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21 Places To Visit in Jaisalmer – Golden City of Rajasthan

Jaisalmer is the land of the emperors and do you want to be a part of this majestic and grand place with the best of introductions? There are places to Visit in Jaisalmer and it the land of exotic allurements and color with the battle-scarred forts and the breathtaking palaces. The place has the whimsical charm and the righteous setting with all things bright and beautiful. Jaisalmer is the place to wander for the entire day with all interest and charisma. There was the old city completely delimited by the perfect boundary and you would be stunned to see the remains of the city in offer. D0 you have interest in the archeological remains of Jaisalmer? Then you can be a part of this enriched voyage.  

Thrilling Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort

Raj Mahal or the Royal Palace is the main attraction of the place. You have more things like Laxminath Temple and the Jain Temples as the prime elements to enjoy at the venue. Among the things to do in Jaisalmer a visit to the fort is an exemplary activity to pursue. At the fort area you have all the houses, museums, shops and outlets to visit. You have the wonderful residential and dining options available here at the fort.

2. Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes

The Sam Sand dunes are the thirty to sixty meter tall the authentic sand dunes that are located on the outskirts of the city. The place is located 40 kilometers from Jaisalmer and it is nestles in a village called Sam. Tourists come to the place mainly to enjoy the jeep safari, paramotoring, the camel ride, the star gazing, the pure Rajasthan cultural highlights and the folk dance, music and bonfire. The month of February is the festive time when you can frequent the place. 

3. Gadsisar Lake

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It is built amidst the arid zone and the lake is a representation of the tranquility of the area. It is located on the external zones of Jaisalmer and it is the best place from where you can have a direct view of the sunrise. It is a great venue for friends and families to spend some lovely hours and feel great. The early morning times are best to visit the place to complete enthusiasm. 

4. Patwori ki Haveli

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The place is not just a single edifice but the exact combination of the five havelis. Each building has its own distinct characteristic. The place is known for its exemplary architecture and it represents the significant art of Jaisalmer in the most unique way. Among the places to visit in Jaisalmer the Haveli is an authentication of pure Rajasthani culture and tradition. The gateways and the arch as part of the Haveli have individualistic features and style and they are distinguishable from each other depicting the perfect mirror work and painting style. 

5. Kuldhara Abandoned Village

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It is also referred to as the ghost village with the ruins and remains of the fortresses and castles. The place is a retrospection of people who once inhabited the village. It is specifically the desert region of Rajasthan holding the best of secrets and myth of the place. Special attention is given to place like Bhangarh and Kuldhara due to the popular legends linked to the places. Visiting the place is just like unleashing a story of breathtaking interest. 

6. Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh

It is the most important relic of Jaisalmer and here you can see the array of cenotaphs. The place portrays the fabulous past of Rajasthan and it is mainly based in the northern part of Jaisalmer. The place signifies the enormous garden and it is the most tranquil location of the visitors and you would love viewing the tomb shaped structures with the perfect ornamentations. The cenotaphs are placed in the manner to reflect the power factor of the emperor having a majestic connation of the place. 

7. Salim Singh-ki Haveli

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It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Jaisalmer. People come here mainly to compliment the structure and it is a beautiful emblematic presentation of sandstone and thing are held together with the help of the iron rods. Once you are here you can roam through the 38 balconies. The structure has the blue atop dome and things look astounding with the shape of the dancing peacock. At the entrance you find the massive curved elephants and when you enter Salim Singh-ki Haveli you have more elite things to discover. 

8. Tanot Mata Temple

You can find the temple at the Tanot Village in Jaisalmer and the place is enveloped with the best of legends. The temple stands as an emblem of sacred power and purity. The heritage site is maintained and preserved by the Border Security Force or BSF from the time of Indo-Pakistan war in the year 1971. People living nearby pay homage to Tanot Mata and she is the legendary Goddess pulling the majority of the crowd. 

9. Jaisalmer War Museum

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The popular name of the place is JWM and it is the most memorable construction dedicated in the memory of the patriotic fighters who defended their country with their lives. The museum is ideated in the recollection of Lieutenant General Bobby Mathews. You have all things displayed at the museum like armors, equipments, vehicles and the rest. At the museum you also find the prestigious wall built to commemorate the efforts of Param Vir and Maha Vir Chakra holders.

10. Desert Culture Centre and Museum

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You find the Desert Culture Centre and Museum on the Gadisgar Road of Jaisalmer. The museum stands as an epitome of Jaisalmer art, craft and culture. Here you find the best assortment of the conventional instruments and you can even get to see the medieval coins and the several racial artifacts. The museum stands as the treasure trove of the traditional Rajasthan jewelries, the traditional weapons, the handicrafts and the fossil works. It is great to be here and enjoy the historical buffs. 

