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Just another Prague thing pt.2

What do you do when you first come to a new city? Go to the parties and fests to meet new people, of course! Why? Well, cause going sightseeing first is just to mainstream.

„You should come to the festival, it's really fun and I'm gonna be working there, might get you in for free.“. It's a great thing to have an awesome buddy who takes you to interesting places first night of your stay. Sipping beer in one of the underground pubs downtown, my buddy and I bonded over our ambition and love for travel, making plans for my next exploration quests along.

Seems interesting

„Should I wait for you in front of your faculty, and then we can go to the festival together?“, asked my roommate kindly enough knowing that I've never been there before. And me being me, not really knowing yet where am I exactly but still oh so sure in myself and my orientation skills, told her that it's okay, I can meet her at the Station in the near. As if that was as simple as meeting at one of the small town stations, you know, those cities where one station means one station and not few tram, bus and metro stations in the same area. Way to go girl! You can imagine me almost flying back and forth trying to figure out which station is the one with my right eye, using left one to avoid getting crushed by some big Czech truck. What kind of a death would that be... I was lucky enough that my roommate was able to find me inside one of those metro stations standing there like an orphan, so instead of situation being sad, we just found it hilarious. 

Let me tell you something... This was my weirdest movie night experience ever. And it was off the hook! So, this festival, called Otrleho Divaka or The Shockproof Film Festival, stands for all forms of low-brow, bad taste, trash and fun outside of the realm of run-of-the-mill. Each year Kino Aero presents a fine selection of the most impressive, ludicrous, overlooked and bizarre in horror, extreme, action, gore, camp, B-, C- and even X-rated movies. This year they focused on LOVE, so you could find dead corps hanging from the ceiling while their hearts were each one nicely resting in their own jars, on the shelf just above the chairs. So we went in and watched two movies, first some short Czech horror movie called „Leshy“, and then the one under the name „May“. Would recommend to watch hahah

How lovely is this?

Did I mention I love to dance? Want to know what I love even more? Going to those international dance workshops and meeting all kind of different people! So, soon enough, my roommate, Olga (girl is from Kazakhstan! How awesome is that?!), realizing I love dancing, invited me to go to University Dance Tour workshops with her. What is it? I didn't really know, but I was all in anyways. It turned out to be African rhythms workshop, meaning... Salsa, bachata, kuduro and so on! Easy Ena, you don't have to look like a kangaroo jumping around people to see the front. It's not Australian rhythms after all... Just perks of being shorty. Trainers were great, people as well, and the atmosphere was amazing, as you can see in the video on the link: University Dance Tour Prague

Hope you like it, if you do, check Balumuka events on fb to see all the upcoming dance events.

Awesome dance trainer by the way, strength he has, I'll give you that 😂

One day of dancing is definitely not enough, so what else to do rather then entering Salsa party at the 93m high Žižkov TV Tower with a breathtaking view. You know, that one with statues of babies climbing up the tower, redesigned by controversial Czech artist David Černy.

If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes...

I mean, when you're coming from a town like Mostar, what else would you think apart from: „It's just gonna be bunch of girls wanting to dance but being too shy to do so, and probably no men cause, you know, men rarely like to dance at parties, so they all will be partnerless... But it's worth for the view.“. And this girl over here was shocked once again. The place was crowded with people, both men and women, and they were all dancing! Not dancing like, waddling from one foot to another, but dancing like, God damn SALSA! The real deal! You can Salsa all you want feeling like flying over the whole city even if you come alone, everyone will ask you to dance with them...

Let's Salsa! 

...or just chill while listening to music hanging in one of those balloon chairs watching city lights underneath.

Okay guys, when you come to Prague, DO NOT MISS THIS! Cause, you know, entering a party like this costs you like, only 50 CZK, and to have a touristic view from the tower costs at least 200CZK.

And, I could't forget, happy international women's day to all of you amazing and wonderful women! Be happy, stay positive and strong, and remember Oprah: „Think like a queen, A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness!“.

Until the next time,


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Just another Prague thing pt.2


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