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How Do You Get There If You Don’t Know Where There Is?

Starting an online Business without setting goals and benchmarks is much like filling up the gas tank and just heading out into the world. While it may sound like an adventure for the driver of the car, it’s going to become a problem for an internet marketer. The reason for this is that setting goals not only defines the destination, it will define the best way to get there as well. If you are starting an online business, you need many internet marketing tools like Bleupage Ultimate Review start here with your goals:

  • Formalize your goals before starting an online business – The action of setting goals will also provide various scenarios on how to achieve them. This structure is vitally important in building the action plan to reach milestones along the way as well as the big objectives for the online business.  
  • After that it’s all about execution – Execution is what separates the winners from everything else in online marketing. After setting goals many people will know exactly what needs to be done to reach them, but just don’t manage to actually do those things. Execution is essential for success, and should be the focal point for the business on a daily basis.
  • Put your blinders on – To reach ambitious goals, you’ll need to put the blinders on to avoid distractions, temptations, and the ever present latest, best and easiest internet marketing product. Becoming an opportunity seeker will dilute your attention, your energy, and your motivation. Internet marketers need to focus on creating value for their prospects and customers while building the business on a daily basis.
  • Measure how you are doing against your benchmarks – Achieving your goals also requires careful monitoring. If you’re off the mark, this can put you back on track before you spend too much time on the wrong path.

When you create goals in your business, no matter how unrealistic they might seem when starting an online business, you’ll be able to examine the various paths to see what will work best for you. This can also define whether they can be reached, what it will take to get there, and whether reaching the goals is possible. Whether it means stepping out of your comfort zone or learning new skills, this step is critical because in order to reach your goals and dreams you are going to have to truly believe that you can do it. If you believe it and execute the plan you’ll get there. Enjoy the ride.

Taking Action in Small Steps

If there’s a topic I know well, it’s the confusion and paralysis that can come with making the decision to start online marketing. For me, it really wasn’t about whether starting an internet based business could work or not. I had done enough research to appreciate the opportunity, knew the statistics, and had seen firsthand that money could be made online.

Here’s the thing; making the decision on starting an internet based business was pretty easy. The tough part was actually getting started with it. The three issues I was wresting with were:

1)   I knew that to start online marketing and have a chance at success, I wasn’t going to be able to do it alone. This put me on a search for the best training, support, etc. that I could both find and afford. As I’m sure you’ve seen, there are tons of programs with pictures of everything exotic and promises of easy money. As tempting as the pitches might have been, I reasoned that if these things could really deposit riches into a bank account easily and automatically, then the recession should be over and three quarters of the people I know would be talking about how starting an internet based business had changed their lives. Kind of like real estate and the mortgage business a few years back.     

2)   I could not afford to make mistakes. It wasn’t the small ones that was worried about, those are a part of starting any business. It was the big ones that could consume my time and money before the realization set in that it wasn’t going to work.

3)   The third issue had to do with making mistakes as well, but on a personal level as opposed to a financial one. Prior to starting an internet based business, I had spent the previous five years providing funding to, and working with, several startup companies. While all of them have survived, none have come anywhere near expectations, a reality which has exacted a toll on everyone involved, including my family.

For all of these reasons, but especially the third one, I simply did not have the luxury of starting an internet based business with a walk down the wrong road. At the same time, I fully understood that I had to take a first step somewhere and that sitting still carried costs as well. It came down to taking action (even if it was done in small steps).

If any of this describes your situation, taking action in small steps can include:

  • Subscribing to free lessons on starting an internet based business
  • Buying a domain name for your business.
  • Creating content for your basic pages
  • Finding the best support you can find (just be sure to avoid the get rich quick and easy kind).

It can be tough to start an internet based business for a variety of reasons. If you’ve made the decision to do this, you’ll need to take action to realize your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Even if you start by taking action in small steps, you can overcome the obstacles that are stopping you and open up some amazing opportunities.

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How Do You Get There If You Don’t Know Where There Is?


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