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Your Ultimate Guide to Visit KSA: Top 10 Things to do in Saudi Arabia

The world lacks tourist destinations indeed. It happens all the time when telling people they should visit KSA at least once in their life. Saudi Arabia is not a land of oil riches, kings and queens, lucrative job opportunities, or well-to-do folks driving Land Rovers over the arid dunes. But, trust me, this country will surprise you with its offerings.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not justifying your visit to this unique spot because I am Saudi— no, at all, I just was born there, to be exact. And I see this country can provide you with endless thrills and sensory experiences unlike any other.

Riyadh Saudi Arabia KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Kingdom tower is a business and convention center, the main landmarks of Riyadh city

For many decades, you, as a tourist, might have been welcomed there. But unfortunately, KSA has been closed to the world because of its conservative communities. But now the country has adopted a new strategy due to taking advantage of its natural resources ranging from reserves and pristine Red Sea beaches as well as upscale resorts and hotels with luxury services on-site. And kudos to Saudi Arabia, it has done a fantastic job recently, and we see that it may continue to develop, attracting thousands of tourists throughout the upcoming years.

In this insider guide, we will help you know more about Saudi Arabia, worthy attractions, where to stay, and other essential tips you need to follow during your visit. 

Why I Should Visit Saudi Arabia… Is it Even Worth it?

Every Muslim around the world has a dream of visiting KSA because it’s home to the Kaaba and the Prophet Muhammad’s tomb, which Muslims believe is the final messenger from God to call for Islam. But we are here to explore Saudi castles and hidden gems or take a cruise on the Red Sea. We want to discover this corner of the world from a new perspective. 

So, the question is: why should you visit Saudi Arabia.

  • Housing Sacred Spots

You can consider it the capital of Islam, so if you are interested to know the foundations of Arab culture, then this cosmopolitan country is a must. KSA comprises the most sacred cities in Islam, Mecca, and Madina; over 2.5 million people worldwide visit these locations annually. They come here to fuel their spirits, do religious rituals, and fulfill Islamic orders. During the pilgrimage season, these two places are swarming with people who are seeking God’s forgiveness and cleansing of their souls from sins in the perspective of Muslims.

But can everyone visit Mecca and Madine? The authority has designed strict laws that do not allow non-Muslims to visit Mecca and Madine. But if you have this faith, undoubtedly, this place should be on your bucket list right now. You will see that the energy of this place is highly positive. The religious history of Mecca can’t be missed out. The scene of people moving through peacefully and silently will be a shower of emotional experiences. For sure, Mecca is a spiritual haven.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Makkah, Saudi Arabia

And if you have the opportunity to be there during Dhuʻl-Hijjah to witness the Islamic holy pilgrimage, you should do so at all costs in which all people come equally before God with the same attire and appearance. It’s a profoundly sensory journey to give up on all mentalistic aspects of life, share with people you don’t know a collective experience, and reconnect with yourself.

Other ancient landmarks and antique constructions, on the other hand, have lately been destroyed to make way for the expansion of Masjid al-Haram.

In Madine, you can visit Al-Masjid an-Nabawi or the Prophet’s Mosque, with a history dating back to more than a thousand years. The city is also home to the world’s first mosque, Quba Mosque. Some of the most significant events in the history of Islam have taken place around this area and other historical places, such as Al-Baqi cemetery, where some Islamic leaders are buried, and the Mountain of Uhud, another vital site for Muslims. And all historical sites give Muslims free access to visit anytime. 

  • Multicultural and Diverse Country

Consider Saudi Arabia, if just for a moment, and it’s more than likely you’ll conjure up images of camels, people with a traditional dress, thawb, or a considerable lamb grilling on a vertical spit. In fact, there are many beautiful places to visit in Saudi Arabia, but most importantly, it’s a multicultural country welcoming people from different backgrounds. Here is the thing: over one-third of the Saudi population is not Saudi. So you will come across people from all over the globe living peacefully and happily side by side, from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, and the Philippines, all melting to create this abnormal nation. It would be a lesson to learn about different cultures along the way. 

