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30 Thing you can gift to a Geek and Gamer this holiday season

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I have been through this, holiday season is coming and you have no idea what to Gift to your gamers and geeky friends and loved one. And it may get hard to get gifts for men who are into Gaming (like me) or into other geeky culture.

I have been through this in the past, Holidays seasons are coming .Everybody are buying gifts for their loved ones.

And you are like what should I gift my friends or boyfriend or etc.?

I had the same question, but the problem was my friends are into Geek and Gaming culture. And I was like “what should i get them ?”

To find gifts for their liking was very tedious, but I managed somehow.

Today I am putting up my hustle to solve this problem for you. I present your 31 things you can gift to Geeks and Gamers.

So, let’s get started ,

1.Logitech G502 Gaming mouse

Fps gaming mouse as a gamer gifts

For a PC gamer gaming mouse is a weapon. And it is very important for them.

So gifting one of them will leave a big fat smile on their face and even more if that person is a FPS lover.

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The Logitech G502 is one the best gaming mouse in the market and for a FPS gamer and it is very promising. It has 7 programmable keys which can be programmed through Logitech Gaming software, weight tuning sets, DPI switch, illuminating LED’s etc.

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This mouse is a great for professional as well as casual gamers. And the quality of Logitech’s products are remarkable compare to other brands.

2. Paladone Pac-man Ghost Light USB

Pac man ghost

If you don’t recognize this character, you must be too young. And rest of the others like must have felt the nostalgia of Pacman.

It is not for just nostalgia it can do much more than that. It acts like party glowing ball which which changes it color as per the music.

Which can be great for parties in colleges and frat houses. It can be plug through a USB to power it up.

It will be great gift for a Pacman lover of a college student.

3.AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

Gaming keyboard gift for holiday season

Aukey is known for its mobile accessories in the market. I was surprised to know they have extended their portfolio in gaming peripherals.

So when I laid my eyes on this keyboard, I was bit sceptical. But after seeing what it offers to the table it blew my mind.

This mechanical keyboard comes with a Cherry mx blue which has very tactile feedback to them, which gives a satisfying feel to gamers as well as typist.

This keyboard will also sports RGB lighting and for under $50 it is steal.

4.RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter

quadcoppter for geeks and gamers

Drones and quadcopters are getting popular day by day. Which are leading to various opportunity in many industries especially in entertainment.

If you are planning to get one for curiosity and entertainment then this Quad copter is for you. It has flight time of 6 minutes which can be extended with the use an extra battery in the pack. If can go up to 50 feet and can do various pre-configured tricks out of the box.

The best part is that it does not required to be registered on Federal Aviation Administration policies. As it is not a surveillance drone.

Yes it does not have a camera but it can be used for racing with other and flight experience.

5. Vipmazz Extended gaming mouse pad

gaming mouse pad as a gift

A mousepad is very well important as a gaming mouse. As it is helps the mouse to have better tracking of movement and flow. And gifting one to a PC gamer can be very beneficial to them.

Most of the gamers underrate a mouse pad and throw all of their money on an expensive gaming mouse. In a hope that it will improve their skills. But it will not unless it is paired with a gaming mouse pad.

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The Vipmazz mouse pad is huge, it can cover your whole table, to offer greater surface area to the gamer for optimal use. This is the control version of the mousepad so gamer will have better control over the mouse for better accuracy and control.

Those who want to gift that last longer, this is the one as a quality mouse pad can go for years.

6. Sphero Star Wars BB-8

bb8 gift for geeks and gamer

Earlier this year we again got to experience of star wars through the force awakens. It was a blast and has broken many records and won lot of the heart of the diehard fans and the new ones like me.

If you hated it or liked the movie one this is certain, the droid BB-8 won our heart like R2D2 from the originals and everybody wants one. So the guy over at sphero has made one for every household.

This BB-8 droid can be controlled by your smartphone or tablet through their app. It can also project any ones message just as the one as R2D2 did in the new hope.

This is a must have gift for any star wars fans, and it will be also great for kids who loved star wars and BB-8.

