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Your Guide To Local Transportation In Miami

Starting from elevated rails to remarkable trolleys, the local Transportation in Miami is at your service. The price and the genuine technology are a plus.

Miami is a From elevated rails to free trolleys, Miami has a public transportation system available to make your stay here affordable and convenient.

The famous Miami Dade County uses a multi-modal transportation network which is enabling the citizens to move by train, bus as well as taxi.

Officially, Miami-Dade County has opted for a “unified, multimodal transportation network,” which basically means you can get around the city by train, bus, and taxi.

However, in practice, the network doesn’t work very well.

Things regarding the local transportation in Miami have finally improved thanks to the modern Transportation plan.

Thanks to an innovative technology in a highly developed city, you can use their wide range of local transportation services.


Not only the city offers technology solutions for its trains but there are innovative automotive solutions as well.

With the extreme exception of downtown Coconut Grove as well as the South Beach, Miami is definitely not a walker city.

Whether you choose to go by bus, a Metro or train, the attractions are tempting enough to go with the needed local transportation in Miami.

As a matter of fact, the local transportation in Miami is so frequent that the citizens are using the public transit for only a few blocks.

How To Get Around Miami?

If you want to get around the magic streets of Miami without a car then using the public transportation is always easier.

Having said this, there is a local transportation in Miami which uses a unique transport system known as the 14th largest in the USA.

Not only does Miami have buses and trains, there is also a completely free metro system running through downtown.


It is a sprawling city which is filled with visitors from all over the world. If not a half, a third of the visitors use local transportation in Miami.

There are places to visit and see which require using the local transportation in Miami due to mileage.

Having said this, there is the city’s rail system which can get you around Miami and help you visit the places you want.


In addition to the above-mentioned, there are travelers which are highly budget conscious and the need to use the local transportation in Miami.

Having said this, there are a lot of low-cost options on the streets of Miami. To put it in another way, the big cities always offer low-cost public transport to their citizens and visitors.

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The local transportation in Miami is not only an excellent way to see the beautiful landscapes of Miami but also a smart way to avoid garage and parking fees.

Before you head to Miami, it is always best to do a research about their local transportation offers and learn to use them in a smart way.

Miami Trolley

The troller in Miami is a great way to get around the city. The bold and noticeable orange and green colors of the trolleys operate in various parts of Miami.

In addition, you can use the trolley starting at 6:30 am during the week until 7 pm or 11 pm. To put it in another way, the trolley’s open hours depend on the routes.

Continually, if you are interested in using trolley services, you can check the hours and routes on the services. What makes the most useful part about trolleys is that they have tracking apps for smartphones.


Due to the GPS inventions, you can ask the driver about the best place to get off the destination.

You know the best part about the Miami trolley?

Neighborhood trolley systems are free and more importantly, a fun way to explore Miami if you are a visitor.

Each regional Miami and Beach trolley service is described so that you know what to expect and moreover, how to get to the desired destination.


The most popular trolley route among the Miami visitors are the loops around Downtown Miami as well as Brickell.

Additionally, there are the new routes to Wynwood and the Design District.

What is more important, the trolleys are air-conditioned and start at 6:30 am and travel until 11 pm to various locations.

You can see the Trolley’s Hours of Service previously because of the schedule changes occasionally.


The metro rail is a 25-mile rail system which is really similar to the monorail only with two tracks. This type of local transportation is inexpensive and is really fast.

It moves in a direction to the Miami International Airport, goes around Downtown Miami and the South Way Miami as well.

There are specific areas like the Palm Beach or the Civic Centar which the metro rail can get you in the fastest way possible.


Continually, there is also a special Metrorail Orange Line that runs out specifically to the airport.

There is an orange line which connects to the Miami Intermodal Center. On the other hand, there is a local transportation hub which moves to the MIA.

Additionally, the transit fare of the metro rail starts at $2.25 and is without a discount. If there is a discount, the fare would be $1.10 and can be purchased online in the pre-paid, a rechargeable card, and a ticket.

If you pass by the fare gates you will strictly need an Easy Card or a Ticket since they do not accept cash. What is also available is unlimited daily passes, weekly passes, and monthly passes.


If your trip will keep you in Downtown Miami, Metromover is hands-down the cheapest option.

Metromover is a free public transportation service offering smaller loops around Downtown Miami and Brickell, and serves as a connection between Metrorail and Metrobus.

The Metromover has three major loops: the Omni Loop, the Brickell Loop, and the Inner Loop. In addition, there is also a full loop running the whole length of the track.


As a matter of fact, the metro mover is a great way for visitors to visit the Downtown Miami and explore the most popular areas of the city.

More importantly, it quickly drops you off the nearest places you want to visit. To put it in another way, it is nearly similar to the taxi, only quicker and way affordable.

Miami’s City Buses

To continue with, there are also metro buses in Miami which operate in more than 95 routes while covering 41 million miles in a year.

How amazing is that?

Each day the metro bus serves the city areas where the rail doesn’t including Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, Homestead and the Florida Keys.


The system in a metro bus provides service through the innovative solutions of Miami-Dade County.