I grew up in an ethnically diverse neighborhood where my next-door neighbors were both Lebanese and Indian. So you might observe a Turkish man and an Indonesian man conversing if you walk around the area. And it’s so typical around the kingdom.

Hajj Pilgrim to Mecca, A multicultural country - KSA
Hajj Pilgrim to Mecca, A multicultural country – KSA

Saudi Arabia is also home to the best points of interest, ranging from archeological sites, magnificent scenery, beautiful beaches, and high-end museums in terms of attractions. In addition, there are world-class entertainment centers, shaggy desert cattle, historical ghostly castles (kidding! It’s impressive and without any doubt worthwhile,) and of course, the birthplace of Islam. Altogether, these things are part and parcel of the fabric that makes Saudi Arabia unique and diverse. 

  • Unrivaled Experiences & Futuristic Cities

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lends itself to travel and exploration in many different ways. You can walk around the historical sites and castles in Taif or head to the fabled battlefields in Riyadh, where the ferocious clans fought against invaders and uncovered Masmak Fort, to find out more about the unbelievable tales.

Your itinerary will include uncovering colorful houses in Jeddah; then, you can follow in the footsteps of illustrious kings and queens and visit the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. Or you can track the literacy trails which were trodden by the likes of Imru’ al-Qais, and Al-Khansa, whose legacy would tell you more about the nature of the Arabic community. That’s when visiting King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture is a must to immerse yourself in this intense literature tour.

Al Ula, a historical site in Saudi Arabia
Al Ula, a historical site in Saudi Arabia

Another great attraction of Saudi Arabia is its solitude. You can enjoy yourself at the spotless stretches of duns to test out the Bedouin experience, camping, and get a camel for a non-stop expedition around the Arabian Desert. 

And don’t think of Saudi as just a desert —actually, it takes the most considerable portion of the country, the fifth-largest desert in the world, occupying 900,000 square miles. However, the government has made great efforts to turn it from secluded expanses of sand into a high-tech country with futuristic metropolises and mighty skyscrapers looming on the vista. Its distinctiveness and features also mean that it presents a punch of luxurious accommodations and swanky utilities to have fun. 

  • A Chance to Know More About Less-Known Periods of History 

Saudi Arabia now draws the attention of archeologists worldwide who are running excavating operations to discover more about the pre-Islamic period, and every day they find something valuable dating to 100 thousand years. In addition, this country comes with deeply-set gems and beautiful landmarks often overlooked by travelers, waiting to be explored.

What you like so much about Saudi Arabia is that people here are so proud of their legacy that no efforts are spared to hit each corner to get out their hidden treasures, adding them to their heritage. And the whole country has taken the same path, AlUla Project, one of the leading tourist projects as the kingdom aims to put itself on the world’s touristic map.

Not to mention that AlUla comprises the Nabataean city of Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site with a rich history of 200,000 years ago.

Riyadh Province Saudi Arabia KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
Riyadh Province, Explore the Arab nation of Saudi Arabia

And it’s not AlUla; the kingdom has announced several gigantic projects scattered around, such as TROJENA that will provide visitors with hiking, mountains, tackling road trips, and enjoying some of the world’s natural reserves. Most of these leading projects are scheduled to be completed in 2030, but there is no need to wait until this date and prices come to double. So pack your luggage right away and make use of pristine untamed natural beauty. 

In a nutshell, Steeped in history and culture, Saudi Arabia is a beautiful city to visit with no shortage of entertainment ideas and places for outings. 

  • Well Paved Trip Roads and Great Transportation Network

In case you don’t know, Saudi Arabia is a sprawling country with 2.15 million km², and you are most likely to travel a lot around the kingdom to hit all the intriguing attractions. Cities are not located near each other; it will take a more-than 9h drive to go from Riyadh to Jeddah— the major cities in KSA. However, you will have fun if you rent a car during your visit and trek on a long drive to explore remote corners and remote stretches of small villages. I think the country is already made for road trips. And don’t forget to stop from time to time at one of the cozy rest stops to catch a glimpse of the naturalistic landscapes throughout your way and snap away wherever you go. *I mean, here really using Snapchat to live life as a native since it’s the most dominant application here.