7.HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

Hyperx gaming head set for all platforms

Sound is very important in any entertainment industries as it immerse one in the virtual environment. And in gaming it is crucial for better experience and to strike communication among players

The Hyper X cloud stinger all in one gaming headset. It supports stereo sound and is compatible with all gaming consoles like PS4, xbox one, wiiU (who still has it?)PC and even on your phone. It also has a mic to communicate with other teammates or to talk smack to other player (I know you use it for smack talk).

Video may get weird…

The sound quality of this headset is very good for the price and some case it is better than some expensive headsets. It has adjustable strips and foam cushion on the year for prolonged gaming session. The mic in the headset can be muted whenever by moving at the top.

This headset is great for every gamer no matter the platform(console or pc). And it is can be used gaming and for multimedia use as well.

8.Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Assassin’s Gauntlet with Hidden Blade

assassin creed syndicate gaunlet

Assassin creed is one the most popular game franchise since last decade. People are carzy about this RPG game and has a very large following. Which has led to the games are now turning into movies.

So this assassin creed collectible is from the newest iteration of the games known as Assassin creed Syndicate. Which was set in the Victorian England era. Which can be seen in the game.

This collectible is worn by the main character (Jacob Frye’s) in game as his primary weapon. This real life replica of the gauntlet in the game with all the engraving and art on it.

It is not a toy, it is collector’s item which is made for adults only. Use it with caution as the detectable blade can be dangerous If not used properly.

9.Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

web camera for game streaming

Game streaming is a booming industry is right now. Every other gamer is streaming their games on twitch, YouTube and Facebook to get the fame or to be the next Pewdiepie or  Markiplier.

To be one who need have better skills in game and you need to have better equipment to stream your gameplay. And one of the component is the camera, It is important as it displays you on the screen as commentator.

The Logitech HD pro is one of the best and is popular among various streamer out there. As it can record 1080p videos and can stream at 720p. It supports H.264 encoding for recording. The camera has a wider viewing angle than any other webcams I have used. It has built in stereo mic with noise cancellation which is pretty good for the price.

This web camera is very popular among game streamers and commentators. If on a budget it is the best camera for you.

10.Portal Book Bend Blue and Orange

Portal book bend for gamers

Portal is among the most popular game launched by Valve. It has very large fan following and they are cramming for a sequel for years but valve may have no intention to do so (Who knows).

Most of us love our graphics novels and fantasy books and likes them to be kept organised. With the help of this Portal themed book bend will help you to do so without sacrificing the look.

It can handle books which are 5-inches tall x 4-inches wide x 2 1/4-inches long. And made out of solid steel.

For a geek and gamer it will be a pretty good gift as it both the aspects. And you not get the cake with it (Portal fans will understand).

11.Blue Snowball USB Microphone

microphone for twitch streamer

To be a game streamer you need to keep commentating your thoughts on the game and the gameplay to your audience. To do this you need a high quality mic.

Audio equipment can get expensive and some may not have knowledge to operate them. So it may get intimidating for someone.

So for that reason the Blue Snowball Mic is the most popular Mic used among streamer. They are going gaga over it. As it is a plug and play setup and offer superior audio recording to the gamers. It comes tripod stand to adjust the height of the mic. And it also comes is various color option.

Those who are starting a career in game streaming and are on a tight budget then this is the mic for you. Which offer superior audio quality for a budget price.

12.Hand of the king Game of thrones bottle opener

gift for game of thrones geeks

People are crazy for Game of thrones all around the world. It is one of the most popular TV shows in the world. And has crazy fan base all over the world.

Those who watch game of thrones know that the “Hand of king” is the most important symbol in the game of thrones fantasy. As it is the symbol for higher order.

The hand of king bottle opener can be a great gift for Game of thrones fans who loves to get intoxicated or one can use it as an utility for daily purpose.

13.Elgato Game Capture HD60

Game capture card for game streaming

Gameplay montages are trending on YouTube and they are the most consumed content on the internet by the younger audience. And every other gamer post their gameplay and montages to YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

It is easy to stream and record games on PC using programs like OBS and MSI afterburner etc. But on console it gets a bit tricky. A capture card is needed to do so.

