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Unforgettable Day Trip to Ireland from London: What You Can do

Are you ready to experience the wonders of Ireland? Taking a day Trip to Ireland from London can be one of the most memorable thrills of your life. From its picturesque landscapes to its delightful culture and history, you have a billion reasons to visit this country. So, this is your sign to book a trip now and have some quality time.

This article will explore how to get there from London and what you can do during your day trip. With genuine tips from experienced bloggers, you will have all the information you need for an unforgettable vacation!

Why You Should Spend a Day Trip to Ireland from London

What is the best country to travel to right now from London? Ireland

Many first-time visitors think it might be impossible to make it for one day. But yes, it’s possible if you’re eager to chase beautiful landscapes, push restaurants, and snap away wherever you go.

Take a tour of Dublin, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe! Visit iconic landmarks such as Trinity College or the Guinness Storehouse. Get to know Ireland’s unique culture by sampling traditional dishes like Irish stew or soda bread.

Take in the stunning views of The Burren and Cliffs of Moher on a scenic drive along the Wild Atlantic Way. Then, enjoy local music at an Irish pub in Galway City, where you can experience true Irish hospitality.

Countrysides and castles! Oh my god… When you come here to Ireland and drive down and explore lanes, you can even stay in a castle to immerse yourself in the fullest historical ambience. 

But one of the best things you can get from this place is the tourism infrastructure. That’s what makes Ireland a pleasant destination. So, if you don’t want to drive, you can get a train, or you can book a bus trip which will take you everywhere. Ireland is an easy-to-go place. 

What about food and drinks? Let me tell you that Ireland is going through a foodie revolution where you can find fantastic food throughout the country, from traditional bakery delights to the finest international cousins. 

Think about why you will find an Irish pub wherever you go! Of course, there is absolutely a fair reason why Irish kitchen is so popular. But if you want our recommendation, we can start with drool-inducing seafood, oysters, and salmon. 

And, of course, take advantage of your full Irish breakfast. Then you can head to a pub, not just for a drink but for the culture and mind-blowing atmosphere. Even Irish beer tastes like a completely different beer— forget what you tried before. It’s just like brewed in heaven and given straight to you!

Indeed, everything here is placed to ensure that you enjoy your time. Upscale destinations embracing history and comfort are the experience you will find there.

Need to know more?

Alright, the people! The Irish are the most fun and outgoing people you’d love to spend time with. People from that country are kind and willing to share information about the irresistible attractions in Ireland you shouldn’t miss and the top things to do.

They will also teach you new words you might have never heard before. So wherever you visit a castle, take a stroll, or hit a pub, you will have a great time with the locals!

However, there is nothing around it: you can only make it in one day. But, no worries, we have you covered on this and will take you in all you want when preparing for a day trip to Ireland from London.

How to Get to Ireland from London

So, here is the question, “Can I do a day trip to Ireland from London?” Yes, you can do that… However, to spend this day in Dublin, Ireland’s capital, you must take 288 miles. 

The UK and Ireland are not connected by any land. So, a day trip to Ireland from London will include a ferry journey through the Irish Sea. Otherwise, you can fly, taking around 1h and 30m. 

What if you choose the ferry? Good choice… So, four ferries take off from the United Kingdom, Holyhead in Wales, every day. The journey takes around 2 hours and is expected to be longer depending on the schedule. 

If you think it’s a lot and you need more luxury to consume your time transporting, then check low-cost airlines. However, don’t forget that prices can constantly change depending on the time and the airport.

What is the Cheapest Way to Travel from London to Ireland?

It’s the bus, and it’s not for someone who wants to make a day trip to Ireland from London. Why? Because it will take 12h! It will cost you as low as 17£. But again, it depends on the season and when you book the ticket.

However, it’s not impossible. For example, you can make a day trip from London to Ireland by bus if you want to leave at 6:00 pm the day before. First, the bus will leave England towards Holyhead. Then, you will take the ferry to Ireland. And there you have two options, disembark when you arrive the Dublin port, or if you want to complete your bus journey, stay till you arrive at Busáras station.