KSA desert for unparalleled views
KSA desert for unparalleled views

And don’t worry too much about fuel costs! It comes to nothing in one of the world’s largest oil exporters. So press the gas pedal wherever you go and let yourself indulge in multi-day treks and visit some of the coolest countries on the planet; just be ready for culture shock and give yourself a chance to savor a completely different experience.

However, it goes without saying that you will be able to go throughout the nation without any worries since transportation modes will make your trip a piece of cake. (For more information about transportation and how to move around, see Transportation in Saudi Arabia section!)

  • Many Unmistakable Scuba Diving in Saudi Arabia

When we said that Arabia is brimming with activities and things you should do, we literally meant it. And you will be rewarded with tons of the most beautiful diving. Under the surface of the Red Sea, there is a vibrantly colored world to explore, especially if you make your way to Jeddah, which houses a myriad of stunning coral sites. Most of these die-for places have been kept untouched since they weren’t used as tourist destinations. But now, the Saudi coastline hosts plenty of sandy and stony beaches with romantic settings with lochs alongside turquoise waters. In addition, you are loaded with water sports and thrilling activities ranging from snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and everything in between. 

Scuba diving in the Red Sea is incredible
Scuba diving in the Red Sea is incredible

You can rent a boat for a sunset cruise trip that will be an unforgettable trip with your family. The only advice is to book with a local vendor ahead of time and sail the sea from Jeddah, Yanbu, and Al-lith. And don’t forget to spot some wreckage of ships and some quiet ancient remnants. 

Although you can fish, drink a tangy thing, or just lay on the deck, take in all the beautiful scenery. Plus, some journeys include a late lunch before coming back; invest in this package for an unbeatable adventure. 

Side tip: if Scotland is famous for tartan kilted Highlanders, and blaring bagpipes, Saudi should be known for its exquisite creatures from sharks, turtles, barracudas, and endless swathes of coral fish. 

  • Redefine Your Perspective About the Other Side of the World

Travel is not just for leisure or fancy hotels, and at night, dine out at posh restaurants serving deep-fried chicken with French soup. If you need to get this idea, then go to Austria— however, Austria is more than about a luxurious feeling. Travel is about investing in yourself to learn things no one can tell you and no book can give you. And when it comes to traveling to the Middle East, all myths and stereotypes show up. “It’s not safe, dude!” “Oh, are you serious!” “Why! Much more things are around! It’s hell, man!” And billions of things can be said like that in the same situation. But how long will you trust news and movies and let them shape your thoughts?

For example, the majority of western cultures think that Saudi women don’t have equal rights or are not allowed to work.

people of saudi arabia KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
The people of Saudi Arabia are the kindest

To be clear, there are many rules in this kingdom that don’t make any sense. As for making disparaging remarks about the royal family, that’s out of bounds. So the overall mood may be dismal. But, then then, who cares? You are an explorer who wants to speak with people, view god offerings worldwide, and get familiar with diverse cultures to be more peaceful and accept differences in others. It doesn’t matter how democracy is practiced in Saudi Arabia or anywhere else! But what matters is the lessons you’ve picked up through engaging with other human beings.

Transportation in Saudi Arabia 

If you’re planning to visit Saudi Arabia this winter, you might be surprised to find that a lot of people don’t do what you might think they do. Instead, they actually go out for parties, enjoying pleasant weather—which is rare here, for honesty— even some places are washed by snow which you can relish in winter vibes! But what about transportation in Saudi Arabia, and how can you move through the country?

Domestic Flights

KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200

Rent a Car

Generally speaking, the worst you’ll get from making any of the common mistakes is that you will waste your time and a bunch of dollars searching for the best way to explore Saudi Arabia. However, being prepared could help you save money and a bit of confusion and give you a profound guide to hitting even lesser-known bends. That’s why we recommend renting a car during your visit and heading out to trace back all landscapes coming with the Red Sea coastline. It will cost you around $140 – $2500 for 3 days. Of course, it depends on the car model, the city, and how many days you would use the car. Anyway, it’s a perfect option for those who want to explore the country like a local.

