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10 Benefits Of GPS Tracking In Landscaping

Landscaping and GPS tracking connection

Landscaping as other industries is embracing the technology of Gps Tracking. It is widely known that the fleet tracking systems are easing the work of landscape businesses.

Fleet tracking is used by landscaping professionals to monitor productivity and produce additional profits.

Being aware of the crew’s location, their time sheet accuracy and job validations helps managers improve business operations.

Knowing when a crew has completed a job and being able to direct them to the the next job immediately is vital landscape and snow removal fleet managers.

The GPS tracker for business helps with job validation, so that you can improve your productivity.

Being able to validate the work done on a daily basis is vital to knowing that the job was completed and reported accurately.

If you need to know where and when your crews have completed a job, either so that they can be directed to the next one, or for validation purposes, than fleet tracking is the solution you need.

GPS Tracking in Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the industries which must serve the customers with proper care. From trucks carrying the team and leaving them to do the job on the field, a business owner needs to know where his team constantly is.

With the help of a fleet tracking system and managing vehicles, you can maximize the profit of your company as well as improve the services.

GPS tracking in landscaping

In particular, there are only advantages of utilizing a vehicle tracking system. To put it in a different way, it is simple to use as well as effective in a way of lowering costs.

Besides taking care of work, the fleet tracking is taking care of customers as well.

Having said this, the benefits of using GPS fleet tracking are the following:

  • Providing Customers with Arrival Times
  • Urgent Dispatching
  • Prevent Vehicle’s Personal Use
  • Improve Vehicle’s Maintenance

1. Landscaping Businesses Can Save on Fuel

The landscaping business might seem easy, however if you own a company with more than 100 employees, somehow you need to keep track of everything.

Having said this, reducing fuel is the primary benefit when using fleet management software. As a matter of fact, the landscaping companies can reduce the fuel usage by 50%.

To emphasize, this is done with the help of the effective platforms which are decreasing unaccepted behaviors.

Landscaping business can save on fuel with GPS tracking

If you manage to decrease the fuel-consuming performances then you will know when your vehicles are used and where.

By knowing the location of each employee, how fast they travel and idle as well, you will be able to correct them.

In the end, you will finally get the chance to improve their fuel consuming.

GPS helps landscaping save on fuel

In addition, reducing the fuel consumption leads to reducing of fuel costs.

With the help of your next GPS tracking device, you save on maintenance costs by measuring and controlling the equipment.

It is said that business owners motivate their employees by monitoring their behavior where they can correct them.

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2. Boost Fleet Safety and Security

As any business needs to improve efficiency, productivity, way of working, speed etc, a business needs to take care of safety.

Continually, landscaping is considered as a safe occupation, however, you never know what might happen.

Due to this matter, the technology manufacturers make the fleet tracking systems.

with GPS landscaping can boost safety and security

With the help of these, you are actually creating a safe work environment for the employees.

On the other hand, you are creating safe environment for the customers as well because landscaping is an on-field job.

By implementing a vehicle GPS tracker, you allow your team to use the tools they actually need.

GPS trackers help landscaping boost safety

However, once you decide to take this step, make sure you always consider the safety first and the security second.

Not to mention that the real time fleet system will help you comply with the safety regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

More importantly, by managing safety and security you will then much easier manage the rest of the business.

3. Landscaping Businesses Can Improve Customer Service

Landscaping is one of the industries where customer satisfaction is important same as profit.

As a matter of fact, if you think about it, you will discover that customer satisfaction and trust actually increase the profit of the business.

Due to the work surrounding the landscaping industry, the jobs in this niche are more seasonal.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the ground maintenance occupations are available in different seasons.

For instance, most grounds maintenance jobs are available in the spring, summer and fall as well, while the planting, mowing, trimming and cleanup are necessary.

For many landscaping businesses, handling seasonal changes can be a challenge especially without a plan of action in place. Compounding the seasonal issue is the amount of incoming service calls during peak seasons.


Landscaping businesses that don’t take advantage of every aspect of their business may find it difficult to handle high volume calls, making it hard to retain and win new business.

As a result of these challenges, landscaping businesses are searching for a solution to help
streamline their processes.

But how do you win more business in the off-season and maintain business during peak seasons? In order to answer this question, we need to examine the issues you face on a day-to-day basis.

4. Provide an Entire Proof of Service

According to the customer service in landscaping, people assume that there is little space for mistakes.

However, the roads and fields are unpredictable even in the safest areas.To put it in a different way, there are cases where customers are complaining that an employee crew did not appear on their property.


In addition, when this happens it is the customers words against the employees, and you know that a customer is always right.

With the help of the GPS tracking for vehicles, you will provide them with support. In this case, the supervisors can easily generate information from the report and check the location of the employees.

More importantly, this is one of the smartest ways to speed up and increase employee’s productivity.

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What is also beneficial is that it creates a bond with the customers. In other words, it is one way of allowing your customers to get inside your world.

