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Las Vegas – 5 Interesting Tips about the City

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Las Vegas is one of the best-liked travel destinations in the world, in addition to being the city that has expanded the most throughout the 20th century. The epicentre of global entertainment, Las Vegas is a proper theme park for adults that never disappoint visitors. 

Think of Vegas as a theme park rather than a metropolis; part of its attraction is that it can both awe and overwhelm. Inhibitions are not encouraged in this city: Las Vegas attracts pleasure seekers to the brightly illuminated Strip like moths to a flame every night. 

You shouldn’t leave without experiencing a little bit of “Viva Las Vegas,” even if you can’t go as far as to replicate “The Hangover.” Any type of vacation you can imagine is now possible in Las Vegas.

You can choose the standard high-roller vacation that includes all-night sessions at the blackjack table or TAO Nightclub. Or you may make it all about luxury by going to upscale shops, fine dining establishments, and hotel spas. 

Las Vegas is an excellent starting place for outdoor pursuits like ATV trips, hiking in Red Rock Canyon, and bus or helicopter tours to the Hoover Dam. Your children can come along because they’ll enjoy the Cirque du Soleil concert, the Bellagio Fountain show, and the Neon Museum.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The most significant times to visit Las Vegas are April, May, September, and October, when temperatures vary from 10 degrees Celsius below zero to 30 degrees Celsius above zero. Extreme weather is never optimal for travel.

July, August, and September are the hottest of the year, with average highs of over 45 degrees Celsius. It is situated in the Mojave Desert, so Las Vegas frequently experiences some of the nation’s highest temperatures.

However, it also has shallow humidity levels, which makes it more tolerable than other places. People with sensitive skin or eyes or who wear contact lenses may experience mild irritability due to excessive dryness.

Contrary to popular belief, December through February can be pretty chilly in Las Vegas, with minimum temperatures around 0° to 5°C and a maximum temperature of 15° to 19°C.

Most Popular Festivals in Las Vegas

Electric Daisy Carnival

The largest EDM festival in North America is Electric Daisy Carnival, referred to as EDC. This biennial music festival, which takes place in Las Vegas, is eagerly awaited by EDM enthusiasts. 

Why do festival tickets frequently go quickly out of stock? Talents like Zedd, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, and so many others have performed as headliners in the past. 

EDC offers more than just outstanding musical acts; it also has elaborate art exhibits and glowing decorations. EDC is a must-attend event that will undoubtedly leave you with great memories.

Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

You must attend the Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball occurring in Las Vegas for a Halloween you won’t soon forget. 

This event, dubbed the sexiest party on earth, offers a variety of mind-blowing DJ sets and risk-taking performances for everyone to enjoy. One of the best parties in the city is this racy one. 

Every year, it surprises and thrills its attendees with its assortment of drinks and odd exhibits. Bring your most adventurous or spookiest costume to fully enjoy the festivities. At this event, indulge in your wildest fantasies.

Viva Las Vegas

A famous and eagerly awaited event in the city is Viva Las Vegas. This annual music festival is one of the largest rockabilly and 50s music festivals. Since 1997, it has become the city’s longest-running festival.

It is a four-day music event that draws visitors from around the world and the United States. There are also burlesque performances, vintage car displays, tiki pool parties, and other events in addition to concerts and rockabilly musical performances. 

Even some festival goers dress in their finest 1950s garb. Everyone will have a terrific time at Viva Las Vegas, celebrating everything from the 1950s.

Las Vegas Breathtaking Beaches

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach, Las Vegas

This 2-mile-long, attractive, sought-after Southern California coastal hangout is a beach bum’s dream. Hermosa is the ideal year-round, sunny, and sandy retreat from Vegas, with more than 320 days of sunshine yearly.

Like other Southern California beaches, this lovely cove offers breathtaking sunset views, a pier, and a variety of sandy and watery sports. 

Along the scenic California coast, Hermosa Beach doesn’t always have the best and most reliable surf. On the plus side, it’s an excellent place for beginners to gain a feel for the surfboard.

Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach, Las Vegas

This well-known 3.5-mile stretch of sand in Southern California offers several opportunities for entertainment and adventure. A famous tourist resort, Santa Monica, welcomes crowds of tourists from all over the world.

The beach is crowded with people and activities in addition to its long stretch of beautiful sand and the famous pier. You can have tons of fun on this beach, from fluffy pancakes to roller coasters. Santa Monica is a 4-hour journey from Vegas, just like Hermosa is.

Visit the Lobster eatery near the pier’s entrance at dusk. This restaurant is a great place to take pictures and watch the sunset because it offers an unhindered view of the pier and Malibu. Enjoy the vista while tasting some of the restaurant’s delectable seafood dishes.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, Las Vegas

Laguna Beach, known for its rich culture and natural beauty, has a 7-mile beachfront that draws tourists and creative visitors. Six million tourists visit the city annually, attracted by its beautiful beaches. Every beach has its distinct flavour, character, and speciality. For instance, Crescent Bay is great for kayaking and seeing seals.