The Elgato capture card can record gameplay up to 60 fps on consoles like PS4, Xbox one, WiiU etc. It also has live streaming options to YouTube, twitch and other streaming platform. It has one click social sharing options to various social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter etc.

This is a must have for Console gamers who likes to record their gameplay and to stream games on twitch and other platforms or to create montages.

14.Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo Set Of 2

minecraft sword and axe for gamers and geeks

Minecraft is very popular among children and older audience. It is the most popular game on YouTube (How about that). And the in game characters are very famous.

Minecraft has an infamous pixelated block like look which can be recognised by anyone who has played the game.

The minecraft’s sword and pickaxe are the most common weapons and tools in minecraft. And they can be great gift for any one in a gaming media house or child who loves minecraft.

15. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Gaming desk for gamers

When building a gaming pc you will need a desk to put your setup on. The desk will give you real estate to manage your peripherals and other components. But conventional desks lacks the space and proper features for a gaming pc.

The Atlantic gaming desk has solved this problem for all of us. It is not just for gaming pc’s, it is also compatible with consoles and other systems. The desk has built in cable management system to avoid any hanging and coiling of wire. It also has a cup holder and head phone stand for more convenience.

It is has a steel reinforced design and carbon fibre finished top with monitor stand , game rack , 2 controller hooks and storage drawer etc.

This will be great for those who wants to build a gaming rig in a small space. It is a small stop shop for all types of gaming systems and consoles.

16. Batman V Superman: Batarangs

batman v superman batarang

Batman is the most popular and loved character of the DC universe if not the world. Everybody wants to be Batman as the character is so well written so people connect themselves to him.

One of the iconic weapon is the Batarang and it is the most popular among batman fans. This batarang is straight up replica form the movie Batman v Superman. And has a different design compared to other batrangs design.

This batarang is completely made out of metal alloy so it will not rust easily. It weighs 0.2 kg so it may be heavy for some (wonder how batman use to keep them in his pocket).

This will be a great gift for Batman fanatics even if they didn’t like the movie (Martha ….). It is also a great collectible for other comic book lovers.

17. Kinsal Ergonomic Leather High-back Gaming chair

Gaming chair for gamers

Chairs are important for anyone who works on a computer. They must be comfortable for anyone to work on for longer period of time.

Kinsal gaming chair is one the most comfortable gaming chair in the market. The chair is covered in leather with hard foam on the back and bottom. It comes in large size with headrest cushion and lumbered cushion for extra benefits.

The chair can rotate 360 degrees with 180 and 90 degree backward and forward movement so it can be used as a bed. It has a large durable steel frame with comfortable side handles and adjustable side lever.

For gamers and office worker this chair is a must. It is very comfortable and will prolong your gaming as well as working session to a greater extent.

18. Black Lords of the Rings (Tungsten Carbide)

black lord of the ring for geeks

Lords of the rings (LOR) is one of the most popular fantasies in the world. The Lords of the rings has a huge fan base all over the world due its well written story and characters.

This ring is not the perfect replica of the original ring but it has nice twist of black tungsten carbide on it. But the glossy and polished look, feels great on the hand. It is has a length of 8mm with laser engraving on it.

It is cobalt free and scratch resistance so it can handle lot of wear and tear.

This a must have for any lords of the rings fan even if they have the original ring. Personally this one looks pretty compared to the original one. And it also comes in the jewellery box so it can be directly be gift to anyone.

19. Microsoft Xbox One Controller

Xbox one wired controller for pc gamer

Xbox controller is one the best designed controller any console has ever had. In overall usability and design department it is better than the Sony’s PlayStation controller. And with each iteration the design has improved quite a lot.

The xbox one’s controller is the best designed controller compared to all the past generations. This controller is perfectly designed for fps gamer. The trigger mechanism is quite goods and feels tactile when pressed.

Especially this controller is the wired version. So no batteries are required for operations when connected to a PC. This controller can be hooked to a PC and can be used to play games.

