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7 Things to Do in Ras Sidr

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Ras Sidr is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt. It is about 200 kilometers from Cairo on the Gulf of Suez, east of Suez City. Ras Sidr is divided into three regions which are Wadi Sidr, Sidr area, and Abu Suwayra. The city was well known since the time of the ancient Egyptians, the Prophet Moses, Jesus, and the time of the Greeks and Romans. 

The place became a well known destination for one-day trips for locals and contains many attractions besides beaches like medical, military, cultural, and safari tourism. The coast of Ras Sidr is extended for 95 km on the Gulf of Suez. 

There are many attractions to explore there like Al-Sidr Castle or Al Jundi Castle which is a fortress of rocks established during the era of the Saladin armies to fight foreign enemies. Also, there are the Pharaoh’s Baths which spring with water from the mountain, and Ain Ras Sidr, which contains sulfurs, which are healing springs. The temperature in them is close to 75 degrees.

Ras Sidr is known for its lovely weather throughout the year, and you can enjoy the clear waters and watch the tides. Its beaches are also characterized by having less salinity than the rest of the beaches of the Red Sea, and there are no dense coral reefs. When you are at the beach or on a yacht, you will be able to see groups of dolphins swimming around you and flocks of migratory birds from Europe flying over you in the sky of Ras Sidr. You can enjoy horse riding on the beach and a wonderful view of the sunset.

Things to Do in Ras Sidr

Ras Sidr is the perfect place for calm and relaxation, where you can enjoy the breeze of the Red Sea, the warm sunshine and you will see on the other side of the Red Sea the resorts of Ain Sukhna. 

Now let us see the places you can visit and stay in Ras Sidr.

1. Stronghold Point Military Museum

The museum is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Suez and it is overlooking the road to the city of Ras Sidr. When you visit this point, you will be able to see the trenches and rooms of Israeli military leaders and see their equipment and personal tools dating back to the Israeili occupation of Sinai. There is a high point in the site where the commander of the Israeli battalion used for observation and that gives you a magnificent view of the Suez Canal.

The museum is a witness to one of the valiant battles of the Egyptian army, on October 9, 1973. This Stronghold Point tells us the story of the resilience of the 603rd battalion who survived 134 days without supplies or provisions in dirt trenches to protect the site.

2. Al Jundi Castle

Al Jundi is one of the most important and famous attractions for cultural tourism in South Sinai, and also one of several castles built by Al Nasir Salah Al-Din Al Ayyubi. It was built from 1183 to 1187 from granite, limestone, and sandstone. The Al Jundi Castle is located 70 km away from Ras Sidr. It is located on the hill of Ras Al Jundi which reaches a height of 2150 feet above sea level, and also rises 500 feet above the flat plain around it.

The castle also contains a mosque that was with granite, limestone, and sandstone. It consists of several levels, each level dedicated to a purpose. 

When the castle was built, it showed how the Egyptians were genius as the method of its construction confirms the interaction between man and the environment. It is located five km away from water sources and it is close to the stream of a torrent, so he built a dam south of the castle in a deep valley near the castle to reserve water torrents. The castle contains three water tanks and includes a group of rooms, some of which were used by the guards, and others used kitchens, laundries, and stores to keep supplies and equipment, which are usually in the walls of Islamic cities in the Middle Ages.

3. Pharaoh’s Bath

The Pharaoh’s Baths are natural sulfur water eyes located south of Ras Sidr, about 250 km away from Cairo. In order to reach Pharaoh’s Bath, take the Cairo to Suez desert road, then go through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel and take Ras Sidr Al-Tur Road to Sharm El-Sheikh. Here, you will reach Pharaoh’s Bath.

The baths are characterized by a mild climate and a unique location on the shore of the Gulf of Suez. It consists of 15 springs and when you are there, you will see that the hot water flows from inside a cave in the mountain near the beach in the form of a pool with a volume of 3000 cubic meters per day. The temperature of the water flowing from the spring reaches about 92 degrees celsius which makes its water the hottest between springs, hot springs, and wells in Egypt.

The Pharaoh’s Bath can treat many diseases such as rheumatoid, rheumatism, bone and joint pain of all kinds, diseases of the digestive system, liver, kidney diseases, and respiratory diseases such as allergic lungs and sinuses, asthma, bronchitis, and skin diseases. Also above the bath, you will find a rocky cave carved into the mountain that visitors and tourists use as a natural sauna due to the heat emission from the hot sulfur water from the bottom of the cave to the top.

4. Grendel Valley

This is considered one of the most beautiful valleys in South Sinai. It contains several oases, wild birds, and desert animals. Grendel Valley is located 115 km from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. Grendel Valley extends about 85 km, and is covered with dense vegetation, freshwater from natural springs and it floats all the yearlong through the valley.