To get a good parking spot at any of the city’s beaches, get there early. Additionally, most of the city’s parking metres have a 3-hour time limit. Laguna Beach is the best destination for a weekend beach getaway because it is 276 miles from Las Vegas.

Willow Beach

Willow, located by Lake Mohave, is a tranquil and refreshing natural retreat only 45 minutes from the Strip. This beach, surrounded by magnificent desert vistas, will captivate you with its breathtaking views of the natural world.

Even better, you may satiate your need for adventure at the beach by participating in water sports like kayaking, swimming, and canoeing.

And there is a lot of wildlife in the region around the lake. On your trip to this beach, you don’t need to overpack. Unlike other desert lake beaches, this cove has a marina with a souvenir shop, restaurant, and convenience store.

Exquisite Natural Places

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston, Las Vegas

Even deserts can have some green. Visit the lovely green trees at Mount Charleston in the north. These mountains will help you stay calm if hotel pools aren’t enough. Up here, it’s typically 20 to 30 degrees cooler. 

Visit the interactive visitor centre first before heading out onto the hiking trails. It appears to be a location you visited during a field trip in the fifth grade. If trekking isn’t exciting enough, try camping out in the bush for the night. 

They also have a lodge for visitors who can’t live without running water if they don’t want to go completely wild. The ice chests are filled.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

If you didn’t know, red is our colour and style. Take a trek or pack your camera to record the splendour. People travel here just to see Red Rock Canyon, one of the city’s gems. This place offers the chance to saddle up and ride a horse if you’re having a Mariah Carey moment and don’t want to use your feet. You are infallible, so you can boast to all your friends that you are at one with nature.

You can witness breathtaking shades of red desert splendour at Red Rock Canyon, just 15 miles west to Las Vegas. The towering red cliffs are home to various animals, including donkeys, rabbits, coyotes, bighorn sheep, red-tailed hawks, golden eagles, hummingbirds, and wild horses. Bobcats and mountain lions are visible to tourists, sightseers, runners, hikers, and rock climbers.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, Las Vegas

Let’s correct the record before you say anything. No, despite what you would think at times due to our heat, the Valley of Fire is not literally on fire.

However, it is a hot commodity—burn, baby, burn! You’ll witness some of the most gorgeous scenery, which is natural (you don’t hear that in Vegas very often). Some of the earliest rocks known to humankind are located in these landforms.

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas

Imagine a museum outside. Death Valley National Park has a unique geological history, as well as some remains of the Old West. This natural treasure is about two hours from Las Vegas and is worth your time. Make pit stops at well-known desert spots, like China Ranch and Scotty’s Castle, to make it a lovely mini-road trip.

The Most Famous Haunted Places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is constantly updated to stay as modern and cutting-edge as possible. However, there are still plenty of eerie nooks and crannies for the dedicated ghost hunter to discover.

Urban legends about Egyptian curses and spectral whispering are common, as are phantom appearances of gangster ghosts.

Bally’s: Ghosts of the Old MGM Grand

Opened in 1973, the old MGM Grand was one of the largest hotels in the world, located on the Las Vegas Strip. Things were normal until the resort had a catastrophic fire in November 1980.

The fire broke out in the hotel’s casino area. Unfortunately, the resort lacked many crucial fire safety features, such as a functioning fire alarm system, additional sprinkler systems, and smoke detection in the air vents. So, the fire quickly spread throughout the building, killing 85 people and injuring more than 500 others.

The resort underwent reconstruction, reopened in 1993, and was renamed Bally’s Las Vegas. However, several accounts of paranormal activity and spectres prowling the resort have been reported since the tragic event.

Some visitors have reported seeing people suddenly appear and vanish in the passageways. Others have reported seeing shadowy figures on their beds, probably the ghosts of guests who passed away from the deadly smoke while sleeping.

Even though it is unknown whether the hotel is truly haunted, it is possible that people link weird encounters to ghosts, given its tragic past.

Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum

It stands to reason that the Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum, considered the best-haunted attraction in Las Vegas, would be rife with supernatural activity.

Visitors have reported hearing voices from nowhere, passing out in the passageways, and even feeling pushed by phantom forces. A spate of misfortunes for rapper Post Malone has been attributed to the Dybbuk Box, the museum’s most mysterious artefact.

Post Malone reported unusual occurrences. Including unidentified bite marks on his arms and his private jet almost crashing during takeoff during a private tour when Zak Bagans removed the artefact’s protective container.

The scrying mirror of actor and occultist Bela Lugosi, Peggy the Doll, should never be looked directly in the eyes. And even a demonic force in the building’s basement allegedly summoned through satanic rituals from the 1970s is among the other exhibits said to cause unexplainable experiences.

It is possibly the most active haunted location in Las Vegas, making it a must-see destination for fans of the macabre, unexplained, or just the spooky.

La Palazza Mansion

The Hole in the Wall Gang member and legendary mafia enforcer Tony “The Ant” Spilotro previously controlled La Palazza, also known as “The Devil’s Mansion.” With such a dark past, it makes likely that many ghosts may remain.