Miami Dade’s system is designed to intersect with the metro rail and the metro mover. More importantly, it serves the major shopping and cultural centers, while also including the schools and hospitals.

What makes the local transportation in Miami even better is that there is an express bus service. Having said this, it is a quick option to use it during your rush hour.


The price for the metro bus starts at $2.65.  As shown above, there is an Easy Card or an Easy Ticket that you can also use for a ride in a metro bus.

You can purchase the ticket whether online or at the nearest station.

To continue with, there are bus routes which operate for 24 hours a day. However, there are individual routes and specific for specific cases.

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Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

How Much the Local Transportation in Miami Costs?

Regarding the local transportation in Miami, there is an urban sprawl which is highly similar to the one in Los Angeles.

The cars are considered king in Miami, meaning the local transportation in Miami is always at the service of the citizens and visitors.


If you rent a car in Miami to visit places like the Design District, Brickell, the Coconut Groove, or Coral Gables, it will cost you at least $6.

What is more considered of an additional expense when renting a car in Miami is that the parking is highly expensive, especially in the popular areas.

Furthermore, you can also access the above-mentioned destinations by taxi. However, the local transportation as the following is much cost-effective, and more importantly, faster.

Train: Metro Rail and Metro Mover

To begin with, the metro mover is a free system that offers you travel around the center of Miami and its shopping districts.

Metro mover’s services are not available to get you to the airport, however, there are plans of this kind in the future.

On the other hand, the metro rail is a system that is larger than the metro mover. You can use this type of local transportation in Miami to reach out the outskirts of the magic city.

Continually, if you plan to use the metro rail or a metro bus, the most cost-effective choice would be a 7-day pass available for only $26.


If you use a navigation system for the city, the metro mover, a computer-driven train is your top choice.

Additionally, the best part of the day to use this local transportation in Miami is around dusk or sunsets, thus, you can enjoy the urban landscapes.

But if you prefer more a bus, then you can use it to go to some of the major destinations. One-way tickets are $1.75 while a 7-day pass is $16.


Even though it is not easy to get a can in Miami, a city with heavy traffic, sometimes you need it. And the fact that is more expensive than the rest of the local transportation in Miami does not make it less needy.

There are particular areas in Miami like the mainland and the Central, you can get a Yellow Cab that starts at $2.50. Each additional mile costs $.40 and the waiting time per minute costs $0.40.

Despite the cost, it is a much effective way to get to the wanted destination due to the implemented GPS trackers for cars.

Bus Local Transportation in Miami

Regarding the areas you want to get to, you can use the Miami city bus. The bus goes around town and at the airport.

For instance, if you are staying for a week then the 7-day pass is the best choice because you have unlimited rides.

What is important to remember is that if you do not get a pass, the busses do not give change and the fair would be 1.75.


Another important thing to consider is to check the north, south routes and directions on the bus. Each bus makes two stops on the train

Furthermore, there is a $2.25 bus transit fare while the express buses have a $3.35 transit fare.

If you want to transfer from a bus to rail, it will cost you an additional 60c. but the machines take crisp dollar bills as well as easy tickets.

Free ebook


Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

In order to recognize the bus stops easier then look for white signs with blue and green metal markers that have the route written on.

Tokens and Passes

If you want to use the bus frequently then you can purchase the Easy Card which is a pass that lets you to prepay up to $150.

The Easy Cards can be purchased online and also at metro rail ticket station. Having said this, the ticket is probably the best choice if you are a visitor since it will save you money, time and annoyance.

It is the perfect exchange for money carrying around your pockets.

Where to Find the Best Local Transportation In Miami?

To start with, before you visit Miami, it would be best if you check their services regarding the local transportation in Miami.

Continually, it is always best if you go prepared to an unfamiliar city and get to know the services of local transportation in Miami.


Not only you can find services on the Government websites, but the businesses have also spread their services online.

In addition, the services to find online are the following:

  • Yelp
  • Citizens Independent Transport
  • Special Transportation Service

Making Local Transportation in Miami Safe

In the end, not only Governments need to provide an easier and fastest way of local transportation in Miami but they also need to take other factors into consideration.

Having said this, one of the most important and crucial factors of all is safe in the world of transportation.

Furthermore, the Government needs to make sure that they provide safe transportation and show it cares about the citizens.


In addition to this, the company uses one of the safest and widely known Miami Dade System with upgraded real-time tracking.

Every local transportation in Miami needs to comply with the following safety rules:

  • DOT and DMV
  • NHTSA and OSHA
  • TSA and DOL
  • Transit Safety Center
  • FDOT

Moreover, as a citizen, you can check up when is your Metrobus or Metrorail coming. More importantly, you can get information about the schedules of transportation vehicles as well as a station information.


By using the local transportation in Miami, you are actually avoiding the traffic and save on gasoline at the same time.

In addition, the Government is thanking you by providing the best possible local transportation in Miami services to use.

In the end, you can also avoid the traffic traveling and use the most convenient choices of the city.

All of the above-mentioned types of local transportation are available and affordable to use.

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Your Guide To Local Transportation In Miami


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