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Best GPS Fleet Tracking Features to Track Your Truck and Increase Profit

track your truck using the best features

What are the features you prefer to track your truck? Some of the best fleet tracking features are those that increase profit.

However, before you get to that phase, you need to make sure you cover other factors important to your business.

In addition, as a business owner, you need to know the answers on the following when it comes to tracking your truck:

  • What is that you want to improve?
  • How am I going to improve my business?
  • Am I doing the right progress decision?
  • How is a GPS fleet going to help my company?

To continue with, 75% of the confident company owners know how to run their trucking business.

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The rest 25% of the company owners know or at least they think they know. Further, if you want to increase profit you need to know your goals, and more importantly follow them.

It is transportation-demanding in the business to know to handle the fleet, the trucking expenses and how are you going to implement technology in your company.

Track Your Truck GSM Frequency

Losing a signal is never good while hitting the highways. Although we live in the digital era, there are still natural reasons for losing a signal while entering tunnels under mountains.

When this happens, the GSM feature used in order to generate the noise on the GSM frequency bands.

Sometimes a Driver wants or needs to take the vehicle off the road and route but in most cases, he makes sure the company does not find out.

track your truck with GSM frequency

Looking on the negative side, the vehicle or cargo may get stolen by criminals, or in the worst case, a driver may have an accident.

As bad as the tracking of your drivers it may sound, it is for the driver’ safety as well as for the freight.

Seeking this feature in your next GPS to track your truck is a must. In this way, when some of the above-mentioned happen, a GSM frequency will notify the freight managers.

Eco Driving Parameters

The costs of fuel and your fleet are considered as the biggest ones to face in the transportation industry.

Trying to reduce them will eventually result in lower operating costs and more importantly, higher profits.

One way to achieve this while you track your track is to find a fleet tracking device which has Eco Driving feature.

track your truck with eco driving parameters

In order to implement eco-driving, as a fleet owner, you need types of advanced GPS tracking systems which exchange and gather massive amounts of data.

Even though the standard ones are still able to acquire data but probably not all the data including the features you want.

Towing Detection

To continue with, the most surprising of all features and the one that gets the most popular is the towing detection.

When a vehicle is towed, a device sends notifications to the driver and the manager as well. In this way, they can take action before the vehicle gets towed away.

track your truck with towing detection

The true reason for this is the competition existing among the delivery companies. Even if you get one vehicle towed away, along with the cargo, it may cost you losing your customers.

This feature will not only ease the job of the fleet managers and save you money, but it will also help in the job dispatchers do all day.

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Driver Identification

In every company, there are truck drivers who are less likely to act like professional truckers. Without implementing the right technology and track their behavior, your transportation business may outlive profit damage.

One way to avoid killing your company’s profit and increase it instead is to implement fleet management software to track your truck.

track your truck with driver identification

Having said this, one of the features to look for in a GPS fleet tracking is the iD reader.

ID Reader

In particular, every GPS tracker has different benefits to track your truck. Likewise, one of the best is the reader of drivers.

This is a unique software which transmits a code referring to each specific driver.

There is an identification module which has an installed button on the dashboard and is connected to the GPS tracking device.

track your truck with ID reader

The reader completes its action by giving a personal emitter to each of the drivers. With the help of the button, the drivers give information that he is starting with his new route.

In this way, the dispatching team is informed about the action a driver takes.
This is a great feature because, in case of not pushing a button for a route, an alarm is triggered by a loud sound.

track your truck with identification reader

Consequently, the fleet manager will be informed and be able to check the situation of a trucker. As a matter of fact, this features covers three major factors in the world of trucks:

  • Safety of the trucker
  • Cargo delay
  • Any other unexpected situation

Driver Management Login

Another option to track your truck with Driver Identification is with the onboard terminal. With the help of this feature, drivers login into the app.

track your truck with driver management login

By logging in, an information is transmitted to the management app. This means that drivers are using the feature and eases the job for the managers and drastically increases the use and meaning of their unique fleet tracking software.

Driving Behavior Analysis

As mentioned previously, driving has an immense impact on the trucking expenses.

Driving behavior has a huge impact on the fleet’s costs. Each driver is operating the vehicle differently, despite all of the FMCSA or DMV rules.

Consequently, you can track your truck with the driving behavior analysis and receive a complete overview of the speeding and idling of the vehicle.

track your truck with driving behavior analysis

Most of the vehicles on the market can be read with the help of technology.

Additionally, by discovering a driver’s behavior, a trucker is ranked. Some of the employees, from new truck drivers to experienced truckers, may consider this as a spying instead of a help.

Having said this, it might be hard for them to understand the fact that it is beneficial for their own safety, the safety of cargo and productivity of the company.

track your truck with driving analysis

This will allow you and the drivers to better understand how the vehicles are being used, the typical excesses for each driver and which driving habits need to be corrected.

Further, you will be able to give feedback to drivers which will impact on getting the following results:

  • Clearer comprehension of acceleration
  • Understanding braking
  • Learning to manage to idle

In the end, truck drivers will get rid of their driving habits and try to score better driving behavior which will get the company a higher score at SAFER.

track your truck according to regulations

According to the regulations of OSHA, NHTSA and DOL, you need to learn the difference between good driving and aggressive driving.

When searching the right GPS tracking system for business, the vehicle operating can result in higher transportation and fuel costs, accidents and low fleet management.

Monitoring Driving Times

Monitoring the driving times of truckers is very similar to the above-mentioned feature of ID reading but much detailed.

