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Discover The Best Things to Do in Verona Italy!

Verona, where romance blooms

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The airport: first step in your next adventure
Help! How do I get to the city from the airport?
I want to enjoy my vacation the best I can, so when should I go?
Verona, I’m here. Where do I stay?
What are the top 4 things to do in Verona?
Navigating Verona, a tricky business?
The end of our journey has arrived. Arrivederci!

People looking for romance, meet Verona! No, Verona isn’t some kind of magical matchmaker or wedding planner, Verona is a beautiful city in northern Italy, perfect for artists, opera lovers, and romantics. For fans of Shakespeare’s play about that doomed love story between Romeo and Juliet, Verona isn’t an uncommon name. Indeed, it’s the setting of that drama that still make lovesick teenagers dream until today (well, lovesick teenagers who read tragic plays).

Still, star-crossed lovers aren’t the only thing about Verona. This city is also full of art galleries, medieval castles, beautiful ruins, and elegant churches. One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Verona will please its visitors with its magnificent fairs, artistic shows, and operas.

From airport to weather to hotels and things to do in Verona, we will cover everything for you in this article. So, buckle up, we’re going on a romantic getaway my friends! (Yeah, I go on romantic getaways with my friends, what?)

The airport: first step in your next adventure

I don't know about you, but I'm kinda in love...

No matter what travelers say about airports, that they are too cold, too busy, confusing, that they suck, and that they would rather be somewhere else than waiting on a the check-in line for 40 minutes, they can’t help but have a soft spot for airports. The airport is the first step in a trip, it means new country, new smells, new things to see, to do, new food to taste, new adventure, new everything. And no matter how cynical someone can be, they can’t deny that buzz and excitement they feel at the wake of a new trip.

Now, I’ll stop with the sentimental talk and cut to the chase (sorry, sometimes I just feel lyrical). Verona’s airport, also known as Verona Villafranca Airport, is located just 10km away from the city. Serving a population of more than 4 million travelers per year, it has two terminals, one for departures and the other for arrivals, situated just next to each other.

Just like every airport, Verona Villafranca has a VIP lounge, retail services’ offices, car rent offices, free Wi-Fi all around the airport, a cargo service, restaurants, parking spaces for short and long stay, ATMs, duty-free shops, money exchange bureaus, and of course, the traditional information offices.

Many airlines operate flights to Verona Villafrance Airport, such as Alitalia, Air Berlin, British Airways, easyJet, Lufthansa Regional, and Ryanair. To find out about the cheapest flights, always be sure to check out Skyscanner and Momondo.

For more info about the Arrivals Terminal, check out this map.

Help! How do I get to the city from the airport?

Seen from the air, Verona is even more majestic

Don’t worry, friend. If I, the girl with the shittiest sense of directions ever (who also can’t read a freaking map), could find my way in South Korea where everything is naturally written in Korean and where Google Maps doesn’t work, you can easily reach the city without getting lost.

Those are the options you have, from cheapest (my favorite ones) to most expensive (aka something I’d never choose, but hey, that’s just me):

The line 199 bus: This bus departs from the airport every 30 minutes, and will take you to the city centre in 15 minutes, for 6 Euros.

The lines 157, 158, and 159 buses: Those buses depart from the airport every hour and will take you to Verona in 15 minutes. The price is the same as the line 199 bus, 6 Euros a ride.

The taxi: We all know, taxis are fast but expensive. For 27 to 33 Euros, a taxi will take you to the city in 11 minutes.

If you prefer renting a car directly from the airport, you can check out the info on car hire in the airport on this website.

And, I will never say it enough, always remember to check out the Rome2Rio website, or download the app on your phone, it will save you time and money.

I want to enjoy my vacation the best I can, so when should I go?

Sorry, I have a thing for Italian architecture

Every time of the year is the best time for a Verona romance, but hey, who am I to say that? I’ll just give you the info, and you’ll get to decide when you want to go, this is a free country after all (well, last I heard at least).

Unlike other Italian cities with a Mediterranean weather, Verona is known for having a subtropical climate, with hot summer and humid winters (cold too, but mostly humid).

So, if you’re into outdoor activities, you should go there in the months ranging from May to September, when the weather is the most pleasant. But if you prefer winter, cold and hot cider weather, then I’d advise you to go on a vacation to Verona during every other month of the year, especially during the fall when the city is the most beautiful.

For more specific info about the weather, be sure to check out this website.

Verona, I’m here. Where do I stay?

They even have bells!

One of the most exciting parts about a trip is finding somewhere great to stay at. Be it a 5 stars hotel with great service and employees that treat you like royalty, or a guesthouse where you get to meet other travelers and socialize with them over a drink or two, the moments you live there stay with you forever. Some people might say that they don’t care where they stay, since they’ll only sleep there, but believe me; I know from experience that the hotel or hostel where you stay can make or break your whole trip, because it’s such an important part of it.

So, especially for you, here is a list of hotels, hostels and guesthouses that you might want to consider for your stay in Verona.

Even their houses are cute!