Can I Drive to Ireland from London?

Yes, you can. Drive down to Holyhead and then take the ferry to Dublin. However, the journey will take around 7h, which might not be a good alternative.

Pro tip: if you plan to rent a car in London, make sure that the contract allows you to do so. And also, if it’s your first time driving on the left side, please forget about travelling by car. It can be a bit disconcerting!

Best Views in London

How to Get to Ireland from London by Train

A visit to Ireland from London by train is not the perfect idea because it will take more than 5 hours and is expected to add extra 30 minutes on holidays and weekends.

So how could you get to Ireland by train? If your starting point is London, you must catch the train from London Euston Station and get off in Holyhead, and the ticket will cost you 84£.

Bounce: Long distance is not included in this trip when you arrive at Holyhead, as the port and train station are in the same spot. But don’t forget to buy a ferry ticket before starting the next point in your journey, and be ready to pay 30£. 

The Ideal Travel Method for a Day Trip to Ireland from London

The fastest, the better. So, choose a flight that takes almost 80 minutes, including the airport check.

All London airports run flights to Dublin. For the lowest prices, always check the carriers. A flight from London to Ireland will cost you around 40£.

When Can You Visit Dublin?

With Ireland’s mild climate, any time of year is the perfect time to visit Dublin. However, certain times are btter than others. From crisp autumn days to sunny summer evenings, here’s all you need to know about choosing the best time for your visit. 

What is the Best Month for a Day Trip to Ireland from London?

June through August. You can bask in the warm sun and enjoy festival vibes whenever you turn. On the other hand, it’s the most expensive season for hotels and flights, and almost all attractions will be crowded.

What About the Holiday Season?

A day trip to Ireland from London will be surprising, but remember to bring your heaviest coat. 

During the late summer, temperatures remain relatively warm, with highs in the mid-50s°F. This makes autumn an optimal season for sightseeing and exploring all Dublin offers—from historical sites like St Patrick’s Cathedral or Kilmainham Gaol to unique attractions like Christ Church Cathedral or Temple Bar District. You can experience moderate temperatures with fewer crowds and reasonable prices. 

St Patrick’s Cathedral

Do You Need a Visa to Visit Ireland?

The answer is it depends! If you are from the UK, EU country or Switzerland, you can drive down to Holyhead and take a ferry right now. Otherwise, you would need to check out the visa requirements based on the duration and type of stay. 

What Can I Do in Ireland for a Day Trip?

Ireland is big, and you have a lot to explore here. That’s why you need to plan your day trip to Ireland from London wisely. The good news is Ireland can be navigated easily, even on foot.

You can separate your day between mind-blowing attractions and sightseeing, relax at hidden gems, and absorb the city breaks. So, get up and get ready for a day like nothing before.

Blogger tip: You can buy Dublin Pass, which will enable you to visit many attractions without waiting too much or worrying about the ticket vendors. The coolest part is that this card will save money, giving you access to the hop-on, hop-off bus on your day trip. Also, it comes with a travel guide to the best places and activities you can do in Ireland. 

Have Your Breakfast

Your day can only start with breakfast at a nice restaurant or cafe. And thankfully, Dublin can please you with the finest setting and comfort food.

Being in Dublin without trying scones is insane! Go to Keoghs Cafe and have a hand on moisty and flavouring scones that will give you the power to check all the boxes on your activity list in Dublin. What if you need to try something more traditional? Beanhive is the place to go, one of Dublin’s top-ranked restaurants for English breakfast— you’re going to enjoy each bite. 

Have a Stroll Around Dublin 

Looking for the best way to experience this beautiful country and its culture? Take a stroll around Dublin! You must explore its stunning cobblestoned streets, historical monuments, and impressive art galleries to ensure your successful day trip. Dublin is alive with charm and character, making it a hot tourist destination for all travellers. 

Exploring on foot allows visitors to absorb all the details of Ireland’s capital in a relaxing atmosphere. For better planning, you can join one of the group tours organised by a local agent or Get Your Guide to make sure you have hit all unmissable places.

