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Staying Hydrated in 5 Easy Ways With ZeroWater

I know you’ve heard this before, but let me say it again: Staying Hydrated is key to our ongoing good health.

When you consider that the human body is over 75% water, it only makes sense that Staying Hydrated contributes to better health. Every single function in the human body relies on the water in our bodies.

From kidney function to the neurotransmitters in our brains, every part of our body functions better when we are fully hydrated. In honor of National Hydration Day I’ve teamed up with ZeroWater to give you 5 easy ways to stay hydrated for your ongoing health and well-being.

5 Easy Steps to Staying Hydrated

I know it’s hard to keep the hydration going.

Believe me, I know. Let’s face it, drinking water is boring, and when you’re drinking the recommended amount, it actually becomes quite a chore.

That being said, no matter how much you dislike drinking a ton of water, you’ll be better for it in the long run. Don’t worry, though. As someone who is constantly on-the-go, I’ve got a tip or two in here that will make getting in your water easier and much less miserable. In fact, I’m starting my list with one I think you’ll like.

1. Flavor Your Water.

Infused waters are popular for a reason.

They taste great, and they help you get in your water in a more pleasant way. All you need is a pitcher or a sports bottle to do it. There are tons of infused water recipes out there with ingredients that range from cucumber to fruits. They all help add some great flavor to your water making it a joy to drink instead of a chore.

When I know I’m having guests over, I’ll actually add lemon slices to my ZeroWater 40 Cup Water Dispenser. With ZeroWater’s 5 stage filtration system, I know I’m providing my guests with refreshing, clean water that isn’t boring.

2. Always Carry Water With You Using The ZeroWater Tumbler.

Having a tumbler with you at all times helps you keep your water handy. I recommend the ZeroWater Tumbler. In addition to being convenient, it has a built-in filter so you’ll always have the best water you can no matter where you are.

With its built-in tumbler, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, particulates, or other nasty stuff in your water. You can fill it up from sources like sinks or water fountains and be confident that your water is still pure and healthy.

If you already have a favorite water sports bottle that you take everywhere with you, fill it with already filtered ZeroWater.

3. Eat Your Water.

I put this one on the list for all the people out there who genuinely dislike the taste of water. If you don’t like drinking it, you can eat it, too!

The upside of this is that the foods that are richest in water are good for you, too. Melon, grapes, apples, and leafy greens are all high in moisture. Eating plenty of these foods helps us get more vitamins into our diet as well as water. These don’t replace drinking water, but they do help with staying hydrated.

4. Proper Use of Sports Drinks.

Sports drinks are another great way to help keep yourself hydrated. Now, wait. This doesn’t mean that you should replace your water with Gatorade.

Rather, it means that during and after your workout, you should use sports drinks like Gatorade to help replace lost moisture as well as replenish your electrolytes. This helps your recovery and keeps you in balance all day.

5. Use a Tracker.

Make use of a fitness tracker to help keep yourself accountable and on track. Apps like MyFitnessPal have an area for recording your water intake. Use it. This allows you to track your water intake and keep yourself on track.

If you’re like me and work on your computer for several hours a day, use IFTTT to send you hourly drink water alerts to your desktop.

Staying Hydrated is Easier Than You Think.

With so many health benefits to staying hydrated, you owe it to yourself to drink plenty of water every day. Even if you don’t love water, you’ll love how it makes you feel, so start chugging that H20! These tips will help you do that.

From eating your water to infusing it, these tips make staying hydrated so much more pleasant and easier than ever.

This post was sponsored by ZeroWater. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Staying Hydrated in 5 Easy Ways With ZeroWater


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