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Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?

Electric Car
Electric Car (image)

It’s a known fact that the amount of cars we have on our roads is bad for the environment. With climate-damaging fuel emissions and health polluting toxic gases, diesel cars will one day be a thing of the past. While countries such as Copenhagen are seeing the rise of cycling over driving – see for more details – most people are looking towards Electric and hybrid cars as the solution to tackling air pollution. However, how eco-friendly are they, and should you buy one?

Doubts have been raised

There are those who refute the idea that electric and hybrid cars emit zero emissions. Joshua Graff Zivin, a professor at the University of California, and advisor to the electric industry, suggests there are still issues to the climate. Why? According to him, not only is the manufacturing process less than eco-friendly, but the power plants providing the power to charge the vehicles are not completely emission free. There are also concerns about the batteries that are potentially disposed at the end of an electric car’s lifespan. Considering they contain toxic chemicals, there are fears that they will create a new crisis in the environment. As you can also read here,, there are increasing doubts as to the viability of a completely clean electric car.

On the positive side

It’s not all bad news. It has been proven that Electric Cars are more energy-efficient and cleaner when out on the roads, especially when compared to their diesel equivalent. In a time when there is more traffic than ever on our highways and byways, this is certainly a positive thing. Scientists are also looking to find ways to reuse the batteries from electric vehicles, such as using them within industrial processes. So, while there may not yet be an end to zero emissions, advances are being made to find a solution. While there is still a move to put electric public transport at the top of the agenda in some counties to ease traffic, it’s clear that electric cars are still the future, and continued changes will be made to ensure they are safer for our environment.

The future for you

The question for you, the consumer, is this. When should you take the plunge into buying an electric or hybrid car? We have already outlined some of the benefits here at, whether you are an eco-warrior or not. You may not be ready to make the transition, but you will eventually be forced into the upgrade, as many governments have vowed to take diesel-powered cars off the roads as soon as possible. The UK, for example, will stop selling petrol and diesel cars from 2040. Targets have been set, to both reduce greenhouse gases and tackle air pollution, so you need to check with your local government as to the implications for your future on the road.

Final thoughts

We are all responsible for playing our part in reducing the carbon footprint. Not adding to the traffic at all is one solution, but if public transport or cycling is not a solution for you, it is time to think about your future on the road. Take a look at some of the latest hybrid and electric cars here, and consider them when deciding on your next vehicle. We raised the question about the eco-friendliness of electric cars, and the answer is not straightforward. Time will tell if they reduce zero emissions entirely, but one thing is clear, they are more sustainable than the diesel cars that currently pollute our environment.

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Are Electric Cars Really Eco-Friendly?


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