Explore beyond major cities of Saudi Arabia- cars, road trip
Explore beyond major cities of Saudi Arabia- cars, road trip

Taxi or Uber

A lot of whom miss some of the most appealing aspects of this elegant country usually get stuck with nearby attractions and leave KSA without savoring the authentic spirit of the Middle East. Thankfully, taxis, Uber, and Kareem –another digital platform to request a ride– are relatively available anywhere with a reasonable fare (with an average cost of $26). No matter when or where you love to go, allow yourself to get lost as long as you have an excellent mobile connection to request a trip.

Public Transportation

Easily accessible by road between Saudi cities will make your travels through the kingdom fun and digestible. So, if you are searching for affordable alternatives, you can use some bus service providers like Saptco. For example, a trip from Riyadh to Jeddah could set you back by around $50. And it will go beyond the obvious and enchanting spots making your next visit to KSA a little more special. The downside is that there are just a few stations in major metropolitan areas. But it comes perfect for traveling between cities. 


You can give a rail system in Saudi Arabia a try, especially if you know that it’s slightly new, coming with high-end technology to link Riyadh and Dammam. In addition, the rail network passes through other smaller cities you will want to discover to gain insights into this rich cultural area around the Arab peninsula. The journey on the train could cost you around $30. If you want to use the train, you may reserve it online at any time since Saudis aren’t big fans of this mode of transportation.

Streets of Jeddah, cars
Streets of Jeddah, cars

In a nutshell, transportation is available everywhere you travel in Saudi Arabia. If you want to explore beyond big cities, consider renting a vehicle, using Uber for short trips, or taking a domestic flight, usually less costly and more pleasant. Buses and railroads are less expensive choices.

