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What Is the Real Cost Of Living In Thailand (2017)?

Let’s be honest, one of the primary reasons individuals move to Thailand is on the grounds that it’s quite modest, and damn magnificent, obviously.

Be that as it may, while lodging is extremely reasonable, nourishment things can be truly costly, especially in case you’re inclined toward imported sustenances, for example, cheddar, wine, olives and, errr… Marmite.

Marked garments and excellence items can be really costly as well; think Nike coaches and hostile to wrinkle skin creams.

Be that as it may, in general, Thailand still positions as one of the least expensive spots to live in SE Asia. Generally speaking, regardless I think that its less expensive than Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia.

I did some pre-inquire about on two typical cost for basic items locales, yet I observed them to be really off the check, especially when it came to lodging. All things considered, one took the normal over the entire of Thailand, which again isn’t that helpful.

So I chose to gander around the shops and accumulate my own rundown in light of the Bangkok typical cost for basic items.

Take note of that in case you’re considering living in different urban communities like Chiang Mai or Khon Kaen, the cost of lodging is probably going to be a great deal lower. Be that as it may, grocery store sustenance things and amusement is probably going to be about the same. I talk about this later on, as well.

I’ll be adding things to this rundown and refreshing it occasionally, yet in the event that you need to know the cost of a specific thing or administration meanwhile, please let me know and I’ll do my best to research it for you.

It would be ideal if you utilize the money convertor to change over from Baht to your local cash.

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Dollars (USD)

Rates on 19 Apr 2017


– Semi-skimmed drain (Meji 990 ml) ฿44

– 12 natural eggs – ฿89

– Cheddar Cheese (Mclelland – UK import) – ฿275

– Chicken bosom 200g (S Pure Healthy) – ฿59

– Loaf of dark colored bread – ฿57 Baht

– Penne Pasta (500g) – ฿55

– Olive Oil (500ml) – ฿199

– Liter of Pepsi Cola – ฿20

– Oreos (standard pack) – ฿30

– Heineken (490ml can) – ฿59

**Prices sourced from Big C and Topps grocery stores. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that as with any nation, stores are focused and evaluating changes for various things, though by a couple Baht.

The cost of nourishment in Bangkok is 56% less expensive than New York


The accompanying apartment suite rental costs are midpoints in light of a pool of property postings for Bangkok, and on townhouses inside strolling separation to a MRT/BTS station.

– Modern 2 Bed 2 Bath Condo, 65 Sq. m (focal Bangkok) – ฿40-45,000

– Modern 2 Bed 1 Bath 65 Sq. m (4 stops to focal – ฿17-20,000

– Modern 1 bed, 50 Sq. m (focal Bangkok) – ฿30-35,000

– Modern 1 bed, 40 Sq. m (4 stops to focal – ฿12-20,000

– Modern studio, 30 Sq. m (4 stops to focal – ฿8,000-9,000

– Modern studio, 30 Sq. m (focal Bangkok – ฿13-16,000

– Utilities, 1-month, 2 individuals, 65 Sq. m apartment suite – ฿2500

– Internet – 16 MB (True) – ฿799

– Cleaner (every month, 3 x for each week) – ฿3,000

>> Thinking of purchasing an apartment suite in Thailand? You will need to peruse this first.

The cost of lease in Bangkok is 67% less expensive than London


– 1 sets Levi 501 jeans– ฿3,790

– 1 summer Maxi dress in Topshop – ฿3,550

– 1 sets of Nike Air Max ฿2,000-5,700

– 1 tailor-made matching suit – ฿3,000-8,000

The cost of garments in Bangkok is 53% less expensive than Sydney


– 1 liter of premium gas – ฿41

– Public taxi trip (8 Km) ฿180 (Base rate ฿35)

– Uber Black taxi ride (6.5 Km) ฿158

– Monthly prepare ticket: BTS – ฿1,100 (Rabbit card) – MRT – ฿1,499

>> Find out the amount it expenses to get around Thailand in a Uber taxi

The cost of transportation in Bangkok is 37% less expensive than Berlin

Individual Care:

