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5 must know things before traveling to Greece

Holidays in Greece are the ultimate travel experience; it’s a great place to visit all year round. Known for its deep blue beaches, picturesque villages, rich culture and warm hospitality, making it a very popular travel destination; it attracts millions of visitors every year (18 million as of 2014)

If you are planning your trip to Greece, first of all, let me congratulate you, you have made a fantastic decision. That said, you need to know a few things before you go, which is exactly why I’m here. Here is a list of five things you should bear in mind before traveling to Greece.

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Budgeting and expenses

Greece is often promoted as a luxurious travel destination, which is not completely wrong. However it’s only a part of the reality. Greece is relatively less expensive than Northern and Western European countries.

According to the lovely planet website here are three variations based on your budget.

BUDGET (up to) €60 :

  • Meal at markets and street stalls: under €10

  • Your euros stretch much further in shoulder seasons


  • Double room in mid range hotel: €35–60

  • Hearty meal at a local taverna: around €15

  • Majority of sites have reasonable entrance fees: under €15

TOP END (more than)

  • Double rooms in top hotels: from €90

  • Excellent dining, some accompanied by Michelin stars: around €60

  • Activities like diving (certification around €400) and sailing

  • Cocktails: around €10

Monetary unit: The official monetary unit of Greece is the Euro

Greek people

Greeks are very friendly people, they are passionate about life and try living in to the fullest even under the hardest of circumstances. They are social beings however, they will definitely love you even more if you can speak a few Greek words. There always something special about a foreigner trying to speak the local language. Here are a few you can learn right now:

To say Good Morning: Kalimera (Kah-lee-MARE-ah)

To say Good evening: kalispera (kah-lee-spare-ah)

To say good night: kalinikta (kah-lee-neek-tah)

To say Please: parakaló – (par-ah-kah-LO)

To say Thank you: efcharistó (ef-khah-rees-TOH)

The locals avoid annoying visitors so if you need help with anything, make sure you make the first move and ask. They most likely are not going to deal with you otherwise.

On the other hand, Greek people expect tourists to be decent, so they’ll probably call the police if a visitor is being noisy.


Whether you’re travelling alone, with a friend or with your family, safety is one of the main things one thinks about while planning a trip.

Greece is considered to be a safe country; tourists are not a target of violence, however you should take basic precautions to protect yourself and your belongings for example pick pocketing is quite common in the streets.

The emergency services number in Greece is 112


Tap water is safe to drink in most of Greece but not always in villages and some islands, it’s better to ask the locals before consuming it. It might also cause diarrhea and/or vomiting if you’re not used to the substances in it. I would highly recommend bottled water especially for children and it’s widely available.

Also, make sure to drink enough water to avoid deshydratation, as temperatures can get very high during the summer.


The climate of Greece is mediterranean; the summers are hot and dry, In July and August temperatures can reach 30 and 35°C, sometimes even 40°C and more. It’s recommended to stay out of the sun between 11am, 4pm during those times. Winters can be quite cold and wet, however, in the south of Greece, and the islands the weather during winter can be milder. It’s not uncommon for Athens and Crete to see snow.

Good planning overall, definitely makes any trip that much more comfortable and therefor more enjoyable.

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5 must know things before traveling to Greece


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