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How to Build Your E-mail List with Interact Quizzes

How to Build Your E-mail List with Interact Quizzes

Fun Interactive Quizzes For Your Readers

Having a rich mailing list as well as continuously building your email list is a crucial part of growing your website. Regardless whether you focus on providing information or offering various services to visitors, it’s very important to be able to reach them whenever you have something new to share with them. Often, the best way for accomplishing this is by sending a newsletter to everyone on your mailing list. After all, improving your website content or boosting your site’s speed means nothing if nobody is actually visiting it.

How to Build Your E-mail List with Interactive Quizzes
How to Build Your E-mail List with Interactive Quizzes

However, people are reluctant when it comes to sharing their e-mails and often don’t want to bother with typing this piece of information in even if they wouldn’t mind your weekly or monthly newsletter. Well, one of the most creative ways to build your mailing list and at the same time provide your visitors with an entertaining experience along the way is using quizzes. More precisely, I’d recommend using the Interact quizzes.


Interact Quizzes Explained

Interact is actually a tool that lets you create quizzes and giveaway promos in order to generate e-mail subscriptions. These quizzes are highly responsive, interactive and, depending on how you create them, very entertaining. It has been established already by hundreds of positive examples that visitors are more likely to provide their e-mail if they get something in return, even if it is quiz results; thus, Interact Quizzes will soon become an invaluable tool for growing your website mailing list.

Interact Quiz Builder: Make Quizzes to Generate Leads

Types of Quizzes Featured on Interact

Generally speaking, there are two types of quizzes you can make with Interact. Both are fun and provide a different experience to users.

Assessment – these quizzes usually test participants’ knowledge in entertaining ways. Among the several possible answers, only one is correct and at the end, participants get results according to the number of correct answers. An example of travel-related Assessment quiz would be “How much do you know about Machu Picchu?”

Personality – these quizzes, on the other hand, reveals to participants certain personality traits. There are multiple possible answers for each question and depending on which are chosen by the participant, a result is derived to suit those answers. For an example, a travel-related Personality quiz would reveal to participants “What kind of a traveler you are?”

Template Quizzes vs. Quizzes Made from Scratch

In terms of actually creating the quiz, there are two types as well; the first is template quizzes, while the second is quizzes made from scratch. As the names are pretty self-explanatory, I’ll just quickly explain these two.

Template quizzes are pre-done and already featured on the Interact platform. This is the easiest as well as the fastest way to create a quiz. These can be edited, so you don’t need to worry if something doesn’t suit your needs. Also, these template quizzes can provide a base on which you later create a quiz, or they can be completely done, and you can simply choose a quiz that relates to your website niche.

Quizzes made from scratch are an opportunity for you to do create something unique. In this case, you do pretty much everything alone i.e. create a template, enter questions, add answers and provide results. Quizzes made from scratch can be a real hit as well as a unique experience for participants; however, if you’re new to creating quizzes, I’d recommend this only after you’ve successfully created at least five quizzes using templates. Otherwise, you may spend an hour or even two creating something that could end up boring or illogical to participants.

Generate Leads While Integrating With Your Favorite Email Platform at Interact Quizzes
Generate Leads While Integrating With Your Favorite Email Platform

How Long Does It Take To Create an Interact Quiz?

Whether you’ll spend as little as 15 minutes or as much as an hour working on your quiz depends on what you have in mind really. Interact offers lots of templates and even pre-done quizzes for users to simply embed into their websites. You can just pick the appropriate topic such as travel, fashion etc. and then find an option that suits you the best.

Alternatively, you can create your own quiz, which naturally takes much more time. In case the idea and the results are already in your head, you can probably finish making the quiz within half an hour. Longer quizzes, however, often take up to an hour or even more. As I said, it all depends on the type of quiz, number of questions and length of results.

Steps to Create an Interact Quiz

  1. Log in
  2. Select “Quizzes”
  3. Create a “New Quiz”
  4. Choose a type of quiz
  5. Select whether you want a template or make one from scratch
  6. Pick a template or create one
  7. Integrate e-mail distribution account (e.g. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor etc.)
  8. Choose mailing list for leads to go
  9. Enter and edit e-mail capture form
  10. Create and edit the first page
  11. Create and edit questions
  12. Create and edit results page
  13. Review and publish
  14. Embed in an existing blog post or create a new one
  15. Get new subscribers!

Below is our first travel quiz. We did use a template, just so we get the hang off it. 

Starting Your Own Interact Adventure

If Interact quizzes sound good to you, I highly advise you to give this excellent tool a try. Not only you’ll have fun creating the quizzes and your visitors will be more engaged when visiting your site, but you’ll also build your mailing list and reach more people with each newsletter.

Anyone interested in using Interact or requesting a demo can do so here. I want to point out that this is an affiliate link, but even if it wasn’t I would still recommend Interact to anyone that wants to have happy visitors and a long mailing list.

There are several packages offered by Interact, so you can find the one that suits your business the best. Lite package is best for new bloggers and businesses that want to post a few quizzes per month, while the Growth and the Pro package are more expensive and for those that really want to focus on this type of lead generation, social media presence, and e-mail marketing.

After all, you can always get started for free and test it; if you think that this isn’t working for you, at least you’ll know that you gave it a try.

I personally love it!

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How to Build Your E-mail List with Interact Quizzes


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