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Adventurous Things To Do In Dubai

So what comes to mind when we use the worlds Dubai and adventures in the same sentence? Getting a gold-leaf facial at an uber-expensive spa? No, not really. We’re talking about outdoor activities in Dubai such as Jet Skiing, Sky Diving, Kite Surfing, Mountain Climbing and a myriad other. Adventure is Dubai’s middle name, so let’s go grab ourselves some Dubai adventures!

Zup Boarding in Dubai

A Zup board is a durable and buoyant molded board. The integrated tow hook helps you start easy and quickly change position according to the wind. Stand, kneel or even lie flat – your Zup board won’t throw you into the water. So get on the board with your pals and Zup away!

Skydive Over Magnificent Dubai

What’s the best way to look at the whole of Dubai from above? Tandem Skydiving. You’ll jump off the plane over the Palm Jumeirah, strapped to your instructor. As you free fall, take in all of Dubai for a few glorious seconds – the manmade islands, tall buildings, the Dubai Fountain. Let the sprawling views unfurl as you come down gently to the skydiving Palm Drop Zone.

Go Mountain Biking On Dubai’s Rugged Trails

Don’t think Dubai only has deserts; there’s plenty of rough terrain for mountain biking at Showka in the Hajar Mountains. Bike over 70 kms of old animal tracks so narrow, you’ll have to exert all your skill to stay upright. Enjoy the fabulous views along the way. Oh, and say hello to the many mountain goats, lizards, snakes and donkeys that will join you on your adventure.

Go Kite-surfing and Wakeboarding

The waters just below the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab, off Umm Suqiem are perfect for kite-surfing and wakeboarding and jet skiing in Dubai. You can rent the equipment from local suppliers, and kite surf to your heart’s content. Brave the currents of the Persian Gulf and the fierce winds as you take in Dubai’s magnificent coastline.

Camp Out In The Mysterious Desert

Out there in the vast, untamed desert where no man is king, you can really let go and you’re your true self. Throw your stuff into a 4×4 and go deep into the desert. Explore wadi beds and mountains, and spend the night under the pitch black desert sky. Take the chance to do some sand-boarding and dune bashing too!

Wreck Exploring

Did you know that Dubai has several wreck sites off the coast? As you deep dive into the sea, explore the coastal coral reefs and wrecks of ancient merchant ships and modern vessels. Do keep an eye out for color-changing cuttlefish which haunt the Anchor Barge vessel which sank in 1998.

Mountain Climbing And Hiking

Climbing and hiking up the Hajar Mountains will take everything you have. It’s the adventure of a lifetime. The Hajar Mountains stand proud at 10,000 feet. Challenge yourself to best the towering limestone crags and the over 3,000-foot routes up Jebel Misht and other taller peaks. There are some tall cliffs around Dibba, for those interested in diving off of them.

Sea Kayaking Among The Mangroves

Dubai’s wild coasts are rife with stretches of mangroves with tricky roots, which make kayaking a real challenge! Be sure to kayak on Khor Kalba, a 1,500-hectare area filled with mangrove forests. You’ll spot white-collared kingfishers, Socotra cormorants, flamingos and turtles if you’re lucky!

Off-roading and Dune-bashing

Rent a 4×4 and head out into the desert. Who need an actual road to go off-roading? The gravel plains, sharp wadis and desert dunes are just perfect for off-roading and dune bashing! Enjoy the perfect all-terrain, stomach-churning adventure. You can drive the 4×4 yourself, or hold on as experienced handle the wheel.

Deep Sea Fishing

If deep-sea fishing is your thing, then head to Dubai Harbor. Have fun catching some huge sailfish, Barracuda King Fish, Cobia, Trevally, Sherri, Blue Fin Tuna, Sultan Ibrahim and others. Use the special fishing techniques developed by Dubai’s fishing experts. Give way to adrenalin bursts and dumps that only deep-sea fishing can bring about!

Sand Boarding On The Dunes

If dune bashing is not for you, grab a sandboard, lie on it and steer through the sand dunes. Watch as your sandboard cuts a clean furrow through the fine sand grains as you glide through. Slide down the tallest dunes, enjoying a massive rush of adrenalin each time.

Zip Line Over The Dubai Fountains

Zip through the air at 60-70kmph 1800 feet in the air on Dubai’s zipline. Experience an unbelievable rush of adrenaline. For 40 whole seconds, reality is suspended, and it’s just you, the mind-blowing speed and the Dubai Fountains below you. Register on for your ziplining adventure.

Grab A Dirt Bike And Hit The Dirt

Ever tried dirt biking through the Fossil Rock Desert in Jabel Ali, and the Big Red Dunes of Dubai? There’s nothing like it. Raise dirt as you speed across the dunes and the grainy desert, and experience a rush every time your bike rears up. Balancing your dirt bike on the sandy terrain is not easy, but you will get the hang of it. Take up the challenge!

Take A Micro Light Flight In The Desert

Micro Light aviation refers to the flying of very lightweight, fixed-wing aircraft that can seat up to 2 people. Try it soon – fly over the desert at 100 kilometers per hour. Grab an eagle’s eye view of the stunning landscape. You’ll land with a whoosh on a soft dune with your heart in your throat and a huge smile on your face.


Dubai offers an adventurous blend of several sports and adventurous activities. Expert deep-sea fishers and mountain climbers come to Dubai to try their luck. As Dubai becomes more international, it’s becoming the default destination for literally everything – luxury experiences, adventure sports, sightseeing, shopping – you name it! Dubai is where it is at, and you know it.

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Adventurous Things To Do In Dubai


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