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One of the most beautiful cities in the world is Barcelona, Spain. And if I am taking a wild guess, you are planning a trip there.

If that’s the case, you are in the right place.

I will give you everything you need to know from flight and Airport information to climate reports to things to do and more.

So, get your passport and bags ready for the trip of a lifetime. Because, here’s our Complete Barcelona Travel Guide.

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Flying into Barcelona
Airport Information
Transportation From & To Barcelona El-Prat
Climate in Barcelona and Best Time to Visit
Getting Around Barcelona City
Places to Stay At
Things to Do in Barcelona
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Flying into Barcelona

If you are visiting Barcelona, Spain you are most likely to choose the miracle of flying as a way into the city. Therefore, you may be wondering how much it costs to fly there and for how long you will be flying.

Although there is no specific answer to these questions, I have here some averages to give you an idea.

So, get your wings ready, you are about to learn about flying… to Barcelona.

From Europe

Flying from Schengen, as well as non-Schengen, countries in Europe is most likely to be a direct flight. Therefore, the length does not exceed 4 hours in general, but it is probably always at least one hour and a half.

The usual companies to fly direct are British Airways, Air France. There average price for the ticket is between €200 and €300.

You can find cheaper flights with EasyJet and the likes, which cost only €100 .

From North America

The distance is considerably long between the United States and Canada, and Spain. Also, due these two countries being pretty large in size, the length of the flight depends on which time zone you are flying from.

However, as an estimate, your flight is going to be about 15 to 20 hours with at least one stop. Although they are some direct flights, their price may not be so much appealing.

Air Canada and American Airlines mostly operates the flights to Spain. A ticket is likely to cost around €1000 . Cheaper flight deals are available with FlyRyan and companies of the same kind. They charge ONLY about €600 .

If you are flying from a different destination, or you are wondering what is the cheapest month to fly in and out of Barcelona, please use SkyScanner. The averages above have been deduced based on the data from the said-website.

Airport Information

Barcelona El-Prat Airport is the international airport serving the Catalonian city of Barcelona. It also is the main airport serving the whole of Catalonia, the second biggest one in Spain after Madrid’s.

The airport is located about 12 kilometers away from Barcelona city center. There are two Terminals in the airport, T1 being the most used by all types of flights. T2 is mainly used by cheap airlines such as EasyJet. Therefore, you are most likely to arrive at Terminal 1 and depart from there.

Transportation From & To Barcelona El-Prat

Chances are you do not want to stay in the airport for longer than 15 minutes. So, how to get from the airport to your destination?

Here are your answers.

Private Transfer Service

If your Spanish is not that good, or if you do not have the time to hustle your way like other travelers, this is the best option. When you are booking your Hotel, make sure they provide a free or paid airport transport. This way, you can find someone waiting for you to land and take you to your destination with no problems.

If the hotel does not provide airport transfer, you can hire private companies that provide such services.

Minibus Shuttle Transport Service

If you do not have a problem sharing your first ride in Barcelona, Spain with other people, a minibus service is the BEST option for you. This minibus, sometimes a car or another vehicle, takes people from Terminal 2 to their hotels or at least a closer drop-off point. (If you arrive at Terminal 1, there is a free transport to Terminal 2.)

You can also use the service to take from your hotel back to the airport when you are leaving. Learn more about it here.


You can easily find a taxi outside of both terminals to take you to city center or directly to your destination. The minimum fare is €20, while the usual fare is €35 from T1 and €30 from T2 if you are going to city center. There are some surcharge fees that you can learn about as they are on the front of each taxi. The trip is 25-30 minutes long.

If you are traveling on your own or in a pair, you should probably use a bus. But if you are in a group, then a Taxi may prove more beneficial. Read more about them here.

Bus Service

There are many bus lines that go by the airport terminals. Those who can take you to the city center take around 30 minutes to do so. From there you will need another means of transport to your destination if it is not in a walking distance from the city center.

