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Microwave safe and does not need to use paper "toilet" 12 .. usually "healthy" must abandon it

Most people follow the habits they believe it is healthier because they either reported in the media or circulating friends interested in everything that is healthy, and you see them attending them, albeit involuntarily.

Is all this useless habits? And what is true?

The answer to these questions may surprise you:

1. The use of the office and standing

Long study recently discovered, after having analyzed more than 4,000 adult data in America, it is pointless to stand comparison with sitting in terms of risk of death.

But, in the short term, it helps to stand to burn more calories during per minute.

2. Use of tissue paper on the bathroom Base

Viruses such as HIV and herpes is very weak, which means they can not live outside the human body warm.
Thus, when you sit on a public bath base, even if just used someone else, most of the viruses and bacteria will not be able of getting infected.

The skin works effectively as a barrier against any microbes (unless you have an open wound or cut in the skin, which allows it to infiltrate your body).

3. Food eating only low-fat

According to the recommendations of the US Department of Agriculture during the nineties, millions of American citizens who want to lose weight to a low-fat diet in women is full of refuge.

These people chose margarine "margarine" instead of butter, and margarine used fat-free margarine instead of the ordinary, but it does not work.

In an experiment lasted eight years and included approximately 50 thousand lady, the results showed that about half the women who followed a diet low in fat did not lower risk of breast cancer or colon and rectum, or heart disease.

In addition, they did not lose a lot of weight, and some of them did not lose any weight at all.

The new recommendations have shown that healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, fish and avocado beneficial to health if they are eaten in moderation.

4. Using the body mass index to determine the ideal weight

Sometimes your doctor asks you to stand on the scale to determine if your weight was perfect or not through mathematical process called BMI.

In fact, there is a body mass index, which was invented in the thirties of the eighteenth century, an accurate measure of the level of fitness if used alone.

Obesity experts say that a lot of the underlying problems, which include the fact that it ignores important elements, namely: the proportion of fat found in the body, and waist circumference.

5. not eat gluten

If you were not suffering from Celiac "wheat allergy" disease, the gluten will not cause you any harm.

In fact, most studies show that most people suffer from simple gases and swelling when eating any food, whether or not ate wheat.

6. Replace the almond milk dairy products

Increased demand for the use of dairy replacements during the last few years, including almond milk, although it is free of nutrients beneficial.

Almonds in itself a rich source of protein, but one cup of almond milk contains only 2% of the almonds, and does not contain any amount of protein almost all the vitamins that are found in almond milk products to be added to it.

If you're looking for a healthy alternative, use soy milk or yogurt little or skimmed.

7. fruit juice

When you squeeze fruits and vegetables, so you get rid of all dietary fiber in them, which is the key element that makes you feel satiety and fullness until the next meal, and all that remains is the sugar.

In the short term, result in a diet full of sugar and a little protein to the sense of hunger on an ongoing basis, and the incidence of mood fluctuations, and the lack of the body's energy.

In the long run, you can lose a part of the mass of the muscles of your body; as they depend on the protein.

8. Use hand sanitizers

If you wash your hands regularly during the day, you do not need to use an antiseptic hand sanitizer as he can not kill all the germs that can of water and soap normal kill her.

9. eating egg whites instead of whole eggs

Many people began to avoid eating egg yolk after nutrition experts advised not to eat a lot of because it contains cholesterol, which may lead to an increased level of cholesterol in the blood.

But the good news is that a growing number of research showed that the cholesterol we get from the food we eat, for most people, do not significantly affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.

So, in case you do not suffer from high cholesterol, eating whole eggs.

10. mute self when he sneezes or coughs someone

When you sneeze or cough without people Cover your nose or mouth, the bacteria move into the surrounding air speeds ranging between 50 and 200 miles per hour.

If you are close to one of these persons, the imprisonment of your breath will not help to prevent bacteria from reaching the mouth, or nose, or eyes, and all I will do is to protect yourself from any bacteria are located directly in front of your face only.

11. eating large amounts of vitamin C to avoid getting a cold

It can raise eat a few extra amounts of vitamin C from the performance of weak immune systems, but excessive intake of this vitamin leads to counterproductive results.

Reducing the maximum for an adult of vitamin C is 2000 milligrams a day. As for eating a larger amount of this reduction may befall you diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach acidity and others.

12. ear candling

It includes ear candling process of developing a candle illuminated a conical shape inside the ear. It is believed the people who are doing this practice to be useful in getting rid of ear wax and treat certain types of infections, but according to studies Mayo Clinic hospitals in the US, it's different.

As studies have shown that ear candling is ineffective in getting rid of ear wax, or any other disease,

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Microwave safe and does not need to use paper "toilet" 12 .. usually "healthy" must abandon it


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