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Best Places To Visit in Dwarka – The Kingdom of Lord Krishna

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Dwarka is the mystic city full of alluring sites to Visit. It commands much attraction because the place is one of the notable dhamas for the pious Hindus. According to the legend Lord Krishna is the founder of the city and it stands well on the western coast of Gujarat. In modern times you have the modern Dwarka city the name of which means Gateway to the Heaven. The marine scientists are of the opinion that archeological remains have been discovered at the place stating the importance and the authenticity of the place. The name of Dwarka has been mentioned I several texts like Mahabharata and Shrimad Bhagavad Gita. You can even hear about Dwarka in Harivamsha and you find the mention of the city in Skanda Purana as well as Vishnu Purana. Based on the details of Mahabharata Dwarka has more than ninety thousand royal places to visit. You have remarkable places to visit in Dwarka and all of them will remind you of Indian historicity.

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How to Reach Dwarka

The convenient way to reach to these places would be by booking cars or buses. Once you are in Dwarka, you can contact the local tourism office and they will tell you the best ways you can reach to the destinations. However, it is always right to start early if you have any plans to reach to the tourist spots at the right time and come back early. You can even take help of the local guide who will instruct you about the best ways to get to these places.

According to the ancient prehistoric epic, and the History of Dwarka, Krishna settled at the place after he defeated and assassinated his uncle Kansa at the Mathura City. You have the historical data of migration of Krishna to Dwarka from Mathura and things are closely associated with the cultural aspect of Gujarat. Krishna is also known for reclaiming the 12 yojanas or 96 square kilometres (37 sq mi) of land which is directly extracted from the sea in the making of Dwarka.

History Of Dwarka

Dwarka was established as the capital of Saurashtra by the efforts of the Vedic Indians during the Pauranik period of the Yadavas. and they came from Mathura and the kingdom they established became the city of “Kaushathali”. It was at the same time the city was reconstructed and was names Dwarka. Here gew up the friendly native population and also encouraged Krishna to settle down in Dwarka after he decided to fight against Jarasandha who was the King of Magadha. Based on the History of Dwarka you will get to know about several interesting facts regarding the construction and authenticity of the kingdom in real.

city of dwarka

The original name of the kingdom was Yaduvanshi empire and it was being established by Uugrasena and he was the father of Kansa the then ruler. In the later years, Krishna flourished the empire and extended its domain. It is known that Krishna conducted and handled the administration of the empire from the seat of Dwarka and he and his family resided at Bet Dwarka.

Till date there are several places to visit in Dwarka which are dedicated in the name of Lord Krishna. He was the omnipotent God to reveal himself after the assassination of Kansa the devil of the era.

Dwarkadhish Temple 

dwarka temple

Among the places to visit in Dwarka, one cannot omit the name of Dwarkadhish Temple. It is the main holy construction to pull the majority of the tourists making people feels the historic significance of the destination. The temple is also called Jagat Mandir. and it has been established more than 2500 years ago with the efforts of Vajranabh, the grandson of Lord Krishna. Te temple has been a ramshackle several times and the undergoing renovation work has been long and consistent. People have tried restoring the imprints of the 16th and 19th centuries. The temple is well located on the small hilly area and you have to access more than fifty steps to climb to the top of the temple area.

Among the Dwarka places to visit, the mention of Dwarkadhish Temple is definitely an accomplishment. The temple has the heavily sculptured walls and it holds the cocoon shaped sanctum where stands the prime Krishna idol. On all sides of the complex one can discover the smaller shrines. On the walls of the temple you can find the intricately designed mythical characters and the best legends of the time. The temple holds the spectacular 43 meter high spire and on top you can see the flag which is made of the fifty two yards of clothing that is made to flutter with the soft breeze coming from the direction of the Arabian Sea.

4 Places to Visit in Dwarka 

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

nagneshwar mandir

Image source: Goibibo

Among the Dwarka places to visit you have some of the stunning destination to enjoy with the best views and ambiance right and rejuvenating. Beginning with the list you have Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and it is one of the twelve famous Jyotirlingas you can know about in India. You will find the temple on the main point of the route that stands at a point between Gomti Dwarka, and the prosperous Bait Dwarka Island on the coastal area of Saurashtra in Gujarat. Te structure is also popular as Nagnath Temple and the deity here is Lord Shiva.

