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[The Best] Things To Do in Malaga – PLUS Weather and Hotels Info

Spain needs no introductions. It is wonderful wherever you go. Now that we’ve taken that out of the way; how is Malaga for a holiday destination?

Simple answer: IT’S GREAT!

Here’s everything you should know about spending your holiday in Malaga, Spain.

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Catch a Plane to Malaga Now
Malaga Airport Information
Your Malaga Weather Report
Malaga Hotels to Stay At
How to Get Around in Malaga
Top 5 Things to Do & See in Malaga

Catch a Plane to Malaga Now

Information about your flight to Malaga depends on where you are from and when you are visiting. However, let me give an average from the most famous capitals around the world.

Make sure you check SkyScanner for more information about your flight’s details.

From the United States and Canada

American Airlines and Air Canada are probably the most famous companies to fly out of the North of America. Taking one of their planes to Malaga, Spain will cost between $600 up to $800. The flight is going to be around 13 hours long, or around 9 hours if it is a direct flight.

From Paris, London, and Berlin

From Paris, France, your flight is going to cost around $100 with companies such as Air France.

From London, United Kingdom, a ticket from British Airways costs around $110. However, Ryanair offers an average of $50 per adult.

From Berlin, Germany, Air Berlin charges around $320 per ticket. However, many other companies, such as easyJet and Iberia, charge around half the price.

Flights from the destinations above are mostly likely direct and around 3hours long.

From the Middle East

Flights from the Middle East are commonly operated by Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. Catching a plane to Malaga with such big company names costs around $800.

However, cheaper offers are available, around $500, with smaller airline companies such as Norwegian.

Malaga Airport Information


As of 2016, Malaga Airport has been named Spain’s third busiest airport. It is made up of 3 terminals. T1 is almost never used anymore, but T2 and T3 are always busy. The Arrivals Hall is in T3, where there is security and baggage claim. Departures Halls are both in T2 and T3 as it is one big area. In case of confusion, just look for the desk number on the screens, and follow the signs. More about the airport.

From and To the Airport

Unless you plan on spending your holidays inside of the airport, you are certainly going to try to find a way out of it. Here’s how you can get to Center City from the airport.

Car Rental

As soon as you land in the Arrivals Hall, you can follow the signs to the car rental companies within the airport. There they can help you find the car that can suit you best. However, you may have rented a car before arriving with a company residing outside of the airport. In that case, they should tell you about where to meet and arrange your transportation for you. Either way, check here for the best car rental companies.

Express Bus

Malaga Airport has a bus service that has Malaga City as its first main stop. The ticket costs around €2, and it takes around 25 minutes up to half an hour to reach your destination. From there, you will need to find another means of transportation to get to your hotel.


You can get a taxi to get to downtown Malaga. There are just outside of the Arrivals Hall and they are all metered. The usual price for a taxi from the airport to downtown is around €20. You can check other prices for various destinations here.

Private Transport

There are many companies that you can hire and bargain with. They can arrange a private transport from the airport to your destination with an estimated price that you can both agree on before even arriving at the airport. If you choose to do so, you will find your private driver at the arrivals hall waiting for you with a sign that has your name on it. Book online here.

Your Malaga Weather Report

Malaga’s weather is most like Spain’s. That is it’s pretty nice all year round. However, I have to give you some more details so you know better when to visit. So, this is your Malaga’s weather Report:

Summer Season

During the summer, which starts from June and ends late September, the temperature can reach a high maximum of 30°C during July and August. However, thanks to the low humidity levels, the weather remains nicely warm.

Cold Season

It is pretty cold during the winter season, but it is considered the warmest around all of Europe. The temperature is usually at 16°C, with minimums of 7°C. January is the coldest month of the year, but November and December know more rainy days than the rest of the season. Daylight averages 8 hours per days during winter, while the sea temperature remains inadvisable for swimmers.

Best Time to Visit

March, April, and May are the best months to enjoy the holiday paradise that is Spain in general, and Malaga specifically. During the spring season, the temperature starts rising from 19°C in the beginning of March until reaching 23°C at the end of May. There’s also an average of 9 hours per day of sunlight.

Malaga Hotels to Stay At

Where to sleep is a question of budget. Malaga offers to all its guests the most comfort possible. If you are there for business or looking for a luxurious stay, Malaga has its hotels for that. If you are looking to stay with your family or friends, or you are there alone on a budget, Malaga has you covered too.