If you want to be informed of every action of your truck drivers, then this one is the best one to search for in a vehicle tracking system to track your truck.

track your truck with monitoring driving times

In particular, the system controls specific elements of the driving time restrictions and they are the following:

Continuous driving

With the help of this feature, dispatchers and fleet managers get notifications about the continuous driving of truckers.

They get info whether the truck driver made a break, two breaks while completing the necessary duration of driving hours.

Daily driving time

The daily driving time involves info about the hours of service (HOS). Each driver starts its driving time in a different time interval.

track your truck with driving times

Due to the difference at route beginnings, dispatchers cannot be always informed without a right GPS fleet tracking.

With this, dispatchers get informed about the total driving time on a daily basis as well as the finish hours of driving time.

Weekly driving time

Same as daily driving notifications, fleet managers can get total driving time info based on the week.

Continually, the feature also shows the extra driving hours of a trucker in the week which eases the management in the company:

  • Biweekly driving time
  • Biweekly driving hours of truckers
  • Collects information about the driving time of the current as well as the previous week.
track your truck by weekly driving time

What makes this feature even best and eases your job when tracking your truck is that is also useful for companies having team truck drivers.

In this case, the GPS tracking system generates info for both team company drivers operating the vehicle.

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In short, you will benefit in getting positive results for the following:

● Constant information about each trucker’s driving hours
● Compatibility with regulations and configurable for other important rules

Track Your Truck By Getting Fleet Alarms

The transportation industry is quite tricky, there are always circumstances where you need to react fast. The fleet alarms are saviors when it comes to saving a situation.

track your truck by using fleet alarms

And the best part?

You can always set different types of alarms according to your company’s needs.

Closest Vehicles

This feature not only allows you to track your truck but discover the closest vehicles as well.

Moreover, the feature lists you 5 closest vehicles to the location, together with their contacts, location distance and the time of arrival.

track your truck and the closest vehicles

Another option that this feature allows you is a list of recommended vehicles. For example, by selecting vehicles that transport hazardous materials, you will get them in the recommendation list.

Continually, the key in the feature is completing the following actions:

  • Easily and quickly locate closest vehicles from any location
  • Know vehicle’s location distance, trip times and time of arrival
  • Choosing a vehicle based on availability, distance, vehicle class etc.

Panic Alert

The job of drivers is unpredictable, especially when they are hitting the never-ending highways. Moreover, they can always find themselves near deserts with no one to help them in unexpected situations.

Often, there are cases when they feel lonely. In order to minimize the risks, you can change that by implementing GPS tracking alerts to track your truck.

track your truck with panic button alert

In particular, panic buttons trigger alarms in emergency cases and the information travels to fleet managers GPS software.

Using this feature is easy and it is invaluable in getting drivers a peace of mind. If truckers are facing an unpleasant situation they may not be able to use their phone but they can use the panic button alert instead.

Depending on the type of settings you select, the alarms will be sent to the destination by email or SMS.

use panic alert to track your truck

By sending the alarm to the destination, the driver is not only giving information about the situation but other factors are involved as well. For example:

  • Vehicle information
  • Driver identification
  • What time the button was pressed
  • The location of the incident
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With the help of this information, you can easily contact the driver, send another nearby vehicle, or in the worst case, send the authorities to the location.

Arrival Notification

This feature is very much alike to the ID reader but here you give info about your time of arrival.

By implementing this GPS feature, you will automatically notify the clients of the arrival time to their locations.
The arrival notifications, not only will increase the fleet efficiency but improve customer service in transportation.

get arrival notification to track your truck

Thus, you will gain trust among customers and you will be able to build a loyal customer relationship.

If you assign a route to a particular vehicle, you can arrange how you want to receive the notifications.

For instance, you can arrange customers to get notifications before the arrival of the vehicle.

Moreover, you can determine the timing of notifications, when do you want them to be sent to customers.

track your truck by getting notifications

In particular, you could set the customer’s notifications to your preferences, how you actually think is more efficient for the customers.

On the other hand, you can set the notifications according to the customer’s preferences, how do they want to receive notifications about their cargo.

The notifications can be sent in a form of SMS or email.

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Track Your Truck With Fleet Analytics

This feature is getting more and more popular. At first, there was only the GPS tracker of locations, the geofencing and now you can get overall analytics of your fleet.

How amazing is that?

track your truck by reading fleet analytics

The roads of America are dangerous and by inserting analytics, you will generate information on every detail on the truck’s route.

With the help of the analytics, you can do the following:

Outlining Routes

When searching for the right GPS device to track your track, you can choose the one which helps your vehicles perform normally.

track your truck by outlining routes

For example, if your vehicle spends more on fuel than previously, the analytics will certainly tell you. What makes it even better is that you can find out the sum of the additional costs.


Finding a truck GPS with this feature will help you general information about the frequent routes of your fleet.

With this intention, you will be able to find the roads the vehicles took between two particular locations in a direction.

How much will this cost your business in a month?

track your truck and business costs


This is a feature which allows you to actually calculate the impact the location change has on your businesses expenses.

track your truck with relocation

In fact, this feature will help you decide where you want your office to be located as well as the states where you will transport types of freight.

This decision is highly associated with your company’s cost of the fleet, fuel, and mileage.


Starting a transportation business is never easy. You might find yourself in situations of ups and downs and therefore, you need to think of everything and always be prepared for the unexpected.

Those unpredicted situations consequently cause disruption in businesses. Implementing GPS solution to track your truck is one of the best investments you can do for your company.

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Best GPS Fleet Tracking Features to Track Your Truck and Increase Profit


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