Things You Should Avoid in Saudi Arabia… What You Need to Know Before You Go

  • A tourist visa to Saudi Arabia is now super easy. You can apply online. And in just a few minutes, you will finish the application waiting for the Saudi embassy’s reply. In case your country is not listed on the website, call the embassy right away. It will cost you around $125, including visa fees and insurance, and this will be valid for one year from the day you receive it. And your stay should not exceed 90 days, whether at one or several entries. There is no need to repeat any of the processes since you haven’t surpassed the number of days.
  • When going to a nation like Saudi Arabia, it goes without saying that travel insurance is vital, mainly since you may not be able to deal with the desert environment or be bitten if you camp in some of the more isolated places. Many local insurance companies offer a brilliant package that will help you receive decent healthcare if you need it.
  • One of the common misconceptions people have when visiting Saudi Arabia is that they are pretty afraid of police officers. Rules in Saudi are stringent, and you don’t want to break any of them while navigating the country; however, don’t worry when dealing with any Saudi policeman. You are so welcomed in the country as a foreigner, and everyone is ready to offer you a hand if you need any. Saudis want to polish away all stereotypes of their previously closed-off country as it’s a primitive society with outdated traditions. When you respect them, they will return the favor by showing you respect and affection.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Landmark shopping mall
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Landmark shopping mall
  • Saudi Arabia is safe for tourists. I think it’s one of the safest places to visit alone or with your family. The authority has already made a tremendous effort to keep streets clean and neat. You can go out at night without head-mumbling. Yes, the country is in its early stage as a well-trod tourist path, but millions of people come here for work and to participate in Haji rituals. Locals are somewhat used to dealing with multiple nationalities.
  • Attention, please, dabbing is prohibited in Saudi Arabia! It looks ridiculous, but remember you need to follow any rules when you are overseas, even if it doesn’t make sense. The Saudi Interior Ministry’s National Commission for Combating Drugs was announced in 2017 that it’s tightly associated with drug culture and it helps to spread “bad morals” in the society. Consequently, dancing in Saudi Arabia is not so acceptable even though the country has hosted thousands of musical concerts year-round. Saudi Arabia is ever-evolving. However, if you follow the traditional community’s norms, you will keep yourself out of trouble. In addition, before engaging in any reckless activities, consider the consequences. Otherwise, you will get a common cold and maybe weary looks from the locals. 
  • Don’t say, write, or read anything against the regime. The royal family has dominated the Saudi skyline since the 18th century. And no one, we literally mean no one, has the ability and bravery to oppose them. The least-worst end might be spending the rest of your life in jail. It’s not fair, or it’s already a brutal scenario, but it’s what things are going on in the other world, and you don’t need to fight against them. Chat with locals, fuel your wanderlust by exploring untouched places, and follow unbeaten trails alongside its fascinating historical sites.
Arab architure style, visit Saudi Arabia
Arab architure style, visit Saudi Arabia
  • There are many ways to greet people in Saudi Arabia; good morning is not one of them. Locals say “as-salam alaikum,’ you can consider it the official way to say hi or hello or good morning in KSA. These are effective, but showing an awareness of Arab culture is particularly endearing. And if anyone greets you with it, you can reply, “was alaikom as-salam,” which means peace to be upon you from Allah.
  • The best time to travel to Saudi Arabia is not in the summer, for sure, during which everything is horribly hot— the water, the car, the door handle. And summer here starts early. Therefore, the best time to visit Saudi Arabia is between mid-November to early March to be rewarded with glorious weather to go for outdoor activities.
  • As we mentioned before, Mecca is limited to Muslims since it’s the holiest place for them on the planet, and no location is even close to its position. So, don’t try to sneak in there. Of course, you can pretend to be Muslim and tell falsehoods to get into this place, but if you don’t believe in it, why do this? For your safety and free-trouble trip, don’t go to Mecca if you are not interested in Islam. 
Islam holy spot, Mekkah
Islam holy spot, Mekkah
  • Before visiting any place, read the instructions to avoid awkward situations. Some public spaces, till this moment, allocate different zones and seating areas for men and women. Major cities like the capital and Jeddah have eased restrictions and allowed all people to get together in the same place, but the matter still needs to be addressed around the kingdom.
  • Avoid physical displays of love like hugs and kisses while in public. It’s against the law and not tolerated in society. So, Keep affection in your private space and don’t provoke unnecessary problems.
  • Don’t capture photos of people without asking permission. Arabia is a place of great beauty and rich history, and many exciting points dotted along the way. In addition, we know if you are a photographer or you want to take memorable shots, it will be stunning when they have been taken in a natural setting. But it’s not acceptable here. Ask people first to allow you to take the weather, and it can score many brownie points.
Handsome Saudi guy wearing traditional attire
Handsome Saudi guy wearing traditional attire
  • Don’t be intimidated if you can not speak Arabic, the official language in Saudi. English works fine, and most Saudis, especially those under 30 and in the main cities, can communicate in English; not an excellent accent, but at least you will get what you need. And all menus and street signs are available in English and Arabic. *Some words can help you: Yes = Na am, Thank you = Shokan, No = La, Please = Min Fadlak, Excuse me = Afwan.
  • The dress code should take a portion of your thinking before booking a flight to Saudi. In the kingdom, you can go out with whatever you want. Shorts and shirts are not the best choices for you as a male, even if the temperature surpasses 40C. Women now are not obligated to wear a hair scarf. Instead, they must cover their shoulders and knees. However, the country has come a long way to make many registration amendments in terms of civil laws, and many things still need to be altered to offer people their own rights to what they wear and what they say. In general, wear modestly.
  • In Saudi, there are many banned items, which you need to know before traveling to KSA. Alcohol beverages are prohibited in the kingdom, even in tourist places and hotels. And if you are thinking of bringing your desired drinks with you, you are most likely not to be entered with them, or maybe your visa will be canceled immediately, in which case you will be sent back to your country right away. Narcotics come under this category as well.
Urth Caffe Riyadh Saudi Arabia KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
Traditional coffee in KSA
  • You won’t find pork on the menu anywhere. There is no point along the path where it may be served since it is against Islamic teachings.
  • Pornographic stuff is, without a doubt, against the law; yet, unmarried couples may now rent a home or a hotel room and live together.
  • If you plan to kick all places out, you need at least to stay for one week to have a chance to experience top attractions and their surroundings on your self-drive tour. Each bend is well worth a visit, and the country is home to many mythical creatures, breathtaking castles, and lovely museums full of antiquities. So, don’t be in a rush or stressed, and take in all the beauty surrounding you.
  • Please don’t start talking with women unless they start. Yes, Arabia is doing a great job of being a more open society, but you should be attentive when it comes to women, especially when you see a woman covered in a black attire “abaya.” Contrary to popular belief, not all Saudi women are covered by the hijab. Saudi women can now go out and about, work in all industries, travel to several locations on their own, and even fly overseas to study in the United States. I believe that the vast majority of people in this nation will go out of their way to ensure that you have a pleasant experience, which will assist in disseminating an excellent reputation about their country.
Arab woman in black jilbab
Arab woman in black jilbab
  • There are still specific codes of conduct that you should adhere to, such as refraining from playing loud music in public areas during prayer times “Athan,” when the muezzin “or the sound of summoning Muslims to come to pray” is being broadcast. You may have implied that you do not respect their faith and beliefs. Simply wait till it is over, and then you have the freedom to do anything you want.