The bus is much cheaper than a taxi and takes just as much time. However, groups are recommended to take a taxi together. A single bus journey costs €2.15, and you can learn more here.

Climate in Barcelona and Best Time to Visit

Before visiting anywhere, you should know how the weather is there. That can help you sort out the list of things to do and places to see during your time of visit.

So, Let’s get into it.

Fall & Winter Seasons

The season where leaves fell from trees starts around September, while the rain season joins the cold weather starting from December. The cold days and nights last until late February. During these two seasons, an umbrella becomes part of your everyday accessories.

Although it only rains for a few hours during September and October, the rain and cold weather only sits in as of Late November. The temperature remains mostly above 0°C, but you never know when it may drop.

At this time, a visit to museums, bars, galleries, and any indoor destination is much recommended. Although you can have some sunshine, outdoor activities may get you pretty wet without prior notice.

Summer Season

Hot and sunny weather comes around late May. During the first months, the temperature is much more tolerable. There may be a few cold hours at night, but it is all worthwhile. You may not even need a hat as it is not that hot yet.

Starting July, the temperature rises and becomes hotter and hotter by the day up until late August. The temperature can reach 28°C on average, but that means some days are much more hotter. The season knows dry and humid weather, which makes it a little bit less tolerable.

Therefore, spending time at one of Barcelona’s beaches is the locals favorite thing to do during the summer season. A lot of adventures and tours, that include both indoor and outdoor activities, are recommended for visitors. Also, shorts and beach towels.

Spring Season and Best time to visit

Flowers start getting back their colors and birds start to sing songs at mid-March. The spring season comes after days of cold weather, so the temperature is, on average, NICE. There will be some cold breeze at night, but hours of sunshine during the day.

The spring season in Barcelona has its peak during April . The temperature goes from below 10°C of winter up to 20°C of nice- even warm- weather. That rise in temperature is what makes this season the most favorable among tourists.

The best time to visit Barcelona is, thus, between April and May. The weather is nicely warm, which allows you to visit the beaches for a swim, or visit the museums for an adventure into the history and artistic culture of the Spanish city.

Getting Around Barcelona City

The question you may have is this: How do I get myself around Barcelona?

And the answer is quite as simple, but we have multiple choices for you.

Therefore, get your cash and let’s help you travel around.

Car Rental

This is your best choice if you are planning trips outside the city of Barcelona. This saves you a lot of time and money. You will be more comfortable driving on your own, at your own pace in and out of the city.

However, if you are planning to stay within Barcelona, a rental car may be the worse choice you make for this trip. Most of the city is made of narrow streets, so you will be forced to leave your car and walk around most of the time. I highly discourage you to rent a car in this case. Rather, consider one of the means of transportation below.


Much like the rest of Spain, taxis in Barcelona are available everyday all day, everywhere and anywhere. You can hail at one of them and they will be happy to take you to whichever part of the city.

You should know that there is an additional fee for nighttime. And although they are safe and comfortable, they are also expensive. Unless metro and buses cannot take you to your destination, which is rare, avoid spending too much money on them.


There are many bus line operations in Barcelona. Still, the most profitable ones are Nitbuses and Bus Turistic.

Photo credit: Francesc_2000 via / CC BY

The first offers ride during the night for tourists who wanted to enjoy Barcelona Nightlife. They serve starting late night up to early morning. The second are bus lines made for tourists who want to enjoy Barcelona’s attractions. They take tourists to most, if not all, attractions in the city for a cheap price. Learn more about the bus services here and here.


The city’s BEST means of transportation is the diamond-shaped sign with an “M” referring to Barcelona underground Metro. The rail system serves most of the city from 5am to midnight. The prices are low for a single trip, and the tickets can be used for both trams and buses as well.

There are offers for special tickets that last for a day, a week, or a month. These are tailor-made for tourists depending on the length of their stay at Barcelona. Therefore, they get the best deal with the cheaper price. Learn more about Metro in Barcelona here.

