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Islamic Religion Belief

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According to the result of survey conduct in 2018 there are estimated 4,200 different religions exists in the world. Every religion has its own fundamental beliefs and components that lay down the structure of that certain religion and the followers of that religion spend their life according to their religion. Another important reason to be followed in everyday life is to keep the religion in its original form and its followers have single path to follow.

Islam is the second most elevated and developing religion on the planet and like each other religion Islam has its own particular arrangement of essentials and convictions. The basics of Islam are isolated into two classifications. To begin with classification incorporates the essentials identified with training that necessities exhibit then again second class depends on the basics that stands as a center of Islamic convictions.
The fundamental beliefs in Islam are as follows:


Believe in Allah:

Every Muslim must have to believe the existence of Allah Almighty, this is the very first step to be a Muslim. He must have to belief that Allah is the Lord of this universe as well as everything inside it that we know or don’t know because He SWT knows better.  No matter what Muslim says from tongue the belief of Allah’s existence should be instilled and engraved in the heart of every Muslim and true believer. If a person who believes in Allah so he must believe on these things. Such as Namaz, Fasting, Zakat, and Hajj. At the present time, a huge number of Muslims from over the globe are deciding to visit the Holy City of Makah after getting suitable Hajj Package, to attempt the devoted Hajj journey, which happens each year. In any case, if you're thoughtful what precisely the Hajj is and for what reason do Muslims set out upon this trip consistently; this ought to clarify.

Believe in Angels:

The angels of GOD are countless, some of them came to Prophets and rest of them worships Him day and night. The second fundamental belief that Muslim has to belief in the existence of angels as they are the creation of Allah Almighty. All the angels are servants of Allah and they obey the orders of Allah and fulfill their assigned duties. Hazrat Jibraeel A.S is the famous Angel that came to Prophet PBUH and brings Wahi to Him.   All the angels praise and worship Allah all the time and it is essential for Muslims to believe their presence and existence. The existence of angels are in Quran will be determine by following Verse.

"What's more, when your Allah said to the holy messengers: "Verily, I am will put humankind, a great many on earth." 

They stated: 

"Will You put inside the individuals who will make disturbance there and shed blood, – while we love You with gestures of recognition and much appreciated (Exalted be You over all that they connect with You as accomplices) and sanctify You." He Almighty stated: "I realize what you don't have a clue."

 Believe in All the Prophets:

Allah SWT sends 124,000 Prophets from which only 313 are Messengers and out of 313 there are only 25 known Messengers. Allah sends them for the guidance of mankind and it is duty of every Muslim to give them equal respect and reverence as Prophet Muhammad SAW. Belief in Prophets is the third fundamental component of Muslim. As Allah described in His first Kalma:

“There is no god but Allah and Muhammad SAW is the Prophet of Allah”

It is necessary for the Muslim to belief in all the 124,000 Prophets besides Muhammad P.B.U.H. When you will go for Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj and Umrah. So, you must visit the sacred places in Makkah and Madinah. If you get Hajj and Umrah Package so you must know that your Umrah Package includes on flight and ziarats.

Believe in Divine Books:

Allah SWT said:

“Allah’s utmost favor to mankind is His Guidance contained in the revealed books. The pure, perfect and most useful knowledge comes only form Allah, the Shrewdest and the Supreme”. 

Allah sends five Divine books for the guidance of mankind on different Prophets at different times but 1 of them is Lost, 3 of them are changed only 1 The Holy book of Muslim Quran remains unchanged. Every Muslim learns and read Quran and respects it but it is necessary for the Muslim Believers to keep faith in all the other books as well. Therefore, with Quran all the other books are also to be believed by a Muslim.

Believe on the Judgment day:

Allah SWT described the Day of Judgement in Quran as follows:

“But when there come the Earsplitting Blast – that Day a man will abscond from his brother, and his mother and his father, and his spouse and his progenies.   For each one of them that Day will have enough fascination of his own.  Some faces, that Day, will be upbeat – amused, triumph at good news.  And other faces, that Day, will have upon them dust.  Blackness will concealment them.  Those are the disbelievers, the wicked ones.”

(The Earsplitting Blast means the Day of Judgement).

A Muslim must have to belief that the Judgement Day is investable and when it comes no one can hide. On that day every man will be held accountable for their deeds which they commit in this life.

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Islamic Religion Belief


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