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Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World- Best Travel Destinations with

Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World

When it comes to travelling, there is literally no end to the number of beautiful places scattered all across the globe that you can visit. While some have rich and exotic beauties of their own, dipped in the culture of their counties, others inspire awe by their sheer magnitude. From incredibly natural formations that look like works of a cosmic being to manmade modern wonders. There is literally so much around the world that still remains to be seen, photographed, awed at and admired. Go through the list and read about the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World.

In the vein of the natural beauty and awe-inspiring nature of the world around us. Today we take a look at the eight most beautiful, most visited and inspiring places across the world, which should be on your bucket list. Check Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World. Check Coolest Places in America During Summer.

Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Considered the largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is a thing if breathtaking beauty. It is the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World. The Ariel shots alone look so spectacular that it is hard not to want to visit this place. Forget the fact that there are more than one hundred stunning islands scattered all across this reef, the reef is filled with such an inexplicable variety of corals and aquatic life, that it is considered one of the wonders of the natural world. However, due to the steady increase in the oceanic temperatures as well as water pollution, the coral at the Great Barrier Reef is dying out fast. The conditions are forcing the researchers and conservationists to take drastic effects.

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Eiffel Tower in Paris (one of the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World)

No list is ever complete without a mention of the stunning Eiffel Tower in the capital of love. Known for its incredible beauty, especially during the night when it is light up with thousands of lights. The Eiffel Tower attracts more tourists than any other piece of architecture anywhere in the world. Make sure that you do not go during the intense winter as you can freeze on top of the tower. Most people know that the designing and creation of the tower was done by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel when his company Eiffel et Compagnie was commissioned to do so, but what most people do not know is that one of his employees, Maurice Koechlin was his partner in this project. It is one of the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World.

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Phuket Beach in Thailand (Best Travel Destinations)

A trip to Thailand is absolutely wasted without at least one visit to Phuket. Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it is literally surrounded by the sparkling blue water of the Andaman Sea and the glittering gold sand, and also happens to be one of the hottest tourist spots. If you are a culture buff then the Phuket Town is a must visit, but the best thing about this place is that it has something for everybody, one beach for the night dweller, one for the family and so on. Phuket has high-end resorts, marketplaces, stunning five-star restaurants and enchanting spas to keep you occupied. If you are tired of the varied water sports and activities that the beach has to offer.

Jodhpur in Rajasthan

One of the most stunning cities in all of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is famous not only for its incredibly rich and exciting history, steeped in chivalry, violence and romance. But it is also known for the incredible architecture littered throughout the city. But it is also known as the blue city since most of its buildings. It included knowing that a fair number of scenes from Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises as well as the Lee pace starrer the Fall was shot in Jodhpur?

The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon’s sheer magnitude and amazingness can never be completely captured by the lens. It is something that you have to see firsthand in order to believe yourself. At 446 km, long and almost 30 km wide, the Grand Canyon is just an indication of how old the earth really is. It is basically what happens to a river bed of over five million years when the river starts to cut through it. It is one of the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World. Perhaps that is the reason why the Pueblo people still considered this a holy site. Today, not only is it one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of America but due to its rich history, mining in this region has been suspended. Visit Kasol (India), the rarest Place with Beauty. It is considered as the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World by the author.

The Rainbow Mountains in China

“Rainbow mountains in China” is one of the Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World. Unfortunately, whenever people think of China, their first instinct is to think of the Great Wall of China. Don’t get us wrong, it is a stunning piece of architecture but the Rainbow Mountains situated in the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park literally look like a painting. Scientists believe that the formation of these mountains started even before that of the Himalayas. Originally the primary stone in these mountains is the humble red sandstone. But over the course of the years, it has come to resemble the unearthly watercolour-like look. Due to its incredible beauty, it remains a source of awe both for natives and international tourists. Back in the year 2009, it was branded as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Yosemite National Park in America

This place was officially labelled as a World Heritage Site back in the year 1984. The popularity of the Yosemite Park that on an average. It is visited by four million people every single year. One of the major reasons why it inspires such awe among people is because of how it cradles a variety of different topography – not only does it have stunning granite rocks, but it also holds glaciers, naturally formed glacial lakes, naturally formed waterfalls and even glaciers, making it an incredibly biodiverse zone. In fact, such is the diversity and ecological intensity of the insides of the Yosemite National Park that it alone houses over 20% of the total plant variety in all of Nevada. From rock climbing, swimming to hiking, you can do it all here.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

If you have ever wanted to visit the castle of the Beast from the age-old fairytale of Beauty and the Beast. Then this is just the right chance for you. In fact, the Neuschwanstein castle (Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World) was what inspired the castle in the tale in the first place. Set exactly above the village of Hohenschwangau. It was originally designed as a homage to the works of the legendary German composer Richard Wagner by the then King of Germany. Ludwig II of Bavaria, who had to borrow money to complete the castle and dedicated it all to the operas of Wagner. Although the castle is open to the public during the summer, it is at its splendid and magical best during the winter amidst the falling snowflakes.

Did we miss one of your favourite vacation spots or global wonders/ Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World? Let us know if we did, and also don’t forget to leave us your thoughts by commenting in the section down below. Until then, happy travelling! I think you are satisfied with the list of the Best Travel Destinations.

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Most Inspiring Travel Places in the World- Best Travel Destinations with


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