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Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali {The Ubud Rice Fields You’ll Never Forget}

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Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali

The Ubud Rice Fields You'll Never Forget

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali {The Ubud Rice Fields You'll Never Forget}

Rice fields upon Rice fields upon rice fields! Surely by now you all have heard of the ever so famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali.

In case you haven’t, Bali is full of these exquisite rice fields that stretch for miles and the best ones are located in a small town called Ubud.

The Ubud rice terraces are among the most popular in Bali for the tourists, and there isn’t much that compares to the magnificence that the Tegalalang Rice Terraces are known for.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Birds Nest 2

There’s just something magically enchanting about watching the sun beaming perfectly through the trees straight onto the rice fields and hearing nothing but the unruffled sounds of nature.

These Ubud Rice Fields are guaranteed to have you wonderfully amazed at the beauty that surrounds you.

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Ubud Rice Fields

Unlike the other touristy seaside spots in Bali, Ubud is found away from the beach in the rural countryside’s of Bali.

Widely recognized as the cultural heart of Bali as you explore Ubud you will discover beautiful handcrafted arts and crafts, an assortment of Balinese temples, and cultural dance performances that continue to add to the uniqueness of the Ubud atmosphere.

The Ubud rice fields are by far the biggest tourist attraction and have become a staple in the Bali backpacking route admired for their distinctive verdant panoramas.

Ubud has three different locations to see these beautiful rice fields.

  1. Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  2. Pejeng Villages Rice Terraces
  3. Campuhan Village Rice Terraces

Although all three locations are spectacular in their own way, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces are by far the most renowned.

Where Are The Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Address: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561

 Tegalalang Rice Terraces are located in in area called Tegallalang, which is about a 25-minute drive from the center of Ubud Town.

Ubud is located just over an hour from Kuta and Seminyak! You can get to Ubud by motorbike, taxi, private car, or a shuttle that you can organise with your hotel or villa in Ubud.

How To Get To The Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Unlike other destinations in Bali, the road to Tegalalang Rice Terraces is nicely paved making your trip to the Rice Terraces a piece of cake!

Rent a Motorbike

You should be able to rent a motorbike in Ubud for around 50,000-70,000 IDR per day.

Once you reach the terraces, you’ll see many restaurants with multiple entrances to the rice fields. It doesn’t really matter which entrance you choose as they will all get you down to the fields.

Bali Rental Car with Driver

If you are just focused on transportation and will be your own tour guide than you can easily arrange a Bali rental car and driver.  The average price for this is 500k IDR for 6 seater minivan.  The diver will take you sightseeing anywhere you wish to go in Ubud.

Just don’t forget to tip!

Book A Tegalalang Rice Terrace Tour

If you’re not comfortable riding a bike you should be able to hire a private tour at any travel agent throughout Ubud at an extremely negotiable price.

Most tours will include transportation, the Tegalalang rice terrace entrance fee, and a meal.

Tour prices can range anywhere from 400k to 800k IDR per person depending on the length of tour.  Try to find tours that include the popular Ubud Monkey Forrest as well.

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Tegalalang Rice Terrace Entrance Fee

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali

Most entrances will charge you around 10k - 15k IDR entrance fee. Also, don’t be surprised if you get asked for a donation at some point throughout the rice fields either. This donation is for the locals who spend their days maintaining the rice terraces.

Pro Tip

Although it’s only a small price to pay, if you get there early enough you may get in without paying an entrance fee!

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Best Time To Visit

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Best Time To Visit

It’s best to visit Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali in the morning in time for sunrise! This way you can experience the sun peaking through the palm trees and shining blissfully on to the rice fields making the terraces look that much more magical.

If you don’t make it in time for sunrise, don’t fret. The Ubud Rice Fields never stop being beautiful no matter what time of the day you visit.

Pro Tip

Please be aware that tourists start to arrive at around 10am, and we all know how flocks of tourists can hinder the vibe and serenity of a nice place… let alone having them in the background of your travel photos!

