can enjoy during the holidays. The United States has the most amazing places that you can add to your vacation destination list. A visit to these places will give you a whole new perspective of how the world is structured. If you are having trouble trying to come up with the ideal holiday destination, I believe this guide will be of great help.

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18 Best Vacation Spots in the United States


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