This controller can be gifted to any person who play games on both xbox and pc regularly. Or it can be used as a secondary controller for split screen option. If you want more improved controller the Xbox one’s elite wireless controller is the best choice.

20.Dumbledore’s Elder wand with Ollivanders box

elder wands for harry potter lover

Who doesn’t knows harry potter. It is one of the most popular fantasy franchise in the world. It was mostly popular among kids and teenagers back in the days.

Due to excellent story and characters they have made a special place in their heart. This has led to huge demand for harry potter merchandise. And one of the most popular among them is the Dumbledore’s Elder wand.

The elder wand by the lore is the most powerful wand in that fantasy. This is a original replica of the wand in the movie .Which is packed into the ollivanders box which looks same as the movies.

This can be a gift to any harry potter lover or a hardcore Dumbledore fan. With the launch of upcoming harry potter spin offs this may be your last chance to pick one.

21.Sony Dualshock4 PlayStation 4 controller

ps4 camouflage controller for gamers

Sony’s PlayStation one kicked of the modern gaming console era in the early 90’s. And it is on the throne of the console industries since then.

The dual shock 4 controller was launched with the PlayStation 4, which has a greatly improved design from the previous generation(dual shock 3). It comes in various color option like black, white and black and grey camouflage design.

The analog sticks and trigger buttons offers great  accuracy and precision compared to it predecessor. It also has an onclick sharing button to share your gameplay with just one tap. They have integrated their revolutionary touch pad technology for easier navigation which was inspired from Psvita. It also support inbuilt speakers and 3.5 mm headphone jack for immersive gaming experience.

This will be a great gift for any Playstation4 owner to play split screen games with their friends and family.

22. Marvel’s Deadpool Sweater

Deadpool sweater for christmas

This holiday season is going to cold as usual. So may be, your grandma has made a (may be Ugly) sweater for you.

Instead you can get something cooler without shivering outside in the cold. This deadpool themed sweater will do the trick.

This sweater is made up of 60 % cotton and 40 % polyester and is very comfortable and warm to wear. It is machine washable so it can be easily cleaned without any hassle.

This sweater will be a perfect gift for a deadpool fan who want to show their love without wearing some awkward looking thermals.

23. Steam Link and Controller

gift for geeks and gamers steam link

Valve surprised us last year by launching the Steam machine and Steam OS to the masses. But it didn’t make significant impact on the market itself.

Because of this Valve launched a utility called the Steam Link which is used to stream your steam games library to your TV. This is has taken PC gaming to the living room.

This is a great solution for a pc gamer who doesn’t want to build an ITX system and want to enjoy their steam games in their living room.

This will a great gift all the pc gamers who want enjoy their PC games on their Flat screen tv. And enjoy it with rest holiday season with their family.

24. CTA Digital Backpack

Gaming backpack to travel

Gamers miss their system while travelling abroad, on a business trip or with their family. And to get their system on board may tedious due to security reasons or unreliability of cargo shipping.

So to solve this problem CTA has come up with a digital backpack for gamers. This back pack is specially designed for console gamers in mind. With this back pack you can take your console with you without any hassle during the journey.

This back pack specially designed pocket the consoles and the accessories to keep them while travelling. You can carry your console with Kinect or PlayStation camera and other accessories like controllers, games etc.

This one stop travel solution for console gamers who travel a lot and want to enjoy their games aboard.

25 Super Saiyan God Goku 3D Table lamp

DBS super saiyan blue lamp gift for geeks

There is no anime fan who hasn’t watched and loved dragon ball series. It is one of the best if not the best anime in the world. People are crazy for this anime (I am) all over the world and has a huge fan base with demographics of all ages.

With the launch of Dragon ball Super people are excited as their beloved anime is back for them to enjoy and scream till their throat burst to be a super sayian.

For the DBZ fans the Goku is the most popular character in this anime. And everyone loves the recent super saiyan god transformation from super. With this glow in the dark goku’s super saiyan lamp you can experience all the transformation from red to blue even white (who knows what it will be called.)