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Swing

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! We all know of and have seen pictures sprawled all over Instagram of the iconic Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing!

Fun fact: There are actually multiple swings, not just one.

Here you can pay the locals about 100k IDR to have a swing over the rice terraces, and don’t worry… they strap you in so you won’t fall off!

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the swings, they’re pretty big and you can easily see them near the tops of the rice terraces.

Pro Tip

If you get here early, say before 10am, you won’t have to wait in any lines to get on the swing! We’ve heard stories about people waiting up to 4 hours in line just to have a swing and snap a photo for the ‘Gram!

Love Bali Signs

Tegalalang Rice Terrace Love Bali Signs

I know you’ve all seen photos of multiple ‘Love Bali’ signs, and chances are the ones you’ve seen are located here at Tegalalang Rice Terraces! This is the colourful beauty we came across…

Definitely check this out while you’re exploring the Ubud rice terraces. The assortment of ‘Love Bali’ signs are hands down one of the most iconic Instagrammable places in Bali.

Birds Nest

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Birds Nest

If you’re looking for that famous picture of a human sized birds nest, it’s located at these Ubud Rice Fields!

Again, it makes for another Insta worthy photo to add to your feed that screams nothing but tranquillity.

Pro Tip

Much like everything else there are several different birds nests located among the different rice fields.

Luwak Coffee

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Luwak Coffee

Luwak Coffee or ‘Kopi Luwak’ AKA the most expensive coffee in the world is a special type of coffee created by a Luwak.

A Luwak is an animal that feeds on coffee cherries, and through the digestion process the outer layers of the cherries are removed only to leave the coffee bean, which the Luwak then poops out.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces Luwak Animal

The beans are collected by farmers, washed and dried to create some delicious coffee! This unusual process is the reason this is the most expensive coffee in the world!

You may be thinking about how gross that sounds… drinking coffee that came from an animals poop. But it really does taste different from normal coffee and it is safe to drink (in case you were slightly concerned).

Also don’t worry about the hefty price tag, they will let you sample it for free!

Where To Stay In Ubud

If there’s anywhere to stay in a villa, it’s in Ubud. Wake up to the serene sounds of nature and have a dip in your private pool while your breakfast is being freshly cooked and served to you in the comfort of your own space.

If you're on a tight budget, there's also some outstanding hostels to stay at or perhaps it'll work out even cheaper to split the cost of a villa with your friends!


Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel

tegalalang rice terraces hotel 2

Puri Garden Hotel & Hostel is one of the best budget accommodation options in Ubud! It definitely won't feel like a hostel when you're laying by that gorgeous pool. It's perfectly located in Ubud's Center, where you are just steps away from the markets, boutiques and restaurants!

What We Loved

  • The pool
  • Lovely staff
  • Cheap
  • Amazing vibes
  • Located in Ubud Town

Things To Consider

  • It's a hostel which also have private rooms, there are no villas here

Check Availability Here For Agoda


Samkhya Villas

tegalalang rice terraces hotel 3

Equipped with your very own private pool and unbeatable view, Samkhya Villas is a jungle paradise where you will feel complete peace. If you need a real getaway then definitely look into staying in one of these gorgeous villas!

What We Loved

  • Private Pool
  • Complete Privacy in your own villa
  • Not overly expensive
  • Beautiful view

Things To Consider

  • 17-minutes away from Ubud Center

Check Availability Here For Agoda

Check Availability Here For


Hanging Gardens Of Bali

tegalalang rice terraces hotel 1

Hanging Gardens Of Bali is without a doubt one of the most luxurious and visually pleasing hotels you will ever get the pleasure of staying at. Although extremely pricey, if your budget allows for it then I really wouldn't bother looking for Ubud accommodation any further.

What We Loved

  • The pool and view (obviously)
  • 5-star service
  • Private Pool at your villa
  • You're in the middle of the jungle
  • Only 30-minutes from Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Things To Consider

  • The price

Check Availability Here For


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Tegalalang Rice Terraces Bali {The Ubud Rice Fields You’ll Never Forget}


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