Dwarka Beach

Dwarka Beach

You have the best and the right places to visit in Dwarka among which the mention of Dwarka beach is most stunning and exemplary. It is the beach along the coast of the Arabian Sea with the beautiful lines of the coral reefs. At the beach you can even site some antique temples between the periods of 1100 to the 1200s. It is the best place where you can satisfy your appetite at the lining food stalls and you can even enjoy some of the colorful shells and it is also the right place to buy beads at te adjacent stalls.

Rukmani Temple

rukmani temple

Image source: Gujarat

When analyzing the History of Dwarka you can read and know about the Rukmani Temple and it is located fifteen kilometers from the Dwarka City Center. The temple is based on the ancient tale of separation and here you have the 12th-century remnant carrying some of the evidential architectures and here you can even marvel the time by means of the mural carvings and rest of the impressive structures.

Dwarka Lighthouse

light house dwarka

There are several Dwarka Tourist places and as part of the list you have the Dwarka Lighthouse. Here you find the 43-metered tower with all the viewable provisions. It is the amazing sunset viewpoint and you would love the structure and the architectural style of the same. The lamp version of the lighthouse was launched in the year 1866 and the contemporary version of the light-bulb Dwarka Lighthouse came into being in the year 1962.

The Finest Places to visit near Dwarka 

Bet Dwarka

bet dwarka

Among the places to visit near Dwarka you can get to know about Bet Dwarka. There are people to spell the name as Beyt Dwarka. Bet Dwarka is also known by the name of Shankhodhar and it has been the residence of Lord Krishna from ancient times. As part of the ancient epic of Mahabharata Bet Dwarka has the name of Antardvipa. People visit the place to enjoy the relics from the period of Lord Krishna. Once you visit the city you can get an idea regarding the relics and specialty of the Dwarka period.

Shivrajpur Beach


Shivrajpur Beach is a great way too have perfect and enough entertainment with family and friends. It is the best place for sightseeing and the perfect pilgrimage for you to visit and relish at the same time. It is the nicest place for bird watching and the rest of the seaside recreations. Te reach to the destination you have to travel for fifteen minutes from the Rukmani Temple and you would love the pristine stretch of beachnear the point of the Shivrajpur Village.



Porbandar is known to be the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and people like to visit the place as it is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna’s devotee and friend Sudama. Porbandar is the pilgrimage site for the Hindus and it is the best place where you can go for shopping and buy clothes with the “Chunari” and “Lahariya” imprints. apart from clothes, people also come to buy here items made of brass, iron and clay.

Best Time to Visit Dwarka

Once again, it would be right to contact the local tour operator for the purpose and he would be the best person to guide you along and get to see the places of interest in and around Dwarka. It is best to visit Dwarka during the winter months that is between the months between Decembers to February. The maximum temperature at the place can go high to an extent of 34°C and in winter the temperature will fall to the level of 9°C.


The nearest airport to Dwarka is Jamnagar and it stands 131 kilometers away from the main Dwarka City. Dwarka has its personal railway station which connects the city to the rest of the places like Surat, Vadodara, Jamnagar, Ahmedabad, Goa, Mumbai and the rest. Dwarka is also rightly connected to all places via road. So, once you book a car you can reach the major destinations with the best of ease.

Eating at the Best Restaurants in Dwarka

Among the best restaurants in Dwarka if you want to eat something exotic then stop at the nicest places to eat and dine. At the place you are sure to get a taste of the authentic Guajarati cuisines. As you move on touring there are more things you can eat by the roadside and the food list includes Gujarati Khadi, Dhokla, Guajarati samosa, Bardoli ki Khichdi, dal dhokli, Methi ka Thepla, Gujarati Kadhi, Aam Shrikhand with Mango Salad and the other scrumptious items. For places where you can go for luncheon and dinner you can follow the names of these eating places Sreenath Dining Hall, Gopi Dining Hall, Atithi restaurant, Amantran Restaurant and the rest. Food is extremely good and fresh at these places. You can order for the food here and eat at your heart’s delight.

Here you can see shree nathji hotel menu and food, This video is created by kamlesh modi and he is my favorite food blogger.

The city of Dwarka is the perfect combination of ethnicity and historical opulence in offer. It is the historical holy ground where people come from all over the world to sing the praise of God. Dwarka stands as the original homeland of Lord Krishna with the right show or pomp and opulence for all local and international tourists. City of Dwarka is all showy and affluent with lots of places to visit and appreciate. So, when planning for an exuberant holiday tour, the plan of visiting Dwarka is sure to reign.

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Best Places To Visit in Dwarka – The Kingdom of Lord Krishna


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