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WEEK 9 part 2- The very last day in Germany, Early Lift and Saying Goodbye (Summer experience in Germany)



Waking up to the last day  in Germany. To be completely honest, it felt weird, like I have never been this long anywhere other than at my own home and this became my home as well. Maybe not particularly the House, but people, memories, occasions…and so much more.
The last time shutting off the alarm, the last morning routine, the last full morning metro…I mean, I was excited to come home to him, to family and friends but I was feeling that I am going to leave a piece of me here in Germany.

My last day of work was kind of fast- the same daily routine as usual, my colleagues were kind of sad that I am leaving, I would be lying that I did not cry once I shut my locker for the last time and hugged my favorite colleague goodbye. Once I left the company, I knew it’s over and probably I will never see them again.

Metro cutie

I came to the house and immediately started Packing a little because our lift back to our country was supposed to come about 11 pm. Me, L and guys wanted to go to groceries to buy some food for the way home as well as some sweets and stuff for family and friends so I packed like 1/3 of it all. We sat on metro and drove like 3 stops to the groceries.
After our shopping was done, it happened.
L’s phone started ringing and it was the guy who was supposed to drive us to our home country. He said that he was supposed to take one more guy to the car but he canceled last minute so it is just me and L. It was about 8 pm and the guy said he is supposed to be at our place in about 45 minutes.

I was immediately like FUCK!! I am not even remotely done with packing.

He was awesome because he said that it is not a problem to wait a little since he was really early. Panic attack that came to my head hit me so hard because I was somehow not ready to leave right away. I wanted to physically and mentally say goodbye to Munich  and people I got to meet there…and I suddenly did not have time. That was so upsetting for me and my head was then all over the place.
We got to the metro station as quick as possible and the battle with time was about to start.

I came “running” to my room and started insanely packing my suitcase and other bags I had and when I was done it was about the time the guy was about to come. I do not know how I managed to do that because when I was packing to Germany, it took me like 4 hours.

I surely was a potato head -_-

I just wanted to run downstairs, tell goodbye to boys and other roommates that were all over the place, just to hug them and leave since I had no time for a proper conversation. Some goodbyes were harder and some of them were normal, you know you can’t create a deeper connection with everybody. That’s life.

This day in Art gallery with those people was like everything!!

So the call came and we were supposed to take our stuff downstairs, we had 16 bags and 2 huge suitcases together with L and I was able to see in the guys eyes that he was really unhappy with this baggage situation. He later told us that he usually charge more for this extra luggage but since it is out first time he let it pass. Thank god! *nervous laugh*

This was the only picture of the luggage we have, but it was the first packing, when we were leaving our House in Garching- the second home packing was 2 bags more.

So I smoked my last cigarette, said my last goodbyes, waved for the last time…and we left. We had a little dinner and both of us fell asleep.
The car was extremely fast and we were back home in less than 5 hours (usually takes 6-7 hours by car). Once I got out of the car and saw my house I felt this sudden relief and all the pressure I was feeling on my chest suddenly disappeared.

I was home.


Here we are. This is the end of the story-time of the two months long trip to Germany. I have to admit, apart from other things, I really enjoyed my time here. It gave me some sense of responsibility, meaning that I had to really take care of myself, buy and prepare meal for myself, do my laundry…just, you know?

Adult life.

This was the very first time for me leaving for this long and the result was just great- I gained confidence in taking care of myself, got to know new people, got to see new and beautiful places, listen to so many stories from people, have a proper laugh/fun, work hard, discover new languages and cultures, complain to people, take advice and give one when needed…that’s like so much guys. I am so incredibly grateful that I got an opportunity to come here and live like this. Without being nosy or whatever, I have to say I am proud of myself that I made it, I know it might sound childish or it is not such a big achievement in life or whatever, but I really was and still am kind of proud anyway.


I wanted to thank to all of the people that made my trip as awesome as it was, that made me laugh, realize things, made me have fun even though I did not really want it from time to time. The trip was a pleasant experience and if you have an opportunity to go somewhere like this do not really hesitate and go for it because it will teach you a lot about yourself, believe me. I am not saying that you will find yourself there, but you will surely get to know if you are ready for the unknown, undiscovered and maybe a little scary area that is called Adulthood.

*infinitely grateful*

xo ♥


P.s: As I am looking around this is my 200th article here (!!!) and I can’t be happier that I am back guys. Major *T.H.A.N.K* Y.O.U* for sticking around for this long.

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WEEK 9 part 2- The very last day in Germany, Early Lift and Saying Goodbye (Summer experience in Germany)


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