Where to Stay in Saudi Arabia 

Then the question is which are the best hotels in Saudi Arabia to stay whether you are a solo traveler or a couple, or you intend to explore this corner with your family.

From my experience traveling around the world, there are two ways to enjoy your time: as a tourist or as a local. The first one will be fun with a sense of luxury and uncover popular landmarks. The second, which is our preferred way, lies between striking a conversation with locals, using public transportation, and visiting crowded markets. In traveling, there is no wrong. All you need is to allow yourself to see all things to do in Saudi Arabia.

No matter what your plate, you can be both in this area.

Saudi Arabia’s capital receives thousands of visitors each year, and it’s the largest city in the Middle East. That means It’s blessed with tons of attractions and places to head to. Historically a meeting place between all Saudi towns, and it has long been a central pillar of Arab peninsula trade.

  • Riyadh

Once you arrive here, you will see it’s a blend of stylish videos with antique castles. Both of them have made a pleasant cultural union. 

Riyadh Saudi Arabia 3 KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
Riyadh is a mixture of modern and traditional setting

Riyadh has an international airport, and it’s famous for its skyscrapers, archeological spots, upscale shopping malls, entertainment centers, and a stunning environment that outdoorsy visitors love. In particular, history buffs will be amazed at Riyadh’s offerings since the first roots of Arab tribes can be traced in this region, where valuable antiques, decorated museums, cultural centers, and the unexpected future of KSA will be formed.

Undeniably, Riyadh has something for everyone in your family to enjoy, and it will never be forgotten. Moreover, it will help you discover the real value of traveling. 

An aerial view over Riyadh
An aerial view over Riyadh

What you should know: Some certain attractions may be temporarily closed or not allowed to visit on national days or require advance reservations. Double-check any place before you go to make most of your visit. An annual festival called Riyadh Season takes place here every year. The city’s streets come alive with pickup food vendors, classy restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, and live music performances that last the whole day. Hours and availability may have changed, so please check it before setting your traveling plans in motion. 

How much it costs to explore Riyadh: a night could cost you around $225, including accommodation and food. Fortunately, most of the attractions will give you free access. 

Best Hotels in Saudi Arabia: Riyadh

Best Hotels for families:

Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana (around $163 a night)

Burj Rafal Riyadh, A Marriott International Hotel (around $255 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Fairmont Riyadh (around $331 a night)

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya (around $207 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

TULIP INN (around $64 a night)

Crowne Plaza Riyadh al Waha (around $107 a night)

*Please note that Saudi Arabia has no hostels as it takes the first step as a tourist destination; however, if you are searching for the cheapest, you can search for rental apartments or guest houses. 

  • Jeddah 

Consisting of medieval and millennial essence, visitors come from all over the world to work in Jeddah since it’s home to many reputable companies and unparalleled finance establishments. But now it’s probably to find tourists here to experience Saudi culture. It’s a coastal city combining islands and the mainland.

Currently, Jeddah is considered a food and drink destination that will help you identify Saudi heritage and a literature and art paradise. In addition, this metropolis depicts Saudi Arabia’s 2030 goal for digital transformation and diversifying the economy’s resources from tourism and investment in other sectors. It expands, offering new attractions and recreational utilities. Nearly every district has to offer something ranging from an aquarium, museums, local markets, and atmospheric settings that can be found only here.

