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WEEK 9 part 1- Last three days in Germany, DEATH experience and a very hasty packing (Summer experience in Germany)


If you haven’t read  →WEEK 8 ← already, you have to because it is deeply connected to this one, at least with the ending.


Long story short- we had to move to a different location for our last three days in Munich. So imagine us, for two months living with just people in my age (approximately 18-25), all from the same country and then you come to a house that is actually cut out from 90s movies. Where you experience death stares just because you are trying to get your luggage up to the second floor and you’re basically gonna get killed (either with eyes or with a knife).
I might be exaggerating a little, but that was my first impression, okay?

We finished moving,so the unpacking part came to the plate. Well, we packed sloppily since we knew we have to repack in like three days, showed everything into cupboards, under bed, on the fridge…everywhere was something. The little OCD cleaning freak inside of my head nearly died these few months but I was like “shut the hell up, it’s not for life, calm down” – your German mantra.

And man!! That shopping cart was so helpful.

First (minor) problem- weird people staring
Second (bigger) problem- where the fuck are toilets and showers?
Third (kind of a big) problem- I am gonna get stabbed to the neck if I want to go downstairs to the kitchen full of middle aged Romanian workers to prepare myself a meal for the next days lunch?

Shove it Shakespeare with your “to be or not to be? – that is the question”, unfortunately this ↑ was an important question.
But okay, I am still here so I am alive and kicking and I survived the fight for the MF cooker!


The only thing I remember about from this day was that me and L came home from work and all we wanted was to eat and go to the shower. What was really “odd” – we did not really know if there are some “girl” showers. So I took it as a scavenger hunt and tried to talk to girls downstairs, if they know something. I got to know that there is one shower that is just for girls- achievement unlocked!! I got the key and me and L went to observe it.
I was not really surprised when we found 1 m x 1 m big room with shower, sink and a toilet, what a smart move. But, what surprised me the most was the “hole” that was supposed to be a shower from where the water was, not “normally flowing”, but splashing all around not even directly on you, okayyy thanks a lot. Last but not least, what freaked me out the most was the amount of dirt that came out of the drain once you showered more than 2 minutes. Well- fuck, only two days left N, just hold on!!


And believe me, you really  want to stay here for this one.

Working day, like every other one. The only different thing was that me Matt, L and Matthew met after work on Marien Platz to make some “final cut” shopping since we were leaving Germany on Wednesday.

We were there for a few hours and I did not really paid attention to messenger and stuff but once I opened it I saw like 40 messages in a group chat (people from the old house) we had. I scrolled up to the first message and read as fast as I could.

Once I saw words like POLICE and FIRE FIGHTERS and WE CAN’T COME INTO THE HOUSE…I was like what the fuck happened. And then I read a bit more and…

The quite important thing I did not mention – the whole second floor was so smelly I thought I was gonna die once I entered it. Everyone thought it was just trash (2 huge cans were in the corners) or toilets or whatever. LSS, we did not really pay attention to it.

…I found out there was a DEAD BODY two rooms from mine. What was not surprising now- the smell was coming from under the the room door since the guy was DEAD FOR OVER 4 DAYS at that point. Oh god.
Later on we got to know that it was an old guy living there for many years, apparently liked to drink a lot and must have had an heart attack or whatever. The people from the house haven’t seen him in a while and once hey stepped inside of his room, they got to know why.
This could only happen the last day us being there! What are the freaking odds??

What was most disgusting about this whole thing,(fortunately the police let us to our room), the police was in and out of the room like every 5 minutes, coroner had to examine the body, pack up all the evidence…blah blah blah, long story short they were there for 8 hours and just then they took the body away. The amount of smell that was at that hall was just everything- even if we closed the door, the smell was coming from under them anyway, which was unbelievable. A few of us gathered in one room and drank beer and talked about it a little afterwards. I remember it was around midnight and I was sitting in the opened window (because the smell was just horrendous) smoking with S, we were talking a little, reminiscing about all the things that have happened during these 2 months…it was officially my last night in Germany.

Let me pause here and leave it for now since it is a long ass story-time.

See you in part 2 now!!


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WEEK 9 part 1- Last three days in Germany, DEATH experience and a very hasty packing (Summer experience in Germany)


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