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7 Weird Things You Must Know Before Going To Italy

So you you want to go to Italy? You are all set, excited and ready to jump in the first plane heading to Italy! Right? 

Congrats! But wait! There are things you have to know about Italy and Italians before your plane crosses Italy’s borders. You will be surprised about some, laugh at others and get zealous about the rest.

So without any more delay, let’s see the first thing you definitely have to know before heading to Italy.

But before, here is what we will cover: 

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Prepare For A Late Supper!
Patience! Patience And Even More Patience!
Never Forget To Validate Your Bus Ticket
Don’t Get Mad At Waiters
It Is All About Cash
A GPS and A Dictionary Should be The Air You Breathe
Hungry? Never Ever Order An Insalata

Prepare For A Late Supper!

That afternoon nap is like a holy habit in Italy. Italians love to have a siesta around two or three in the afternoon.

But what has this to do with me, you may ask?!

Hmm! If you worry so much about your waist, this has more for you than you think. If you are an early eater, it is unlikely that you find an Italian Restaurant that opens before 7pm or even 7 and a half pm.

To make up for that hour they sleep in the afternoon, almost all restaurants have to stay up late. So many restaurant don’t close their doors until 2 and 3am. That’s a common habit among Italians to eat late at night.

There is a catch though. If your stomach is not great at digesting the food after 8 pm, you should consider either skipping your supper or have it stored from the day before.

Keep in mind that most Italian food is nothing but carbs. You know. Pasta and Pizza. Things like that. Carbs after 9 pm?! This is the fastest way to growing out your beautiful love handles.

Sure, going to Italy is more about having so much fun and enjoying your time, but believe me a stomach that keeps beating the drums will not allow your mind to chill out and have fun.

Bottom line, food matters! But after 9pm, you better give it a second thought!

Patience! Patience And Even More Patience!

Fast and furious. I am not talking about the movie here. If your approach to life is like that, always at rush or impatient, then think twice before heading to Italy, especially if your blood pressure goes high easily!

In Italy, patience is key. Italians are calm and patient. They take things with so much ease. For example, if you are in a hurry, go grab yourself a burger or something from a nearby fast food restaurant rather than going to a restaurant.

For them, a restaurant is a place to chill and enjoy the moment rather than just grab a few bites in a hurry and leave.

Never Forget To Validate Your Bus Ticket

Another habit you may be accustomed to in your home country is to never validate your bus or train ticket! This one little habit may put in trouble in Italy.

Never ever take this for granted. You should always check the validation of your bus or train ticket before stepping on board.

This may sound ridiculous. But believe me. They are so strict about that in Italy.

If you are caught with a ticket not run through the validation machine you find in any bus or train station first, you are in a big trouble. Not so much though! Simply a big fatty fee and a ton of your time are gone on trying to solve something you that might have taken you a minute or two.

See! Little details matter in the land of Romans!

Don’t Get Mad At Waiters

It seems like restaurants in Italy have their own etiquette. Here is another hack you should definitely be aware of before going to Italy.

When the waiter checks on you every now and then or stands still right beside you, don’t take this as an offense or feel unsettled.

Just relax and chill. Italians are super sweet. They just want to make sure you get the best service and that things are going smoothly.

Maybe you are not used to that in your home country. So this is just a little reminder. Next time, when you are put into that situation, instead of getting angry, just relax and know that they are doing it for your benefit.

You can always ask them politely to leave you alone if you don't feel at ease.

It Is All About Cash

If a credit card is all you use to pay for even the tiniest item in a grocery story in your home country, the story is way different in Italy.

In Italy, your card will not really do you much good. Italy is all about cash. You will need cash in grocery stores, as you will very much need it in bigger supermarkets.

This is probably the very first thing you should take care of before packing up and heading to Italy.

You have to have instant access to cash. Maybe a debit card may do the trick for you at times, provided you leave a notice for your bank before using it, as some banks can block your debit card when they notice that an unusual activity is taking place.

Be prepared for that beforehand and save yourself the trouble.

A GPS and A Dictionary Should be The Air You Breathe

Ask anyone who had the chance to visit Italy before and they will tell you that the best and funniest moments in Italy were when you get lost in those web alleys. But even funnier is when you don't speak a word in Italian. Literally, a Martian put on planet Earth!

Two things are what you will need there. A pocket dictionary and or a GPS. Before heading to Italy, these must be compulsory rather than complementary! You can have both on your phone. Believe me. They will save you a lot of sweat, time and embarrassment.

Hungry? Never Ever Order An Insalata

Funny things always take place in a restaurant. Another thing you might come across when sitting in an Italian restaurant is a dish called insalata verde.

If you are hungry as hell and order that insalata verde thing, chances are you will get knocked down like you are hit by a truck.

Do you know what that is ?

It is just a bowl of lettuce!!! Imagine?! Maybe it is not a big deal for you if you are a vegetarian. But if you are not, you better take control of your nerves and kindly order something else.

To sum up, let us know in the comment below some of the funniest things you had in Italy that you didn’t even expect to go through? CHEEEERS!!!

Now that you know, how about packing and traveling to Italy?

Italy is full of destinations, and trying to choose which to visit is hard. Therefore, we have something that may help.

​Check out our Rome travel guide, or the list of things to do in Turin, or the complete Milan guide. Or maybe this short list of the best attractions in Italy will help you decide. 

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7 Weird Things You Must Know Before Going To Italy


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