– Deodorant, Nivea move on, (50ml): ฿92

– 1 box of 16 tampons (Laurie Slim): ฿75

– Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive (4 cutting edges) ฿459

– Hair cleanser 2-in-1 (400 ml ~ 12 oz.): ฿89

– Tube of toothpaste (vast Colgate standard): ฿55

– Nappies: 64 Pc (Mamy Poko medium) – ฿669

– Toilet moves (Scott 6 move pack) – ฿79

The cost of individual care in Bangkok is 73% less expensive than Bern


– Lunch for 2 (Black Canyon bistro): 2 espressos, principle dinners – ฿400 Baht

– 2 grown-up tickets to the motion pictures – ฿360

– 1 mixed drink in downtown club – ฿250

– Grande Cappuccino in Starbucks – ฿120

– 1 lager in neighborhood bar (500ml or 1pt.) ฿100 Baht

– 1 month prepaid versatile tax with 3GB (DTAC) – ฿399 + vat

– 1 month rec center participation at True Fitness (Asoke) ฿2,099 (subject to deals rep and advancements)

– 1 bundle of Marlboro cigarettes – ฿90

The cost of excitement in Bangkok is 39% less expensive than Paris

So How Much Do You Need to Live in Thailand Per Month?

From my own costs living in Bangkok, I’d say that assuming you appreciate a normal way of life in Europe or the US, Canada or Australia, you will require the accompanying amount(s) to keep up that standard in Thailand:

– Single male/female in Bangkok – ฿50,000

– Couple in Bangkok – ฿75,000

– Couple with child under 2 years of age in Bangkok – ฿80,000

This incorporates lease, nourishment, Internet get to, exercise center participation and going out mingling once/twice every week.

In the event that you anticipate living up nation some place, you might have the capacity to shave as much as 30% off these sums.

On the off chance that you anticipate living in Koh Samui or Phuket, then you can hope to spend around 10-15% less, contingent upon your drinking propensities. As far as I can tell, you pay less lease on the islands, yet eating can be a smidgen more costly and you have a tendency to spend more on mingling.

I haven’t lived in Chiang Mai for quite a while, yet when I did I observed lease to be around 25% less expensive than Bangkok, except for the top of the line rentals in focal Bangkok, which are fairly an abnormality when taking a gander at the nation general.

A Final Note On Living Costs

In case you’re perusing this and considering, “Man, I thought Thailand was a ton less expensive”, don’t give these numbers a chance to put you off.

If its all the same to you living in a 27 Sq.m studio loft, voyaging that tiny bit encourage into town and aren’t objected about eating road sustenance and for the most part living economically, you can get by on B30-35, 000 a month. There are numerous educators living in Thailand on such a pay.

In case you’re brilliant, however, you can make cut backs doing things like purchasing an Internet telephone bundle and tying to your PC to spare cash on home WIFI.

You can purchase organic product in mass from the market as opposed to purchasing day by day from slows down, or take the Baht transport rather than taxicabs. There’s dependably approaches to spare cash, and toward the day’s end, numerous Thai individuals live sensibly well on a pay of 20-30,000 Baht.

The way I outline my costs is by working out what’s required for my family to be upbeat and appreciate an advantageous life.

For instance, we live inside strolling separation of a tube station, and have the advantage of an eatery on location at our apartment suite piece. All things considered, my loft is a couple stops out of focal Bangkok – mostly on the grounds that I wouldn’t have any desire to live in Sukhumvit – yet the cash we spare permits us to take customary occasions and remain in pleasant inns.

It’s about finding an adjust that works for you.

I don’t drink or smoke, so I spare cash on purchasing lager and fags. This cash I am ready to put resources into continually having great sustenance at home, which is the place a ton of my cash goes. I used to spend a reasonable piece on the exercise center, until I discovered one for under 2 quid a year.

I have a spouse and a little girl, so obviously I pay things like restorative protection and life coverage to ensure them and give us true serenity.

So work out what’s imperative to you; what are your “absolute necessities” and “can do withouts”.

In case you’re resigned with a clean benefits and investment account, then keeping a tight ship won’t not be on your motivation. In any case, then it does bodes well to be brilliant with cash in the event that you have children or different wards that will require a retirement fund when you stroll through the magnificent doors.

It’s likewise worth remembering that costs do fly up all over, and you’ll have to make arrangement for these. Think visa run/reestablishment costs, travel protection, supplanting a broken telephone or PC, and so forth. So ensure you have some move down funds for crises.

Believe I’m off track the stamp?

What amount does living in Thailand cost you?

How do these costs stack up to what you pay in your nation of origin?

Leave your remarks beneath.

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What Is the Real Cost Of Living In Thailand (2017)?


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