For decades, rumours of gruesome killings and secret rooms covered in blood have been circulating. The previous house owners allege that these people or things have repeatedly tormented them. The owner was choked by phantom hands when he provoked the ghosts when a wine glass inexplicably fell onto the floor and shattered.

Privately owned and off limits to the general public, this haunted mansion in Las Vegas was most recently purchased in 2019 following a turbulent period on the market.

The hope is that the ghostly cohabitation of the new owners would go more smoothly than that of the previous residents.

The MOB Museum

The MOB Museum, Las Vegas

Compared to other venues in the city, the second haunted museum in Las Vegas is far more secretive about its paranormal occurrences.

The Mob Museum is home to several instruments of torture, murder, mass terror, and artefacts from some of the worst incidents in American history. The structure is a historic courthouse from Las Vegas where countless murderers, mafia, and other criminals received death or life sentences for their crimes.

According to rumours, these lost souls are the spirits that appear as mysterious figures in the hallways.

Luxor Resort

Luxor Resort, Las Vegas

Since The Luxor’s creation, there have been numerous bizarre incidents and persistent suspicions that this opulent resort may be more than just haunted—possibly even cursed. The hotel is decorated in the style of enormous Egyptian tombs. Its dark exterior and the missing sacred eye on its summit are thought to draw evil energies.

Several people have passed away, including an undetermined number of construction workers. Two visitors jumped to their deaths from the inside balconies, and even incidences of the Legionella bacteria killed one visitor and made two others sick.

There have been several reports of apparitions and moving things inside the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor, as well as ghostly sightings on the tall hotel balconies.

The oddest occurrences occurred when the Nile River ride was still in service throughout the first three years of the hotel’s existence. The trip was discontinued, and the canals emptied three years after it opened due to the many terrified visitors who claimed to have seen ghosts in the eerie tunnels.


Until his brutal assassination six months after it opened in 1947, infamous mobster Bugsy Seigel was immensely proud of the Flamingo. Some claim, however, that he decided to stay put longer.

In this spooky Las Vegas hotel, Bugsy is said to prowl around the Presidential Suite. Which still retains the golden bathroom fixtures from his original suite, the wedding chapel, and his garden monument.

Visitors to his apartment have reported hearing whispers and waking up to see shadowy figures standing at the foot of their beds.

Famous Competitions in Las Vegas

NFL – Las Vegas Raiders

NFL, Las Vegas

One of our favourite things in Las Vegas is tossing the old pig skin around with dear old dad. Even though we didn’t play in the NFL, watching the professional game is entertaining.

Call your father immediately to begin saving for your Las Vegas Raiders tickets at Allegiant Stadium. Now that we have our very own professional football team to support, we will do so fervently.

We will paint our bodies black and silver to further demonstrate our spirit. I want to be on national television because we thrive in the limelight. While these professional football players bring the NFL to Vegas, it’s time to spend quality time together.

NHL – Golden Knights

NHL - Golden Knights, Las Vegas

We “did what they said we couldn’t,” in the words of the philosopher 2 Chainz, and made professional NHL hockey a reality in Las Vegas. The NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights established their home ice at the T-Mobile Arena in 2017, becoming the first professional sports organisation in Las Vegas.

Our eyelids would droop with tears, but the rink’s chill had frozen them shut. While we’re at it, this would be the ideal moment to picture a Stanley Cup parade making its way down the Strip before setting up business at The Park. What a rager for the ages, man.


We believe waking up after a night at Omnia would be similar to dropping-kicked in the UFC ring. We don’t claim to have Conor McGregor’s stamina or fighting prowess. Still, we do attempt to be as relatable as we can.

Over the years, UFC has developed into a hot item; if something is “hot,” Vegas wants to have it. Please wait until you see it live; the bloodshed is outrageous. If you thought seeing the warriors slam each other to the ground on television was cringe-worthy, wait until you see it.

Visit one of the Las Vegas pubs with your pals to watch these warriors savagely beat one another.

USL – Las Vegas Lights

We don’t run around the streets with our shirts over our heads when something fantastic happens, do we? I suppose that happens when you are a soccer fan or at least a supporter of the Las Vegas Lights of the USL.

Soccer is about enthralling fans, the jubilant audience following a missed goal, and the players’ deft footwork. There are now live games you may attend rather than watching them at a bar in Las Vegas.

No more yelling for the LA Galaxy or Portland Timbers! All things soccer in Las Vegas are known as The Lights.

Final Thoughts

Nevada’s largest city in the United States is Las Vegas, which is best known as “Sin City” due to its status as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” It is situated in the Mojave Desert. The city, home to the Las Vegas Strip, is well-known for its opulent mega-hotels and casinos that foster an unbelievable atmosphere. 

Thanks to these establishments, visitors can travel the world in a single night, experiencing the atmospheres of New York, Paris, Venice, ancient Egypt, and mediaeval England.

In addition to being well-recognised for its shooting ranges and shotgun weddings, there is no other city like Vegas where anything is possible. It is a well-known vacation spot hotbed of gambling, nightlife, shopping, fine eating, and entertainment. It is a setting where your goals can succeed or fail.

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Las Vegas – 5 Interesting Tips about the City


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