Luxury Hotels

Don Carlos Leisure Resort and SPA

Malaga luxury hotels are probably the cheapest all around the map. They average $180 per night. They have large pools, fitness centers, bars, spa and massage parlors, and all that comes with luxury, including free breakfast in some hotels. Three of the best-rated luxury hotels are Vincci Seleccion Posada del Patio ($160), Don Carlos Leisure Resort and SPA ($200), and Molina Lario Hotel ($190).

Family Deals

Los Amigos Beach Club by Diamond Resorts

Groups of 4 can sleep together in one hotel room for a very suitable price. Some hotels offer one bedroom equipped with two beds and two sofa beds, which gives an opportunity for groups to stay together at all times. Best deals average a $100 per night. Some of the reputable names are Los Amigos Beach Club ($60), Holidays 2 Malaga Apartments ($110), Feel Apartments La Merced ($115).

Backpack Traveler’s Deals

Hostal Moscatel

Some Spain’s guests love to be minimalists. Luxury is not at all an issue for them. All they want is a roof over their heads, and they wouldn’t mind the most comfort possible. Here are three of the most reputable hotels that average $30 per night: Hostal Moscatel ($30), Hotel Sur ($38), Lights Out Hotel ($25).

How to Get Around in Malaga

Most like the rest of the world, transportation within the city is a key problem but I will fix that for you right away. To enjoy Malaga, there many ways to get around. Down are the best choices you have.


Let’s face it; walking around Spain is THE BEST way around any of its cities. There is no better way to enjoy the surroundings than by walking around them and stopping to take in the beauty of each house, wall or even a street pavement.


Okay, maybe a bicycle is the best way. Malaga has embraced biking by making 29 km of bike lanes (said to be 70 km by 2017). You enjoy much of the city on your own, stopping whenever you like wherever you like, and everything is in a close distance. You can rent a bike for half a day or a full day, depending on your need. Prices differ depending on the company you rent from.


Taxis are everywhere around the city. You can stop one as long as you see a green light or a “libre” sign on the taxi. Malaga taxis are all metered and rates around the city rarely exceed €5; although, the minimum fare is €3.17. You should know that they have two rates, one for weekdays and one for weekends. More on taxi fares, read here.

Top 5 Things to Do & See in Malaga

The answers to what to do and what to see in Malaga are pretty much endless. Any first time traveler is likely to miss a lot of amazing spots to visit. You won’t have to. Here is a list of the TOP 5 things to do and see in Malaga.

Picasso Museum

No one can say “I have been to Malaga” without visiting the famous Picasso Museum. As its name suggests, it is an official museum that holds over 288 paintings of Picasso, who was born in Malaga. The entrance is free on Sundays, but you have to pay during the weekdays. More on the museum here.

Beach Day

Malaga is a coastal city, meaning a beach is always nearby. Most of Malaga’s beaches are a walking distance away from city center, and all of them are accessible by the public bus. Spending a day at one of Malaga’s 15 beaches is just what you need if you came to Malaga for a relaxing holiday.

Water Park Adventure

Aquavelis offers the most entertainment for kids as well as adults. There are as many as 21 different rides; some slides are around 80m high and some are foam slides. There are also pools for young children that even the parents can enjoy. The tickets price varies each year, so check out yours here.


The best-preserved Moorish fortress palace in Spain and one of the two Moorish fortresses in Malaga, Alcazaba is the city’s most important landmark. Thanks to its location, it overlooks the whole city from a hilltop as it was initially intended to defend Spain from pirates in around 760 AD. The entrance is free on Sundays after 2pm, and it only costs €2.20 during the rest of the week. Read more about it here.


Spending a holiday abroad can only be complete if you spend a late night enjoying the nightlife of the city you decide to visit. Malaga, in this case, has many options for all kinds of travelers. There are many bars and dance clubs for all tastes. Also, Malaga hosts a lot of special events and concerts for international performers. All you have to do is check here for the upcoming events, or for where to spend your night out in Malaga.

Still need more suggestions? Read our article about the Top 20 Things to do in Malaga, Spain.

Have a Great Great Trip

Now that you really trying to convince yourself to get back to your home, consider this: YOU CAN REVISIT ANYTIME.

I am almost 100% sure that you are going to visit Malaga pretty soon. So check our travel guide for updates next time you plan your trip.

Actually, you may want to explore more of Spain next time. Here are few of our many suggestions: Marbella, Gran Canaria, and Mallorca.

Do you still have any unanswered questions? Ask away in the comment section and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

Enjoy your holiday.

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[The Best] Things To Do in Malaga – PLUS Weather and Hotels Info


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