11. Khuri Sand Dunes

Among the Jaisalmer Tourist Places it is imperative to talk about Khuri Sand Dunes. It is the most exotic little village with least of population and the place holds a beauty of its own. People come here mainly to relish the desert beauty and it is a perfect locale to enjoy the tradition Rajasthan lifestyle and you would be better fascinated by the folklores of the place. You can enjoy the exotic camel rides at the dunes with all pleasures intact.

12. Desert National park

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You have plenty of Jaisalmer Tourist Places and Desert National park is one among them. This is a perfect destination to have a glimpse of the desert ecosystem with all interesting things at display. The place has the bet amalgamation of intermodal areas, the craggy rocks, the compact bottoms of the salt lakes, and the perfect fixed dunes. The place holds the plethora of wildlife and you can watch for the rare birds and the Great Indian Bustards. A visit to the green will serve as a pleasure for the rest of your life. 

13. Dussehra Chowk

Dussehra Chowk

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Dussehra Chowk is an attraction inside the Jaisalmer Fort and it is the most popular place encompassed by the structures as part of the majestic Maharwal Palace. It has the outright authentic infrastructure with alluring carvings and the exemplary latticework based on the sandstone windows and the various archways and the rest of the gorgeous artistic constructions. At the Chowk you have the list of the heritage hotels and you are made to feel the royalty with the luxurious convenience. 

14. Vyas Chhatri

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You have best things to do in Jaisalmer and visiting Vyas Chhatri is no way an exception. It is one of the grandest memorials and it is the wonderfully crafted cenotaphs and it presents with the fabulous tourist attraction. The commemorative plaque is constructed in the memory of Sage Vyas and it stands best to pay respect to the royal family. The cenotaph is made with the yellow sandstone and the chhatri is intricately designed on top of the pillars. You can stand at the place at peace and enjoy the calmness of the sunset time. 

15. Khaba Fort

Among the places to see in Jaisalmer you should never miss out the destination of Khaba Fort. It is known to be the cursed village of Paliwal Brahmins, and the crumbling fort structure still calls for the best tourist attention. The place is shrouded in awe and mystery and there are more things to see at the magnanimous fort at length. You can watch for the fortresses and the grand palaces and one cannot deny the popularity and attraction of the place as part of the Jaisalmer trip. 

16. Tazia Tower

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This is the inscrutable and the incredible structural designing with the name of Tazia Tower. The palace is mainly appreciated for the strong designing of the ancient history and the striking balcony of the tower strikingly resembles the perfect shrine. It is considered to be the precise element in the several Islamic festivals. A visit to the place will help you admire the Muslim architecture and the craftsmen have tried best to pay homage to their religion. 

17. Surya Gate

Surya Gate

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You have the astounding places to see in Jaisalmer and Golden Fort is the bet name given to the place. It is the 12th century gate and you can find the same on top of Trikuta Hill. You can visit all the four gates of the fort and you have to get through them to reach to the main palace. The four gates are named as Akhai Gate, Surya Gate, Ganesh gate and Hawa Gate. The gates are narrow and they are perfectly decorated with the stone carvings to attract the attention of the visitors. 

18. Maharaja’s Palace

Maharaja’s Palace

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You have the right places to visit in Jaisalmer in 2 days and as part of the list you cannot deny the presence of Maharaja’s Palace. You can even know it as the most popular Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Centre. You would love to appreciate the excellence of the five storey building and one cannot miss to admire the wonderfully curbed balconies and windows. Tourists come to the place to watch for the silver coronation throne, the local stamps, the bed dish, the bank notes and the local sculptural presentations. 

19. Jain Temple

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Quite close to the Jaisalmer Fort you can have a trip to the seven Jain Temples. These are quintessence of the excellent structural designing right from the point of the ceilings, to the tombs and the gateways. Once you visit the place you would love the decorative mirror work, the frescos, the carvings and rest of the specialties. The temples are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankars or the hermits and you can appreciate the human and animal figures curved on the walls of the place following the Dilwara temple stylization. 

20. Mandir Palace

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Among the innumerable Jaisalmer Tourist Attractions you can stop at Mandir Palace for the best of admiration. You can get to hear the magical and the mesmerizing folk music at the place coming from the alleyway. You will find the young and the old females alluringly dressed in the ornate attires. They are grooving to the kind of folk music while enabling you enjoy the authentic desert sunset. The tourists love the place perfectly fringed with the sand dunes along with the right combo of color and culture. 

21. Pansari Bazaar

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21 Places To Visit in Jaisalmer – Golden City of Rajasthan


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