5. Ain Ras Sidr

The springs in the city are used for healing and treatment of many diseases, and that includes the spring called Ain Ras Sidr which is located in the middle of the desert in a place called Wadi Asal, about nine km away from Ras Sidr. 

The temperature of the water reaches 200 degrees celsius, and it comes from the ground in a state of effervescence and water vapor carrying the smell of sulfur. After it comes out from the ground, the water flows in a channel with a length of 100 meters until it settles in a depression about 2 meters deep. It is like a natural swimming pool whose temperature varies from very hot till it is hot and then becomes warm and the amount of water that comes out of the spring reaches 20 cubic meters of water per day.

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6. Wadi Qnet Cave

In Wadi Qnet Cave, you will learn more about the civilization of the ancient Egyptians through inscriptions showing their interest in mining and how they used to send missions in ancient times. The name of the cave is given to a small part of Wadi Qenit, where the turquoise veins that the ancient Egyptians extracted are located. The remains of the huts of the old workers on a hill are still found in this area, and most of these inscriptions were transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

7.  Moses Eyes

Moses Eyes is a freshwater spring located in the Ras Sidr. It is about 35 km from the city of Suez and 60 km from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, and was named after the oasis from which 12 springs of water erupted from the Prophet Moses. Now four springs remain from 12 wells around which a small oasis has formed. Today, water only comes out from one well, the well of the Sheikh, with an average depth of 40 feet.

The water continued to flow in the oasis, and many palm trees and weeds grew around the only well. There are still four palm trees, the colors of their dates are mixed between yellow and red. 

This is a beautiful destination that you can visit on your way to Sharm El-Sheikh, where it is characterized by the beauty of its climate and scenic views overlooking the coast of the Gulf of Suez. Also, people visit it for treatment from many diseases that those sulfur eyes treat are chronic osteoarthritis, rheumatic osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle relaxation, and functional neurological diseases. 

Top Activities in Ras Sidr

As a top outdoor destination in Egypt, there are countless exciting things to do in Ras Sidr.

Ras sadr sunset
Ras Sadir is famed for its natural beauty. Image credit:
Kilian Karger

1. Surfing

The Red Sea coast in Ras Sidr has perfect winds for surfing. You can enjoy it and have a great time, and you can’t pass the time in Ras Sidr without trying it. You can rent all the necessary equipment from the water sports centers to enjoy a safe surfing experience.

2. Camping

Camping is a wonderful experience to try in Ras Sidr. You can enjoy sleeping under the stars with your family and friends. There are many activities you can do while camping, such as painting, carving, water skiing, and fishing.

Places to stay in Ras Sidr

As a top Egyptian summer destination, there are countless great accommodation options in Ras Sidr. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Blue Lagoon Village

Blue Lagoon is one of the famous Villages in Ras Sidr, located on Al-Tur Road, and it is a lovely place and a perfect choice for many tourists who are visiting Ras Sidr. The Blue Lagoon Village contains swimming pools, parks for children, a supermarket, restaurants, and cafes.

2. Al Nozha Beach Village

The village is located 45 kilometers from Ras Sidr, and about 38 kilometers from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. It has many services and facilities that make it one of the best places to stay in Ras Sidr. It includes playing areas for children, bike and horse tracks, a mosque, an aqua park, swimming pools, and a marina for fishing and yachts.

3. Moses Coast Village

The Moses Coast Village is located 30 km in the Moses Eyes area on the Sharm El-Sheikh desert road and 150 km away from Cairo. In the village, you will find green spaces, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, gym, commercial areas, animation shows, spa, an aqua park and there is also a 5 stars hotel.

4. Moon Beach Resort

Moon Beach is a wonderful resort to spend a great vacation with your family and friends, where you will find the beautiful blue sea, palm trees, and flowering shrubs. You can also spend time watching dolphins on a nice yacht trip. Also, there are many restaurants in the resort from Egyptian cuisine to Turkish to European.

5. Lasanda Village

Lasanda village is located 90 km away from the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, it is close to Pharaoh’s Bath and it contains a hotel, swimming pool, an aqua park, health club, cafes, restaurants, and a gym.

How to Get to Ras Sidr

Ras Sidr can be reached by car in two hours from Cairo by driving through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which is the first tunnel to connect the continents of Africa and Asia. The tunnel accommodates about 20,000 cars per day. If you want to go there by plane then you can go to nearby airports including Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada.

For more information, take a look at our guide to planning an Egyptian holiday.

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7 Things to Do in Ras Sidr


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