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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner

Traveling solo is awesome; the freedom to choose where you want to go, what you want to see, and when you want to see it. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules and you are the boss of your own adventures. Traveling as a couple, however, has it’s benefits, too. Anything you miss out in compromises is well worth what you make up for in perks. Here are 6 reasons why you should Travel with your partner!

1. You have someone to carry all the luggage.

Seriously though. Who honestly enjoys lugging all the suitcases and backpacks from the airport, to the car, and finally to the hotel on each and every trip? NO ONE. Thank heavens that your significant other’s job description is to make you happy; and happiness at the start of your vacation is not being the one to carry all the luggage. My husband knows this and automatically grabs the heaviest bags, usually leaving me with a light backpack to carry. I mean, I am still helping!

2. You have help in making decisions.

Yes, I know I mentioned earlier how solo travel grants you sole decision making power but this truly is a perk! While everyone wants to make all the decisions themselves, sometimes you need another person to lay it out differently. There have been plenty of times where we’ve only got a few hours left of our trip and SO MUCH left to see and I can’t for the life of me choose what should make the cut. In walks Tyler, he easily decides what we’re gonna do in those few hours, and it’s everything I would have chosen but couldn’t.

3. You always have two different meals.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner you have your food and your partner’s food. Sure, they tell you you can’t mooch off their plate, but when the dishes arrive and you put on your sweetest voice to ask for a bite they’re gonna cave. But this means your partner gets to steal some bites from your plate, too. It’s a two way street, bud. A little give and take doesn’t hurt though when it means you get to enjoy steak and pasta at dinner.

4. You learn a lot about each other.

Traveling in and of itself is an experience, but traveling with another person is an entirely different ballpark. You may think you know someone until you’re living out of a suitcase in a foreign country with them. This is a good thing! You get to see how they are when they’re truly relaxed and having fun, but you also see them at their worst when things are falling apart and you’re several thousand miles from home. You get to really know your partner when it’s just the two of you alone out exploring this crazy world!

5. It’s a chance to get intimate.

Normal day to day life gets monotonous; you fall into a routine, you keep repeating the pattern, and it can get boring. Between work, school, and kids – shout out to all the parents out there, you da real mvps – you’re left feeling exhausted. The only time you get to see your partner during the day is when you’re catching up on your favorite cable television show. Travel lets you breathe. You’re able to forget about all the everyday stress and you can relax. Traveling with your partner means you get to relax together and spend some real quality time together with no distractions. If you know what I mean…*wink*

6. You have someone to share the experience with.

As human beings we love sharing positive things with the ones we love. Positive news, positive experiences, anything that makes us happy we need to tell someone. Just like the scene in The Deathly Hallows when George turns to tell the late Fred Harry is still alive! …too soon? Well, that’s just who we are; we are social beings. And when you travel with your significant other you’re experiencing those positives in real time. Just a tilt of your head and you can tell your partner how giddy you feel after getting to pet a giraffe or how humbled you feel to be standing in the Sistine Chapel.

Traveling solo is fun, but traveling with your partner is double the fun! And remember the wise words of Charles Shulz, “In life, it’s not where you go; it’s who you travel with.”

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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner


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