Places to Stay At

Unless you have family or friends to stay with in Barcelona, you definitely need some place where to put your stuff and a bed on which to sleep.

Down I have the best hotels based on traveler reviews from TripAdvisor.

Let’s get you the best room for you.

Hotel the Serras

(5 Stars - Price Range: €202 - €550)

This luxury hotel is overlooking the new luxury Port Vell. It has a nice window into the mediterranean Sea. There are 28 spacious rooms available for its guests. Each room is equipped with all modern amenities so the guests have the best stay ever.


The hotel has a top-level restaurant, rooftop terrace, and 2 bars. Although the breakfast is not included in the room rate, you may want to try their extra delicious morning meal. Also, the view from the rooftop is breathtaking. Learn more about the hotel and book your room for the cheapest price here.

H10 Port Vell

4 Stars - Price Range: €90 - €200

This newly opened hotel has been receiving very high praises from its guests. It actually is a old historical building in Barcelona that has been renovated. Now, the hotel is able to accommodate lots of guests in its 58 modern rooms.


The hotel is near the beach and has a fitness center, outdoor pool and rooftop terrace for guests to enjoy the view. H10 has a breakfast and airport shuttle extra option that you can opt for when booking your room here or here.

Yurbban Trafalgar Hotel

3 Stars - Price Range: €75 - €200

Located in the heart of the city and built with the aim to give its guests an authentic experience in Barcelona, Yurbban Trafalgar is one the city’s most known hotels. It has 56 rooms equipped with the latest technology available in the industry.


The hotel has a restaurant, a lounge, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool. The guests can enjoy the view of Downtown Barcelona from the hotel’s rooftop terrace. Many travelers recommend other to stay at this hotel. Read their reviews and tips as you learn more about the hotel here.

Airbnb Barcelona

If you are a family traveling together to the Catalonian city, then staying together under one roof may be one of your interests. If that’s the case, you can choose to stay at Jordi’s apartment. It accommodates up to 5 people and is located in the Gracia District of Barcelona.

Jordi's Apartment

If you are traveling on your own and looking for a private room, Hugo & Ioannis offer a nice and cozy private room for their guests. The room has been updated recently but still has the charm of the Catalan culture.


If you do not mind staying with other travelers, a stay at Don Mustache may be the best for you. You can meet with as many 14 other tourists looking for a sleep after their adventure in the city of Barcelona.

Don Mustache

Things to Do in Barcelona

There are many things to do and places to see in Barcelona. That is why we have a longer list for you to discover here. However, to give you just the best ideas, here are our short-short list.


Barcelona has many museums that you can visit and enrich your knowledge from. Most of the city’s museums are have a free entry on Sundays after 3pm, so you can enjoy without thinking about the fees. This gives an opportunity to have something to do during the weekend.


Also a free activity in Barcelona, having a swim at one of Barcelona’s beaches is refreshing experience. Spain, in general, is well-known for its quality playas, and Barcelona is no different. So, bring your towel and swimsuit and head for a nice swim in a mediterranean beach.

Discover the Gothic Quarter

At this area of the city, also known as old city, you can have a feel of a variety of historical periods and eras. The Gothic Quarter has many public squares that give the opportunity to discover Barcelona’s rich history.

FC Barcelona Soccer Games

One of top things to do in Barcelona is to visit the Camp Nu Stadium and watch one of the best soccer games play. FC Barcelona is considered one of the top 5 best soccer teams ever, with a players’ list that include the world’s best player in Messi. Any soccer game you attend is guaranteed to be very entertaining. Yet, if you happen to attend a Clasico Match, you got the jackpot.

Read More Spain Travel Guides

Since you will surely be wondering when to visit Barcelona again, make sure to read more of our travel guide for other cities.

Or visit this guide once again as we may have some new interesting updates for you in terms of hotels, things to do, and transportations.

Do you have any questions? Ask away in the comment section and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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