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Pipe Bending: Avoid Exhaustion

Pipe Bending can be long, strenuous work. It requires focus, diligence, and strength over a long period of time. Metalworkers spend hours sweating away as they work, but that end-of-the-day exhaustion can be mitigated. Let the tools put in the effort for you, so you can spend your energy concentrating on the results.

3 Fun DIY Ways to Bend Pipe

Doing it yourself has been a staple of our culture since the very beginning. People regularly fight the urge to buy essential tools and are instead relying on ingenuity, and sometimes blind courage, to get the job done. Although these tested and proven methods work, they do not guarantee success. We recommend using proper Pipe Bending Equipment to ensure safety and high-quality results. If you do want to DIY, here are a few methods:

Pack it with Sand

The “pack it with sand” method is a simple way of pipe bending. To prevent the metal from breaking or caving in on itself, just pack sand inside it. The sand will hold the tubular structure and stop the stress from causing a fracture. Once the tube is thoroughly packed, wrap it around something round and… bend! Muscle it through until you get the desired curvature. Cut the end off, as it will probably be a bit deformed, and then clean out the sand – a rag tied to a string might help.

Heat It Up

We would like to start by saying that we do not recommend or condone the “heat it up” method if you’ll be working at home. Professional tools and a safe work environment are the priority with this method. Obtain a torch, such as a butane torch; though it’s preferred you get something with a little more kick, you can get it done with some perseverance. While wearing the appropriate eye, face, and hand protection, heat the metal until it’s partially glowing red. Wrap it around something round and heat-resistant then bend to the desired curvature. You may have to reheat the metal and give it a few tries. When done, let it cool. When you’re ready to upgrade, with Proper Pipe Bending tools you’ll only have to bend once.


The “hammer” method is one of great historic significance. Thanks to this nifty concept we were able to transform structures from amorphous to beautiful. However, in this instance, we only recommend using the “hammer” method if you do not care about aesthetics. The idea is simple, place a piece of metal on something round. Take a hammer of your choosing and hit the metal around the base. Continue until you achieve the desired curvature.

Let’s Use Tools

I know you’re tempted to use these fun new approaches in the workplace or workshop, but let us show you something more productive first. Using proper pipe bending equipment, you will find yourself being more productive and getting more done. Being able to perform at a higher level means more clients, more projects, and, ultimately, more money in your pocket. So, what can these tools do for you?

The right pipe bending equipment can make a world of a difference. These tools give you precision and consistency that you can’t find using the above methods. You’ll get the exact degree bend you want every time, and you’ll be safe doing it. On top of this, you’ll be presented with a variety of options that suit any taste. No matter the diameter or type of metal you’re working with, we’ve got you covered. And, if you’re still not convinced, then let us have the tools do all the work for you. Some of our systems come with an automation ability. That means you won’t have to do a thing except press start. By automating your machines, you will save time and significantly reduce waste. Call (813) 986-9000 to speak with a professional about our pipe bending tools and machines today.

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Pipe Bending: Avoid Exhaustion


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