Jeddah Saudi Arabia 2 KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
Jeddah has many things to offer for you

And suppose you are searching for a few tips before visiting Jeddah. In that case, we suggest communicating with a local agency to help you hit all highlights of this enchanting hub and create customized itineraries to see all the magnificent views of the city.

Jeddah has its own international airport, or you can come here from Riyadh. The best and most comfortable transportation mode is to book a flight for $86 – $198, taking 3h 20m. Then, take the $53-$82 bus from Jeddah to Riyadh’s Central Bus Station to save money. However, you’ll have to put in at least 11 hours on the road.

Jeddah Saudi Arabia 1 KSA is home to 24 regional and local airports, even in non-major cities, along with 3 international airports in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dhahran. Many flights are taking off every day, connecting the whole country. And the government makes a great effort to expand the air network to cover all parts of the kingdom. And it will cost you around $200. 
The beautiful city of Jeddah, Red Sea Coast

What you should know: Perched atop the central Hejaz region, Jeddah has a UNESCO Heritage site, Historic Jeddah, that will give you insight into life in the early decades of setting up this captivating area. A trip through Saudi’s fascinating yet tumultuous history will allow you to know more about how people survived in the brutal circumstances of the desert. And of course, you can enjoy breathtaking views wherever you go.

How much it costs to explore Jeddah: a night could cost you around $235, including accommodation and food. Of course, you can add an extra charge to visit some attractions, but you can still find many free things to do here. 

Attention: Some sources have suggested a spot in Jeddah known as Eve’s Tomb, which refers to the grave of Eva. However, this location is not available for visitors, and there are numerous mysteries and disputes around the site and the truth behind it, so it is not recommended. In addition, some individuals have claimed that the Arabic word for Jeddah means grandma, which might be a reference to Eve. In any case, you are not permitted to enter and should avoid the ideal at all costs.

Best Hotels in Saudi Arabia: Jeddah

Best Hotels for families:

Crowne Plaza Jeddah Al Salam, an IHG hotel (around $186 a night)

The Hotel Galleria By Elaf (around $267 a night)

Best Hotels for couples:

Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah (around $316 a night)

Radisson Blu Hotel, Jeddah Corniche (around $288 a night)

Best Hotels and Hostels for solo travelers:

Holiday Inn Jeddah – Al Salam, an IHG hotel (around $56 a night)

Ibis Jeddah Malik Road (around $76 a night)

AlUla or Al Ula

The coldest sport in the Arab peninsula, Al Ula is a must-visit in Saudi Arabia, housing a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra, with exotic archeological formations and open spaces to observe stars in a tranquil setting. Administratively affiliated to Medina, the northwest side of KSA, Al Ula can be accessible by plane, taking about 1h 45m from Riyadh for roughly $180. If you don’t find enough flights, you can fly to Dammam from Riyadh and take a private taxi. The whole journey might cost you around $176 – $350, taking 2h 30m.

Explore, Al Ula and its historical sites
Explore, Al Ula and its historical sites

Of course, the second way would be better if you don’t plan to stay at AlUia. So, you can check in at one of the spectacular hotels overlooking the Red Sea and head out to explore the world’s masterpiece, AlUla.

Moreover, AlUia has immense potential to be the hotspot tourist destination in this region. You will be loaded with activities and experiences unlike anything before. Most importantly, it’s an untouched and undiscovered location, which means you have the chance to behold its beauty without heads of crowds and free-natural adventures from human interventions. Here wonders are waiting for you.

This place is a mix of relaxation and exploration, including a wide range of outdoor activities like zipline, hiking, rock climbing, barbeque parties, cycling, and more. The heritage site is nestled between a steep escarpment offering exciting ventures like abseiling and stretches of trekking trails coming with vintage points. Consequently, AlUla is a land of mystery and magical scenery.

Night camping at Al Ula, Saudi Arabia
Night camping at Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

What you should know: However the place has to offer many dare adventures and everyday activities, many expansion projects are set there to enhance the tourist experience. So, if you are a first-time visitor to Saudi Arabia, we see AlUia as a perfect start to indulge in your passion for knowing the unique Arab culture.  

How much it costs to explore AlUia: A broad collection of lodging is available right h

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