Looking for fanciness? Check out these hotels:

Relais Ristori: “An ancient palace in the historical center of Verona, where you can spend a relaxing stay between culture and enjoyment”, that’s what the front page of this hotel’s website says. Located in a calm area of the city, this hotel is an ode to love, with its romantic rooms, baroque furniture, and cozy courtyard. Romeo and Juliet lovers, this place is for you. A night in Relais Ristori costs around 120 Euros, breakfast included.

MOD 05: Is it just me, or do hotels with numbers in their names feel fancier somehow? Don’t mind me I’m saying nonsense as always. Anyway, let’s go back to the heart of our subject. Located between Lake Garda and Verona, MOD 05 is one of those contemporary hotels who don’t fret with too much decoration. Its interior is minimalistic and easy on the eye, and it offers a wide set of services to its guests, such as free breakfast, room service, a sit-out terrace, and a breakfast buffet. For 165 Euros a night, you will be able to enjoy everything Verona and Lake Garden have to offer.

Hostels for those who like late night talks with other travelers in communal spaces (that’s a long title):

A Casa Di Luca: Once a 19th century palace, A Casa Di Luca is today a hostel located in Verona. Cozy and quirky, and run by a friendly manager, it’s the perfect place for travelers, especially backpackers looking for somewhere nice to stay. Some of the perks of this hostel are free breakfast, free city maps, internet access, a café inside, coffee and tea making facilities, and even board games, yey! (Sorry, I’m always weirdly excited about board games). This hostel costs 60 Euros a night.

Villa Lucia:

An old house in a quiet location inside the city, Villa Lucia is a beautiful hostel with a friendly staff. With a beautiful garden inside, Wi-Fi, free car park, free breakfast, and cozy and comfortable rooms, the stay there is definitely worth the price of 70 Euros a night.

What are the top 4 things to do in Verona?

Verona is an old city, and like every Italian old city, it is full of history, of beautiful ancient buildings, and must see neighborhoods. Be it romantics, history freaks, or night owls, all types of travelers will enjoy this city. So, find your happiness by:

Visiting Piazza delle Erbe:

Don't miss Verona's Old Town!

Right in the center of Verona’s historic neighborhood, Piazza Delle Erbe is a beautiful square that was created during Roman times especially for trade and exchange. This is where baroque architecture, old fountains, traditional market, and bars mingle in all harmony. Take in the beauty of its buildings, from the town hall to the Palazzo Mafei, and don’t forget to take pictures of that magnificent place!

Hitting up Juliet’s Balcony:

If you're single, you might even meet the love of your life there (yeah, I'm THAT optimistic)

If you’re a person who likes to see the most popular attractions in the city they’re visiting, then you should absolutely hit up Juliet’s Balcony. This is definitely the most famous spot in Verona, visited by hundreds and hundreds of lovers and romantics every day. While entering Juliet’s courtyard, you’ll notice the thousands of love messages written on its wall, just another proof of how famous that place is.

Trying Verona’s food, and, ultimately, falling in love with it:

If you walk through these streets, you'll find food. Euh, I mean restaurants.

Verona is known for being one of the Italian cities with the best food. Not only is it populated by popular food brands’ restaurants, but it also has smaller places that serve authentic cuisine from the Veneto, especially in the old town area. For those looking for a quick meal or an aperitivo in a nice bar, the best is to hit up Piazza Bra or Piazza delle Erbe. The food there can be a bit expensive, but still worth every penny. And, if you prefer cheaper choices, you can wander down the streets of Verona’s old town where you’ll find small bars and restaurants.

Discovering Verona's Arena:

This building is older, waaaay older, than your grandma

One of the biggest arenas in the world, this is a truly intimidating, yet beautiful, piece of Roman architecture. Long ago, it used to host spectacular games that attracted a huge crowd. Today, from June to September, it features famous operas. This is definitely a must see for both architecture and art freaks.

Navigating Verona, a tricky business?

Getting lost in this city wouldn't be the worst thing ever

Verona is a small city that can easily be navigated by foot, especially since all the famous sights are in one place: the historic centre of the city. However, if you want to go to the suburbs for example, you’ll need this information.

Besides taxis that you can find in taxi stands throughout the city (this is the only way to catch a taxi in Verona, since you can’t just go to the side of the road and wave at one to stop for you), Verona has a fairly good public transport system, with more than 20 reliable bus routes. You can either buy a single ticket or a whole day pass that will allow you to take any number of buses during 24 hours.

Here’s a website where you can find Verona’s map and more info about public transport in the city.

The end of our journey has arrived. Arrivederci!

A last picture of this magical city

It might seem like Verona is only for lovers and romantics, but don’t be fooled! Just because it’s the city of Romeo and Juliet, of cursed romance stories and theatrical sacrifices done for the sake of love, it doesn’t mean that a single traveler can’t enjoy its beauty. So, just close your eyes, and book that ticket already (actually, don’t close your eyes, that was stupid, you need to see to book the flight ticket).

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Discover The Best Things to Do in Verona Italy!


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