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Saturday Jumble | Vol. 01


I thought of starting this weekly, or bi-weekly (if I’m being realistic), blog updates because…

Social Media

…I’m sort of quitting Twitter, my main social media platform for almost a decade. I won’t deactivate my account because it’s still my easiest source of current events, and updates from people I chose to follow.

But I no longer see the point of adding my 140-character tweets to conversations about my dear Philippines, random trends close to my heart , and random stuff about my day. Not that I lost hope for the state our country. I still support the causes I believe is good for the Filipino people, but my support will no longer be shown through quick status updates and tweets. After all, who am I talking to when I effectively shorten my FB friends and Twitter circle to 300 people.

Instead, I am working to discipline myself in composing my thoughts, and if I’m really passionate about the topic, post it on this blog.


Speaking of blogging, I was browsing old blog pages (mine and a few friends’) and I was left wishing blogging was like the old days. We would tag one another memes that help us reveal cute, little parts of ourselves. We would share a memorable day without thinking of going off-brand (fashion, food, travel, etc.).

I get that blogging has evolved but sometimes the internet is too toxic, I long for old times. So I’m letting my blog go “off-brand” through this mishmash of updates.

Turtles All The Way Down

John Green has a new book and I’m in love with his new characters. Okay, I still have Gus and Hazel as my fictional bestest of best friends, but Aza and Davis overtook a few in my list. Like guitar strings with similar notes, my heart connected easily to the tune hummed by Green’s protagonists. Here are my top three favorite quotes from the book.

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green | Davis Pickett, Aza Holmes

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green | Davis Pickett, Aza Holmes

Turtles All The Way Down by John Green | Davis Pickett, Aza Holmes

It rhymes, but not in the way you expect. 

Holding Pattern

Last year, I  had an opportunity for a clean break. I was even sure of His Word but I disobeyed. And everything just went downhill from there. Every time I thought that this could be the freedom I’m praying for, something comes up, and I still awake in the desert. Days have turned to months, and my heart is now a battered soil, a battle ring for bitter seeds versus the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

I know it’s darkest before dawn. So I’m keeping still. I don’t ever want to miss His voice again. I don’t want to disobey ever again. I just pray for all this mess to be over in His time, hopefully soon.


I miss my friends. It’s been months, almost a year, since we got together. This year is proving to be a real distance and time gap for most of us. Sigh. I promise that when this personal mess is over, I would be more active in meeting with people I cherish. I’m done with maximizing alone time every chance I get. I really want to be a better friend through time spent over coffee cups.

Grey’s Anatomy

During the season break of American shows, I fell into the hole of Kdrama land. I have no intention of leaving the hole. Haha. But Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are two shows I carried in my pockets so I’m still watching them. I love GA Season 14! It’s still a tearjerker but it’s lighter, and somehow Shonda is keeping my hopes that no one is dying this season. Please.

Certified KDrama Fangirl

As someone who knows a lot of kdrama fans, I began my fangirl journey with myself observing myself turn into a fangirl.  Got that? Haha.

So at first, I just watch a few popular dramas and appreciate the storylines, actor visuals. But one day, I found myself really stanning Park Hyung Sik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He was just so charming as the male lead, and after SWDBS, I got into watching every drama Hyungsik was in. I watched his interviews, variety show appearances. And there, I’m a fangirl. I’ve become a fan of the shows he appeared in (and not just because of him.. the variety shows are really fun to watch).

Now, I even blog about kdrama shows that are too good in my point of view. Anyway, I like this other side of me. It’s light and stress-free. ♥

Stranger, Stranger

A month or two ago, I was on a bus from Subic to Dasma, giddy and light about the announcement that Hyungsik is having a fan meeting in Manila on November 11. I was such a in a good mood that even when an elderly couple took my seat in a stopover, I did not mind. I was such in a good mood that when the gentleman who offered me the only vacant seat began talking to me, I wasn’t my snobbish-among-strangers self. He kept engaging me in conversation that I gave up putting my earphones back on, or sleeping. I talked to him from that Pampanga stopover until I got off in Pasay.

The point of this story is he asked for my number when we were nearing my stop. At first, I said no but he insisted I key in my number… so I did. But since that night, I haven’t replied to his few attempts (call and text). Sorry, stranger. I was just too happy that day. The following day, I was back to my guarded nature. =)

What Else?

I have blog drafts about my travels (personal and work) from this year but they are mostly photos and I am not a photographer so I’m compelled to add stories. Let’s see about their publish dates then, huh?

How are you, reader? Sometimes, people just need to be asked so I’m asking you.

That’s all for tonight’s jumble. Hope you are keeping the faith in Jesus in whom all things are by and for.

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Saturday Jumble | Vol. 01


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