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3 Things that Shorten Your Smartphone Battery Life

Phone is electronic device just as PC our smartphone cannot be put to use without getting charged electrically, a lot of people have been reasoning how they could go about getting rid the bad side of their Phone Battery performance.

Now there are various things (factors) that shorten the life time performance of your smartphone battery, this 3 major things we going look at, may harm your phone battery, meanwhile stopping it from lasting longer as it ought to be unless avoided.

Now do you know some phones are made with inbuilt (unremovable) battery? Yea, this set of handset do not withstand wrong use of  them by limiting its' life span (time). As in 2016, surplus products with strong battery capacity were introduced and distributed into mobile market compare to existing ones.

In order to avoid malfunctioning of handset battery we actually come up with this post to help  Sirkaytech blog members resolve disturbing problems concerning battery issue.

3 Major Things to Consider that May Kill Your phone battery life before its time

1. Signal and Notification Deadspots
In a business area where companies usually make use of internet a number one significant, schools and hospitals where HOTSPOTS IS NORMALLY left switch-on in working time, shared with interconnected system, people having low data bundle in their smartphones do visit such places mention above for the purpose of browsing, hacking into those hotspots unauthorised.

Now do you know keeping WIFi On 24/7 may harm your battery life? Okay, what about leaving it for sometimes searching for networks ID (spying connection)
Later find out that at the end of the day, it suck off some phones battery unfortunately. Research shows that our phone Wi-Fi should be off immediately after use to prevent the phone battery duration.

2. Applications Running in Background
One among the crucial part of this post centring on things that reduce battery power redundantly is to limit the number of apps installed on your smartphone, some phones like Tecno, Itel, HTC, Infinix, Samsung, Nokia etc users usually tells good testimony when it come to battery usage aspect although itel is a little trivial in battery capacity and performance.

Running applications on background definitely depress it and if case not taken that leads to vanish it life span. Packing much Apps on handset is never a good reputable activity, rather this could be done on your PC because computer withstand plenty software applications other than smartphones.

Limiting Background Running Apps will help extend your battery to it highest performance and prolong it as the case may be.

Now how can someone reduce the number of background running apps OR kill unused apps ?

» In 2015, some programmers revealed the concept of coding an Android app which could control apps running in background, people were made aware of this idea, in 2016 the app came to existence and was uploaded to Google Store where you can download it to your smartphone in a matter of minutes or seconds.
The app name. SHUT APP.
We advise you better download the app to ensure your battery is safe and in good condition.

3. Improper Charging of Phones

Charging of phones is the best way of regaining battery energy whenever it is being drained us.
In this case spoilt charger must contribute to decrease in battery capacity if use.

Also, we can say that pressing your handset while charging is seemingly an unpleasant way of using mobile device. This simply means that while it is charging, the positive electron flowing into the battery from electrical source tends to retain it power just if the phone is currently in use, at this time the phone will appear to be very hot because it undergo a reversible condition which differs from its normal state.
Improper charging of your phone will shorten the life span of battery, peradventure it result in dead of battery in same phase.

Avoid chatting, making of calls, and switching on data connection while your smartphone is on charge.

This post first appeared on Sirkaytech, please read the originial post: here

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3 Things that Shorten Your Smartphone Battery Life


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