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Top 10 Most Mysterious Places in India

A little mystery and suspense is something we all love, right? And India is the home to the biggest mysteries of all. With a heritage and culture dating back thousands of years, India’s mystery knows no bounds. From excavating bones beside a lake to mystery bird deaths- India has it all. So, to satisfy your need for suspense, we bring to you the top 10 most Mysterious Places in India. But be warned, they’re not for the faint of heart!

1. Mass bird suicides at Jatinga, Assam.

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This one’s really weird. Apparently, as soon as the sun sets here, hundreds of birds crash into buildings to their death! And even more weirdly, this is a new phenomenon. Obviously, this has astonished many scientists and ornithologists, and rightly so!

Fun fact: this has creeped out the resident Nagas so much that they sold their lands to the Jaintis and left!

2. Floating islands of Loktak, Manipur.

These floating “islands” are masses of vegetation, soil, and other organic matter which cluster together and form islands. The weirdest thing about these is that they’re perfectly round in shape!

Fun fact: some of these islands are so huge that resorts have been built on them!

3. Skeleton Lake, Roopkund.

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The beautiful glacial lake of Rupkund is a stunning sight to behold. But also, scores of human remains have also been found here. Ironical, isn’t it? Also, this lake is at a height of 1600 ft above sea-level and remains frozen most of the year.

Fun fact: legend has it that the skeletons belonged to the king of Kannauj who, along with his wife and servants, were travelling through Rupkund and died in a hailstorm!

4. Malana, Himachal Pradesh.

This one’s an interesting one! Apparently, the inhabitants of Malana think of themselves to be direct descendants of Alexander and his soldiers and thus superior to the rest of Asians. So, it is illegal to touch any of the locals and even their houses! Also, a Rs. 2000 fine is imposed on people who break this rule!

Fun fact, hash trade is thriving in Malana. Malana Cream is supposed to be the best of them all. So, this practice probably puts a cloak on the hash trade.

5. Bullet Baba, Rajasthan.

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A truly mysterious one, apparently, Om Banna was a biker who fell into a ditch while out on his motorbike and died. The police obviously came and took possession of his motorbike. But, and here’s the fun part, the bike was again found on the accident spot the next day! The police took it back again and this time, chained it up. But the next day, the bike was again found at the same site! Mysteriously, the fuel tank was also supposedly empty. So, the locals built a temple called “Bullet Baba Temple” at the spot.

Fun fact, travellers, especially bikers, stop at this spot to pay their tributes to Om Banna!

6. Kodinhi village of Twins, Kerala.

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As you’ve probably guessed, this village’s claim to fame is the high number of twins who are born here. Almost every family have twins. This is very confusing, though, for the villagers, especially for couples! Also, Kodinhi has the highest twinning rate, although India has the lowest.

Fun fact, scientists haven’t been able to discover the reason behind this yet!

7. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra.

As the name suggests, a huge crater built this lake when it hit Earth. The huge lake also finds its name in the Skandha Puranas.

Fun fact: the lake’s water is both alkaline and saline in nature! Weird, right?

8. Phuktal Monastery, Ladakh.

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This Monastery is more like a honeycomb, easily mixing in the sandy surroundings of the Zanskar Valley, Ladakh! The reason we say this is that it was built in a cave facing a cliff. Also, this was in the 12th century! Seems like an impossible feat, right? Understandably, you need to do a gruelling 3-day trek from Padum.

Not-so-fun fact: This is considered to be the loneliest monasteries of the world.

9. Hide-And-Seek Beach, Orissa.

If you’re planning on visiting this beach for the second time, then sorry to tell you, it might not be there! Yes, you heard it right. The Chandipur beach comes and goes from view depending on the tide and thus, is kind of elusive!

10. Hanging Pillar, Lepakshi.

Lepakshi Temple of southern Andhra Pradesh is truly a wonder of India. Apparently, among the 70 pillars, there is one which hangs from the ceiling, without any support of any kind! So, many devotees flock to this temple and pass thin objects such as twigs, clothes etc to see if the claims are true.

Fun fact: It’s good luck trying to pass things underneath the pillar.

So, this was the list of top 10 mysterious places in India- from the weirdest to the lesser ones! We hope this list fanned your curiosity. Time to start packing and go on an adventure! Solo or otherwise, these places are a once in a lifetime opportunity! So until then, happy travelling!

Contributor: Archi Sengupta.

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Top 10 Most Mysterious Places in India


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