Thinking about this, tracking system is one of the best ways to get business advantages and use them to a full maximum.

5. Earn the Trust of Customers

As mentioned above, GPS trackers can improve businesses on different levels.

Having said this, same as it can help improve customer service, consequently, the device helps you earn trust of your customers.

In fact, this is really important because of the different features that these fleet tracking devices have.


For example, you can choose the device which has a feature enabling customers to track vehicles.

To put it in a different way, once customers are being able to track the crew which is supposed to arrive at their place, they will feel much safe.

Moreover, once the employees know they are expected at a customer’s place, they will be more attentive to the precision and arrive on-time.

6. Improve Driver Safety

Same as improving the safety of the fleet, the safety of drivers and employees is crucial. The drivers of the utility are at risk once they get on the field.

Continually, as good as workers they may be, and respect the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), they sometimes needs help to get the job done.

Having said this, in order to improve the safety, the best solution is to use the GPS tracking system.


As shown above, an important and overlooked benefit of GPS tracking in landscaping is improving safety of driver.

An important, yet overlooked, benefit of a GPS fleet tracking solution is improving driver

As a matter of fact, the function of a helpful GPS tracking is the following:

  • Rewarding best employees
  • Improving the rest of the employees
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Create safe dispatching
  • Turn by turn directions and eliminate chances of getting lost

To continue with, the importance of GPS tracking in landscaping is actually helping in emergency situations.

For instance, if a driver has an accident, is lost, or is stuck somewhere they can contact directly with dispatchers.

Moreover, it is highly crucial for complying with safety rules like DOT, DOL, NHTSA for using cellphones while driving commercial vehicles.

7. Improve Productivity

Another issue of the landscaping business owners is to improve the employee activity i.e. the productivity.

Having hundreds of the crew spread out in different directions it is tough to locate their position.

Even though you have a team of professionals, you never know where they are heading to and to what stuff they lose time.


Continually, as good as workers and employees they seem to be, they sometimes need help to do their job flawlessly.

A fleet tracking system is the right tool needed to solve the landscaping issues interfering with success.

More importantly, the technology of business vehicle tracking is allowing you to manage the operations efficiently with higher results.


Once you get the ability to track the machines 24/7, you can locate the fleet operations which actually need improvement.

Protecting the vehicles and trailers seems challenging, however, you need to strive going above the average.

With the help of the GPS tracking you can actually monitor the assets and get location and vehicle usage information.

8. Recovering Assets

When running a landscaping business, the equipment plays the most crucial role. This is due to the fact that you actually invest the biggest sum of money in the machines and equipment.

The other operating costs are just set apart including the repair costs and other parts of accessories.

Although landscaping seems easy as a business to run, the assets are always a thing to put consideration into.


In addition to the above-mentioned, they are all types of cases possible to happen. For example, a piece of equipment might get loaded wrongfully, stolen or misplaced.

The GPS tracking is one of the most effective tools keeping everything safe and under control.

For instance, if a machine gets stolen, then you can return the vehicle or even stop the theft if possible.


Once it happens this to you, recovering the vehicle is something that would mean a lot to you.

Having said this, this can help you protect or recover the assets which are result of theft. Consequently, this reduces the fuel expenses, the maintenance labor costs as well as insurance.

Despite that, this can help you to easily manage the entire business more efficiently.

9. Coping With the Daily Business Challenges

Additionally, besides doing the above-mentioned, there are other business challenges which your company needs to cope with.

For instance, handling the high volume calls as well as seasonal changes you can keep ahead of the competition in running a business.


Another example is the equipment. Keeping the equipment safe is one way to keep the assets safe, mostly in the landscaping industry.

A great role of the daily business challenges plays the insurance.

Continually, managing to arrive on time on the timely scheduled landscaping appointments is another challenge for landscaping businesses.

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Hey! I’m George J. Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 100 Things To Know About GPS and Fleet Management.

With the help of the GPS tracking and the right features, the employees will be able to get on time to provide services.

Compared to on-time arrivals, the delays affect your assets as well. For instance, you may come across a customer who will pay less or not pay at all for a delay.

10. Increase Profit

In addition to the above-mentioned, tracking the equipment will save you tons of money and improve productivity.

As an illustration, with the right GPS tracking system, you can recover more than $400,000.

With regards to this, one of the biggest issues is to manage the overhead expenses and start increasing profit instead.


The GPS tracking systems are enabling you with uncontrollable costs management.

Moreover, the features such as alerts and reporting you can reduce the fuel expenses and consumption.

Continually, by monitoring operating hours as well as idling, you can lower the costs by 20%.
Further, the prosperous vehicle tracking system is actually giving you a chance to create schedules and save cash in fact.


GPS fleet management allows you to optimize the routes your crews take, so you can lower fuel costs.

By ensuring that your crew spends more time serving customers and less time on the road driving from one job to the next, you can increase the number of customers your existing team can serve.

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10 Benefits Of GPS Tracking In Landscaping


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