For any DBZ fan it will be a great gift in their collection of dragon ball merchandise. And it will also improve the overall ambience of one room.

26.GAMMA RAY 003 Comfortable Gaming Glasses

Gaming glassess

Gamer spends lot of time staring at the computer screen while gaming. It is harmful for our eyes as the LED’s and LCD display emits blue rays. Which causes stress to our eyes.

This will affect ones reading and visual capabilities in the long run. And may also have any adverse effect on one’s health.

So Gamma ray has developed this glasses to remove this harmful blue which causes stress, fatigue and eye strain on the eyes. This spectacles comes with amber coated glasses which block this harmful blue light. It is light weight and durable so it can handle some wear.

This will be a very good gift for someone who works or games on a computer a lot. This will help them to reduce their stress and fatigue by using it daily.

27. Rick and Morty eye open t-shirt

rick and morty shirt

Rick and morty was launched back few years ago and surprisingly won our heart. The recently launched second season was very well received .Now fans are craving for more.

Rick and morty is losely based on “Back to the Future” franchise with the dankest flavor into it. Due to this people love them some much.

One of the famous scenes in this franchise is when rick pull morty’s eye lid to show him some in an episode. This has very much became a meme when it came out.

This rick and morty t shirt comes in various sizes and will be a good for any rick and morty lover.

28. Steam $100 gift card

steam gift card for PC gamers

Steam is the biggest digital distribution platform for PC gaming in the word developed by Valve. It also provides store, social networking and multiplayer gaming services in a single platform.

It is the most important platform for pc gamers for distribution and multiplayer gaming. There are many platforms to competing against steam like Windows store, origin etc. to acquire that market.

It is easy to manage games in steam, with the help of game library adding and removing games is like a single button operation. Games are updated automatically when the updates are out by the developers.

This a PC gamers steam card are like a blessing they cany games and in game inventory with it. This gift will make any pc gamer smile.

29. Kovoto Level complete gamers bowl

gaming bowl for gamers

Gamers spend lot of their time playing their games. So they mainly consume junk food like Doritos or Cheetos as their daily snacks while gaming.

If one will game for so long they make require their own gaming themed bowl. The Kovoto gamers bowl will do the trick for you.

This bowl is made up of black ceramic with “level complete” printed inside the bowl. It also has a controller style handles for good grip while handling the bowl.

This will be good for any gamer who likes to have a snack while gaming. Or for any person who like to have snack while watching movies and TV.

30. PlayStation plus or Xbox one gold 12 months membership

The sad part for console gamers is that they need to pay extra premium to play games online. This subscription based services comes with many perks like game discount and sometime early access.

PS plus gift card

So give of this as a gift to a console gamer will greatly make sense as they are going to do it any ways. These membership services give gives much more to the gamer for the price.

xbox live gold membership for gamers

They offer cloud syncing for saved data, early access for certain games, exclusive in game inventory etc.

This will be a perfect gift for any console gamer. The PlayStation Plus and Xbox live are the must for any console gamer to enjoy their holiday season.

31. Attack on titan “Wings of Freedom” Glow in the dark Sneakers

sneakers as a gift for geek

This was one was not on my list until and unless I stumbled upon it. Attack on titan is a relatively new anime and has a very dark and weird tone to it (as most of the amines are). People all over the world loved the plot so much that it was also depicted as a feature film.

This sneakers are inspired from the manga’s “Wings of Freedom” division who fights the titan. They are flat style sneakers with glow in the dark” Wings of Freedom “logo and shoe laces.

They look pretty good in the dark. In directly these shoes are easier to find in dark if you keep them in your closet.

For attack on titan fans this are pretty good. It is something different from all other in the list. So if you know any Attack on titan fans. Then you know what to gift them.


Wow!! This was huge one, but it is all worth for your loved one to see their simile.

So this are the top 30 gifts you can gift to your gamer and geeky loved ones this holiday season.

Hope you have subscribed to our newsletter to see more post like this one.

So, what will be you be gifting this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below.

Happy Holidays, and see you all guy later.

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30 Thing you can gift to a Geek and Gamer this holiday season


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