Blogger tip: If there is one place to visit in Dublin, it will be the Cliffs of Moher on the Wild Atlantic Way. Bundling your day there can compare with nothing. Just make sure that you have chosen the right day (not windy or rainy).

Don’t Miss Historic Sites

If you want to avoid exploring the city on foot, you need to check out the famous sightseeing there, which you can not miss out on a day trip to Ireland.

For example, start with Trinity College, which hosts one of the most prestigious campuses in Europe— wherever you turn, you can snap with awe-inspiring architecture that will tell you more about the history of this magical city. 

Trinity College Dublin

Also, you can find students and learn more about their daily routines. The River Liffey view will be a feast for your sense. Then you can head to the Long Room Library, which features marble busts over 200 years old.

If you’re a bookworm, you will need to put on good music in your headphones and dance around once you have noticed that the library hosts books dating back to old ages stacking up to the ceiling. But please calm yourself down when you’re over-excited because it’s still a library  

Before you go, make time to venture exquisite Book Of Kells exhibit—a must-see for immersing yourself in the best of Ireland. Just make sure to check out the most beautifully decorated copy of the gospels.  

After that, at around 2:00 pm, you can visit the National Library of Ireland. Even if you are not interested in literature, this reading room is as pretty as a postcard. 

National Library of Ireland

It’s Time to Relax

Sure enough, a day trip to Ireland from London can be exhausting. So, allocate some time to take your breath at St Stephen’s Green which is not a typical public park— it dates back to 1880. Instead, it’s a gateway between historic landmarks and pubs, rewarding you with shady spots.  Also, you can discover Grafton Street and the Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

Let’s Bring Some Fancy Stuff

Thankfully, St Stephen’s Green is an impressive spot for shoppers and those seeking a street adventure and looking for cultural art and colourful doors. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and O’Connell Street are crammed with stores, festivals, and decorations to enjoy your time.

O’Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland

But if you’re craving something more related to Dublin, you should only leave Ireland to savour the shopping experience in Kildare Village. It’s a complete package blending in-store shops and restaurants with well-adorned lanes that add a layer of magic to your tour. 

Have a Delicious Lunch in Dublin

We’d love to continue our trip by tasting something that reminds us of this memorable day. So, what can you eat for lunch? If you want something light, Brick Alley Cafe will be the right place for you—it’s heaven for bagels and sandwiches before skating down to experience Dublin night. 

You will be rewarded with the most delicious hot chocolate you can find anywhere (Let’s face it: I don’t try all the hot chocolates. YES! But you don’t even need to try anything after this heaven!) 

Stay whatever you want! They already have free WiFi. 

Need to explore a gastropub or more transitional restaurant? Then go to Church in the North City Centre. It will be a lucky find and one of the highlights you shouldn’t miss here. The building is stunning, and the setting is unbeatable. But if you need only one dish, we recommend the Irish stew!

And then be ready for the next exploration point.

See the Beautiful Side of Dublin

If you have been planning this trip for a while, you must have a fun-filled day. So, you need to visit a place for entertainment and treat your eyes to the finest art—the Creative Quarter. Why is it called creative? Because creativity is a big deal here. Located South of Temple bar, the quarter is well-designed for sheer indulgence, packed with shops, stores, antiques, and an instagrammable setting. 

Take a deep look at the glorious architecture and have a drink from McDaids, one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. Also, it’s the favourite spot for creative Irish talents from poets and writers, and now you can enjoy listening to blues music.

Get Ready and Leave Dublin

As we said, flying is the only way to get to London from Ireland— the last ferry departure from the Dublin port is at around 20:00. Please book your seat ahead of time to be sure about your itinerary and how you will leave the Irish capital.  

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Yes, Ireland has it all. 

It comes alive with culture, museums, and cuisines filled with sounds and smells of the perfect European tour. A day trip to Ireland from London is what you need right now! If you need help, remember to check out our travel guide in Europe and beyond!

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Unforgettable Day Trip to Ireland from London: What You Can do


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