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20 Cool Inventions You May Not Know About

People are inventing new cool things everyday. Although most of them will never see the light of the day but some will surely make their way into the consumer world. And some of these new inventions are really really cool anyone would want to have them in their possession.

Some of The Cool Inventions

Today I have listed 35 of the super cool inventions for you to check out. Some of these are waiting for funding to go into production and some are already in the market to buy.

20 Cool Inventions You Probably Don’t Know About

1. Sound-Blasting Fire Extinguisher – created by a pair of undergrads from George Mason University, this fire extinguisher can put out small fires with bass. It can a great alternative to regular fire extinguishers that leave a mess after using.

Cool Sound Blasting Fire Extinguisher

2. Gimball Collision Proof Drone – Drones have been around for a while. How about collision proof drone? Yep, it’s been invented too. This drone is protected by a rotating cage which will prevent it from taking damages when colliding with obstacles.

Collision Proof Drone

3. Wakē Smart Alarm – This is one of my personal favorite. This alarm will wake you with a beam of soft light and sound without waking your partner who is sleeping next to you. Wakē  already raised more than 100 thousands dollars on KickStarter to go into production.

Wakē Smart Alarm

4. BottleLoft Magnetic Bottle Hanger – BottleLoft lets you make use of any underutilized headroom space in any area of your fridge. Simply stick one of these things on the space and you can start hanging the bottles up by the cap.

BottleLoft Bottle Hanger

5. Hoverbike by Chris Malloy – The name says it all. It’s like a helicopter but in a smaller scale. Will be really great for short distance transportation.

Hoverbike, a cool invention

6. FUGU Expandable Suitcase – This suitcase can go from carry-on size to Maximum check-in size at a push of a button. It can also be transformed into a close or mini table!

Expandable FUGU Suitcase

7. Bunch o Balloons Water Balloons – This one became an instant hit on Kickstarter. Because why not? It let’s you fill and tie up 100 balloons in less than a minute.

Bunch O Balloons

8. Joseph Joseph Compact Can Opener – This cool can opener enables you to open cans without hassle. Just place the Can-Do Can Opener over the can lid and twist the knob that is on top to grip the can edge until it perfectly locks into place. Once done, just simply continue twisting the knob until the whole lid comes right off.

Joseph Joseph Can-Do Opener

9. One Wheeler Bike by Ryno Motors – This thing works like a segway. With the RYNO, you will not limited to only street or the bike lane. It’s a transitional vehicle which goes most places where a person can walk or ride a bike.

One Wheeler Bike

10. GoSun Portable Solar Cooker – Using GoSun you can cook three pounds of food at a time, which should be enough to feed three to four individuals. Not bad huh!

GoSun Solar Stove

11. EnChroma Color Blindness Glasses – Enchroma glasses allows majority of colorblind people to see colors. EnChroma does this by slightly reducing the transmission of specific wavelengths of light, that results in stronger color signals sent to the human brain. The only downside is it works properly only in bright areas. Check out this moving video of a colorblind dad who tears up upon seeing true colors for the first time.

Enchroma CX Sunglass is a Cool Invention

12. Edyn Smart Garden – Edyn can monitor upto 250 squire feet of land and can keep an eye on temperature, light intensity, humidity, and soil electrical conductivity. It will automatically water your plants when it gets the command from the sensor.

Edyn Smart Garden

13. Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope – This stethoscope created by ThinkLabs can amplify body sounds upto 100 times. Regular stethoscope can stand nowhere near this thing.

Thinklabs One Digital Stethoscope

14. Solar-Powered Anywhere Fridge – Why take a cooler that wont work more than a few hours when you can get a solar-powered miniature fridge?  Although it is designed to generate power from the sun light, it can also be charged using a regular power outlet, as well as from the cigarette lighter port of a car when the sun goes down.

Awesome Solar Powered Fridge

15. Stewart Golf 9X Golf Trolley – This robot trolley follows a golfer automatically so he can concentrate on the game without worrying about his belongings. You can also control it using a remote controller with a limited movement of 50 meters.

Automated Golf Trolley

16. BioBots Human Tissue 3D Printer – Before scientists used large main-frame computers to produce Human Tissues which wasn’t cost effective at all. This amazing 3D printer can fabricate living human tissues and mini-organs at almost no cost which is certainly a cool invention to help the mankind.

BioBots 3D Printer

17. Squeezie Toothpaste Come Toothbrush – Screw on this toothbrush head onto your favorite toothpaste and you don’t have to put toothpaste on brush yourself. This could be very helpful for kids so they would make a mess.

Squeezie Toothbrush Head

18. Invisibility Cloak by KIT – This cloak can hide small objects like a key or maybe an aztec gold coin if you have one.

Invisibility Cloak

19. Self-Cleaning Paint –  Made using coated titanium oxide nanoparticles, this paint can clean itself and it’s also scratch proof. They have already tried it on vehicles and the result seemed to be promising.

Self-cleaning paint

20. Alpinestars Tech-Air Street Airbag – This motorcycle airbags uses high tech sensors and trigger right before you hit any solid surface. It will be very helpful to minimize the fatality of motorcycle crashes that happen every day.

Tech-Air Motorcycle Airbags

Hope you liked the list of cool inventions. If you think you know of something cool that isn’t in the list, then please comment below and I will try to include it during next update.

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20 Cool Inventions You May Not Know About


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